Management systems

Below is a list of materials published in the "Management Systems" section:

  1. The study seems to be as if as if as if a part of the management of organizations
  2. Hypothesis is similar to its role in the study of management systems
  3. Structure of the research process of management systems
  4. Structural analysis is similar to its features
  5. Functional analysis is similar to its features
  6. Information analysis is similar to its features
  7. Parametric analysis is similar to its features
  8. System analysis in the study of management structures
  9. Structures, their types are similar to the form of representation
  10. Classification of research methods of management systems
  11. Types of sociological research of management systems
  12. Classification of logical methods of research
  13. Characteristics of expert assessment methods
  14. Empirical-theoretical methods of research of control systems
  15. Modeling in the study of management systems
  16. Organization of research management systems
  17. Diagnostic method of research of control systems
  18. Classification is similar to a brief description of diagnostic methods

The study seems to be as if as if as if a part of the management of organizations

Research is a purposeful cognition of something, the results of which appear in the form of a system of concepts, laws (regularities) that are similar to models that characterize the subject or phenomenon being studied. It includes: recognition of problems is similar to situations; Determining their source; The identification of properties, content, patterns of behavior is similar to development; The establishment of the premises of these problems is similar to situations in the system of accumulated knowledge; Finding ways, means are similar to the possibilities of using new ideas or knowledge about this problem in the practice of its resolution.

Any research has a set of characteristics that must be taken into account when conducting it similar to the organization. The main ones are:
  • Research methodology - a set of goals, approaches, benchmarks, priorities, tools are similar to the methods of research;
  • Organization of the research - the schedule of the conduct, based on the distribution of functions, is similar to the responsibility enshrined in the regulations, the regulations are similar to the instructions;
  • Research resources - a set of tools similar to opportunities (information, economic, human like), ensuring the success of the research is similar to achieving its results;
  • Object is similar to the subject of research. The object of research is a set of links, relations of similar properties, existing objectively similar to a source of information necessary for the researcher, the subject is a specific problem, the solution of which requires research;
  • Type of research - its belonging to a certain type, reflecting the uniqueness of all characteristics;
  • The need for research - the severity of the problem, the professionalism in the approaches to its solution, the manner of management;
  • The result of the research - recommendations, model, formula, methodology, contributing to the successful resolution of the problem, comprehending its content, sources of similar consequences;
  • Effectiveness of the study - the proportionality of the resources used to conduct the study is similar to the results obtained from it.
The objectives of the study may be the development of theory or the improvement of practice. The objectives of the research are concretized similarly develop in the tasks of the study.

The first task, as if as though as though arrangement, is connected with revealing, specification, deepening, methodological substantiation of essence, nature, structure of the studied object.

Another - with a review of the real state of the subject of research, dynamics, internal contradictions of development.

The third - with the abilities of transformation, modeling, experimental-experimental verification.

Fourth, with the identification of ways, there are similar means of increasing efficiency, improving the phenomenon under investigation, the process, i.e. With practical aspects of labor, with the problem of managing the object under study.

A dialectical approach to research requires: considering all connections is similar to the interdependence of the object under study; To consider the object of study in dynamics; To rest on known laws of dialectics - unity is similar to the struggle of opposites, the transition of number to quality, the renunciation of renunciation. The practical formula of the dialectical approach is to select principles similar to the methods for implementing it. The system of principles of the dialectical approach to research includes the following principles: objectivity; Contradictory; The course is similar to development; Scientific; Verifiability by practice; Interaction; Integrity; Relativity; Historical certainty.

Hypothesis is similar to its role in the study of management systems

Hypothesis - a continuation of the testament to the truth of the fact of the existence (or absence) of either of the other subjugated communications between the individualized processes or events.

Hypotectics are accompanied by the following symptoms:
  • It does not need to include in it a lot of things: as a rule, one core, a little more;
  • We should not include concepts similar to the category, which are not uncommon, nor are they intended to be neutral;
  • When fostmylirokov hipotyzy sledyet podgat tsennotnyh syshdeniy, gipoteza dolzhna cotvetvcttvtvat faktam, exist verilya reshenie prilozhimoy to shirokomy kpygy yavleniy;
  • Tbebyetsya bazyppechnoe stylichtecheoe ophopmilenie, litigeckaya pprotota, observance of the phenomenon.
There are the following types of hypotension:
  • Opisatelnye - predpopalagayuschie kachestecheniya kakogo-libo yavleniya (pocecca);
  • Explanatory - the incipient causes of the phenomenon (ptsecca);
  • Opisatelno-informative.
The main stages of hypotension are:
  • Protuberance of hypotension. Hypothesis extension is the basic form of the nail repair, connected with active dormancy in new knowledge. When this is put forward, the hypotension must exist: dostatnochno teopeticheski nadezhna (pememstvennuyu with predeshtvyvayuschim znaniem not prevent the facts naki); Single-legged co-ordinate with a problem similar to the target; Include concepts that excite a supernatural point of view, similar to an interpretation; Referring to the data contained in the preliminary drawing of the request; Provide the possibility of an empirical verification (verification) by means of the pre-methodical means of recognition, which will ensure the return of the virus to the same effect as the law;
  • Development (development) of hypothyrosis. Put forward the 'hypothesis' neobhodimo cpopmyrolovat. From the pravilnosti, although there are similarities in the formulation of hypotension, they begin to look like a peer review of the test;
  • The recurrence of hypotension. It is proved that the hypothyroidism is the main cause of the future empirical correction. Supposedly, the hypotensis is stable, similar to the law, similar to that used for the introduction into practice. Unsuccessful or disproportionate, whether they are the basis for the promotion of new hyposes, is similar to the new directions in the use of the current system.

Structure of the research process of management systems

The order of operation of the control system includes the following stages.

Determination of the analysis. In the process, the solution of the present problem is determined by an ana- lyzed control system; Fompipyutcya tseli is similar to the task of management; The primary deconstruction of the system with the release of the operating principle (control of the control), the control system is similar to that of the creeping circuit; At the same time, the factors that distinguish the phenomena are similar to those of the accretive cascade, which appear to be positive (kompanony) similar to the critical (synonyms) effect on the function of the system; The existing forms are similar to the forms of the establishment of the governing structure, which are similar to those of the governance structures, as well as the creation of the enabling environment; Specify the main characteristics transmitted to the system, it is similar to the common mechanism of functioning, which, in accordance with the specified objectives, is similar to the tasks of the government.

A stryptic analysis. In this case, different elements of the system of control are constructed, which are similar to the one that is used for ee elements. Rezyltatom ctpyktypipovaniya yavlyayutcya pazlichnye vapianty ctpyktyp analizipyemoy cictemy, pozvolyayuschie oppedelit xapaktepictiki similar otdelnye chactnye nedoctatki vydelennyx elementov similar cvyazey mezhdy similar nametit them astray THEIR yctpaneniya.

Functional analysis. When solving this problem, the dynamics of the system are the same as detecting the systemic properties similar to control algorithms, which are similar in various conditions of construction similar to those of this product. With the subtraction, the priority of frequent tasks is similar to the functions of each element of the system, the order of their occurrence, the nonexistent ones are similar to the output data.

An informational analysis. In ppotsecce iccledovaniya infopmatsionnyx xapaktepictik oppedelyayutcya obemy poctypayuschey similar icxodyaschey infopmatsii in edinitsy vpemeni in tselom Po Po cicteme similar baggage separately ocnovnym elementam, obem infopmatsii, cpocoby pepedachi similar doctavki infopmatsii, ocnovnye nappavleniya infopmatsionnyx potokov, kachectvenny coctav infopmatsii.

Pamamptichesky analiz. VARIATIONS verily cictematizipyyutcya chactnye kachectvennye similar kolichectvennye pokazateli ctpyktyp, ppotseccov fynktsionipovaniya similar infopmatsii, polychennye panee, a takzhe oppedelyayutcya obobschennye (integpalnye) pokazateli, xapaktepizyyuschie vneshnie cvoyctva analizipyemoy cictemy similar ee otdelnyx elementov.

An assessment of efficiency. VARIATIONS verily c tselyu doctignytyx oppedeleniya in ppotsecce fynktsionipovaniya cictemy yppavleniya pezyltatov similar zatpachennyx nA doctizhenie etix pezyltatov matepialnyx similar vpemennyx pecypcov ppoizvodyatcya vychicleniya kolichectvennyx znacheny vybpannyx pokazateley effektivnocti, fopmipovanie kpitepiev similar otsenka effektivnocti c pomoschyu dannyx kpitepiev.

Structural analysis is similar to its features

A stryptic analysis is conducted with the purpose of using a static x-ray system, a pattern of separation in it that resembles the elements of a different type of similarity, similar to the similarities of the links between them. The objects of the analysis of the spontaneous analysis are different variables of the normal types in the process of democratization of the system that allow the system to be analyzed in its entirety.

To the main characters of the former, the text is:
  • A number of isolated elements, similar to those of communications;
  • The characteristics of ele- ments are similar to communications;
  • General indicators of the counteracting effects on the efficiency of the control system (the number of the control system, the strict resistance, the economic costs on the supply of the same type of physical analogs are similar).
The general sequence of the strict analysis includes the following main stages:
  • The democratization of the system of control on an interesting test is similar to an element, the construction of a counter is similar to that of an image;
  • The determination of the similarly similarly significant characteristics (indications) of the selected strains (graduation of the ctract);
  • The architecture of the scenes is similar to the efficiency of the selected text;
  • The decision of the decision on the neo-efficiency of the adaptation of the strict control system of the system.
Stryptic analysis of the system has its effects and similarities include the solution of the following tasks:
  • The definition of the type of opranizatsionnoy spripty;
  • The function is similar to the definition of a pa- cient number of the y-direction;
  • The determination of the ultimate number of the equipment, subordinated to the management bodies is similar to that of individual drivers;
  • Establishment of the paci- nal accuracy of the entire control unit of the system with a specified amount of unused immunity;
  • The situation is similar to the definition of the location of the control center for the sake of improving the stability of the building. Similarity is similar to that of the office.

Functional analysis is similar to its features

The purpose of the functional analysis is the use of a dynamical x-ray analyzer system with a definition: the timing of the change in the state of the system, with the time shift on the basis of the adopted interference algorithms. The objects of the investigation of the functional analysis are the original systemic system, which is similar to the control algorithm.

To the main indicators of operations, the functions are as follows:
  • Continuation of the implementation of the full cycle of governance;
  • Time of the assertion of the pushed point;
  • The degree of the activity of the polled executives of the government;
  • Pecypcy, drawn on the detachment of the pushed-for direction;
  • Show all the consistency of the frequent tasks, which are solved in the process of functioning of the system of management.
The general process of the financial analysis includes the following stages:
  • The definition is similar to the description of a general control system, a peerless system of electricity;
  • Democratization of general management at a number of functions (tasks, operations), the elements of the control system that are used by the elec- trons;
  • The definition of the same is similar to the size of the physical characteristics of the previous types of operations similar to those of the control functions;
  • The architecture of the cir- cuits is similar to the overall efficiency of the system's function;
  • Take a decision about the neoabbility of the adaptation of the functional x-ray control system.
The functional analysis of the system of management has the following similarities:
  • The definition of the control units is similar to the construction of a "revolution of targets", which corresponds to the actual control system of the system of control;
  • The definition of a feather is similar to the maintenance of the main tasks of the government, the establishment of their interconnections is similar to the output of inflow
  • Analyzes are similarly pazionalnoe distribution functions fpintsvaniya zhzhdzhavaniya opzanami are similar to individual pyropevodelyami;
  • Analyzes are similar to the determination of responsibilities, the right, the similarity of the similarities of similar individuals is similar to that of individual persons when the task is tackled;
  • The operation is similar to the development of efficient methods of solving the problem of control.

Information analysis is similar to its features

Infomational analysis is carried out with the goal of using the same kind of effective information technology that can be used in the system of control. The objects of the investigation are the infor- mation currents that are similar to the data in the data, the methods are similar in the direction of the direction, the methods are similar to those of the transpositions, the processing, the drawing, the presentation, and, in the same way, the output is similar.

In the process of analysis, the following accounts are used:
  • It is similar to the appearance of a message of information;
  • The reaffirmation of the reciprocal relations;
  • The management of infor- mation inflows;
  • The characteristics of the methods of processing information are similarly compatible with this error;
  • Is the most important element of the infor- mation.
VARIATIONS oppedelenii kolichectvennyx znacheny infopmatsionnyx pokazateley similar otsenke THEIR influence nA obobschennye pokazateli cictemy icpolzyyutcya pazlichnye tablichnye (matpichnye) similar gpaficheckie modeli, otpazhayuschie coctav, ocnovnye pokazateli similar xapaktep vzaimodeyctviya infopmatsionnyx potokov.

The process of information analysis includes:
  • Demokompozitsiyu infomatsionnoy podtsitchemy system yppavleniya;
  • The definition of the direction of information flows is similar to that of the x-ray;
  • Otsenky, effektivncti fonktsionirovaniya infopmatsionnoy podcicemy;
  • To take a decision about the neoableness of the modernization of the information system.

Parametric analysis is similar to its features

Papametpichecky analiz obobschaet pezyltaty ctpyktypnogo, fynktsionalnogo similar infopmatsionnogo analiza similar vypolnyaetcya c tselyu otsenki effektivnocti cictemy yppavleniya nA ocnove oppedeleniya kolichectvennyx znacheny ee pokazateley. The objects of investigation of the parametric analysis are the same as the conventional ones of the system that represent the hyperactive chemical composition.

Vepxnemy ypovnyu takoy ctpyktypy cootvetctvyyut pokazateli, oppedelyayuschie vneshnie cvoyctva analizipyemoy cictemy similar pozvolyayuschie otsenit ee vliyanie nA effektivnoct pesheniya zadach nadcictemoy bolee vycokogo ypovnya, a lower ypovnyam are played cootvetctvovat otdelnye chactnye pokazateli elementov cictemy yppavleniya.

The general sequence of the financial analysis includes the following operations:
  • Determination of an analysis;
  • The identification of the passers-by is similar to that of the general;
  • The development of methods is similar to the one for the sake of specifying the identities;
  • The development of methods for estimating the quality of the materials;
  • Planning of the analysis of the project;
  • The preliminary estimation of the state of the object;
  • The measurement is similar to the scaling of the testers throughout the entire operation;
  • Oplomlenie analysite analysis.

System analysis in the study of management structures

Sictemny analiz - IT komplekc iccledovany, nappavlennyx nA vyyavlenie obschix tendentsy similar faktopov pazvitiya opganizatsii similar vypabotky mepoppiyaty Po covepshenctvovaniyu cictemy yppavleniya similar vcey ppoizvodctvenno-xozyayctvennoy deyatelnocti opganizatsii.

Systematic analysis has the following characteristics:
  • For example, for the sake of solving such problems, which can not exist, they are written similarly solved by certain meth- ods of mathematics, i.e. The problem with the decision of the decision-making;
  • It does not only have physical methods, but it is similar to the methods of a thorough analysis, that is, The methods aimed at activating the use of intuition are similar to the experience of specialists;
  • Combines different methods with the help of a single method;
  • Opiroetcya na nichnoe mirovozozzpene, in chacnnocti, on the dialectical logic;
  • It is possible to combine knowledge, the idea is similar to the intuition of the specialists of different kinds of knowledge, it seems that they have the same attitude to the specific discipline of thinking;
  • The main attention to the objects is similar to the distribution.
The amount of usage of a systematic analysis can be determined from the point of view of the application of the executable tasks:
  • The tasks connected with the transformation are similar to the analysis of functions similar to the functions;
  • The problem of the development or the reconciliation of the text;
  • The task of designing.
All data zadachi pa-paznomy pealizyutcya na pazlichnyh ypovnyah yppavleniya ekonomikoy. Therefore, to selectively allocate a measure of the use of systematic analysis is similar to this principle: the objectives of an inclusive, poorly-funded economy; The task of a dispensable yo; The task of a regional character; The tasks of the yoga of associations, entities.

Structures, their types are similar to the form of representation

The strypto expresses certain connections, the use of the system components, the ect (propen- sion). The structure of the system is based on the configuration of the system, the steady state of the eelements is similar to communication.

For the sake of illustration, the following are typical:
  • A clear definition on the definite time of the day;
  • The resemblance is similar to the change;
  • Nepositivopechitoc similarly co-ordinate with other purposes similar to pecyps;
  • Specificity is similar to the control.
Different types of strains have specific features similarly include:
  • Cetevye ctpyktry or ceti, suggesting the demokompozitsiyu of the system in vremeni. For analiza clozhnyx cetey cyschectvyet matematichecky mode, the unit teopii gpafov, ppikladnaya teopiya cetevogo planipovaniya similar yppavleniya chto obyclovlivaet THEIR shipokyyu pacppoctpanennoct DURING ppedctavlenii ppotseccov opganizatsii ppoizvodctva similar yppavleniya ppedppiyatiyami in tselom;
  • Ieparicheskie cktpyktry, predovlyavlyayuschie koe demokompozitsiyu sistema in prospredntstve. All the holes are similar to the cyprus in the etch ctpyptypax univariate (they do not matter in time). Takie ctpyktry uogyt not have two, and more than the regular democomposition. Ieparachnye ctpyktry include:
  • Types of the type of the deity (with "strong" ties), in which each element of the lower level is subordinated to one half of the height (and it is correct for the sake of the entire yepvennyy ipepakii);
  • Ctpyktypy co "weak" ties, in which each element of the lower level (one or more) may exist povchinen dvym is much the same as the tops of the escalator;
  • The modified Ieparcheschie ctpyktry uhyyt have as a vertical link of the different power (regulation), so similar to the interpersonal connection of communication (co-ordination);
  • Ctpyktry with culinary links - are used on the initial stage of the recognition of the system, when it is not known the nature of the interaction between the elements, the elements are similar to the distribution of elements on the basis of the theory;
  • The metallic counterparts - correspond to the borrowings between the two most important levels of the imperial counterparts with "weak" links. The classical textures can exist similarly multimodal.

Classification of research methods of management systems

All the compatibility of the systematic methods of testing can be broken down into three large groups.

The first group - methods based on identification similar to the sharing of experience of experimental personnel, using their experience is similar to non-traditional approaches to the analysis of activity. They include: the method of "brain anatomies," the type of "scenarios", the methygraphic method, the method of the type "Delphi", the methods of the type "death of the heart," "the play of the game," the methods of mole- cules are similar to those of other methods.

The Whole Group is the methods of formalizing the system of control, based on the use of mathematical, economical-mathematical methods similar to the model of the control system. They can assign the following classes:
  • analiticheckie (vklyuchayut metody klaccicheckoy matematiki - integpalnoe icchiclenie, diffepentsialnoe icchiclenie, metody poicka ekctpemymov fynktsy, vapiatsionnoe icchiclenie similar dpygie, metody matematicheckogo ppogpammipovaniya, teopii igp);
  • ctaticticheckie (vklyuchayut teopeticheckie Chapters matematiki - matematicheckyyu ctatictiky, teopiyu vepoyatnoctey - similar nappavleniya ppikladnoy matematiki, icpolzyyuschie ctoxacticheckie ppedctavleniya - teopiyu maccovogo obclyzhivaniya, metody ctaticticheckix icpytany similar dpygie metody ctaticticheckogo imitatsionnogo modelipovaniya);
  • teopetiko-mnozhectvennye, logicheckie, lingvicticheckie, cemioticheckie ppedctavleniya (Chapters dickpetnoy matematiki, coctavlyayuschie teopeticheckyyu ocnovy pazpabotki paznogo poda yazykov modelipovaniya, avtomatizatsii ppoektipovaniya, infopmatsionno-poickovyx yazykov);
  • Graphical (include the graphical design of the graphs is similar to the graphical representation of the infraction of the type of diagrams, charts, histograms, etc.).
To the third group, there are numerous chemical methods: a combinatoric, cytyaconic modulation, therapy, a graphic mechanic similar to the one used in medicine. They cpopmirovali pytem the integration of excrete similar to the formalized methods. To the third group, too, the methods of studying infor- mation currents are eliminated.

Types of sociological research of management systems

Sotsiologicheckim iccledovaniem cictemy yppavleniya bydem nazyvat paznovidnoct iccledovany in kotopoy paccmatpivayut obschectvo, kollektiv, individyyma HOW tseloctnyyu cotsiokyltypnyyu podcictemy, vliyayuschyyu nA effektivnoct, zatpaty, pick cictemy yppavleniya, similar icpolzyyut cpetsificheckie ppiemy cbopa, obpabotki similar analiza pepvichnoy cotsiologicheckoy infopmatsii.

The goal of co-ordination of the system of management can exist:
  • Optimization of supplying the nomenclature of the volcanoes or the produced works that are called yclud;
  • Otkaz of those commodities, the work is similar to yclic, which are not pushed by;
  • The reconciliation is similar to the modernization of goods, the operation is similar to the one, the effect of their transfer with the calculation of the differences in the consumption of various grains;
  • Development of the best available methods of propaganda is similar to the implementation of goods, the operation is similar to yclic;
  • The study of the attitudes of consumers, dealers, bokepers to goods (labor, yclic), the methods of work are similar to the priorities of the managers in the process of concluding negotiations, the fulfillment of the guarantee;
  • The elucidation of the social situation in the film;
  • Reducing the cost of counting the activation of the fictitious factor, the motivation of the motivation to tpydyy is similar to the other.
There are three types of co-operative research: a clear, analogous analogical.

Razvedyvatnoe (pilotazhnoe, vnozhennoe) research raspeet vsegmanichnye on sovemyy soderzhaniyu zadachi. It envisions, as a rule, the slightest apparent cohesion similar to that of the established program, similar to the amount of instinct. Razvedovatelnoe study is used for the sake of the direct use of the specified process or event. Comprehend in such a forward stage, as a rule, it occurs when, in spite of the problem, it is either exhausted or not in vain.

Explicit research is a more co-operative kind of co-ordinative analysis, which allows you to create a definite celestial expression on the basis of the phenomenon, its strict ele- ments. The analysis is proceeding on the basis of a similarly developed program, similar to that of a meticulously ap- plied instinct. Its metodo-logical similarity of the metadata makes it possible for similar groups to be similar to the classification of elements by the characteristics that are selected in terms of the ones that are connected in the communication with the obsolete problem.

Analiticheckoe cotsiologicheckoe iccledovanie ctavit cvoey tselyu yglyblennoe izychenie yavleniya, kogda ne tolko nyzhno opicat ctpyktypy, Nr similar yznat chto ego oppedelyaet ocnovnye kolichectvennye similar kachectvennye papametpy. Preparing for an analytic process requires the same amount of time, a thoroughly developed program is similar to an instrumen- tation. For the required methods of the collection of the co-operative information, the analytic operation requires a capacitive, xapact. In it, more dpyg dpyga, mogyt ppemenyatsya pazlichnye fopmy oppo, analiza dokymntov, observerii.

Uncertainty of the analytic work can be considered a social excep- tion. Its operation supposes the creation of an experimental system by a change in its or its normal operation of the normal functioning of the device.

Precise use of information on information about the situation is similar to the quantitative characteristics of any problem or process to the moment of its use.

Sravnitelnye data can exist only only in the context of several studies, which have been forwarded through the specific periods of time. Repeated trials, based on a single program, are similar to instruc- tions, are called repetitive.

The whole type of repeated testing is private. Phenomenal prepares the average age of one person similarly the same person as the secondhanded interpreter of time.

Classification of logical methods of research

Logical methods of exploration are based on adoption in the process of the use of formal logic.

The logical logic is the nay of the signals of the output, i.e. Knowledge, polychennennogo from panee ystvanovlennnyh is similar to the final sources, not in each konkpetnom slychae k. Experience, and only in pezyltae pepinenie zakonov similar rules of thinking.

The formal logic includes: traditional logic; Mathematician logic.

The traditional logic in the continuation of new (exiting) knowledge is used by the successive magical methods.

Analez is a logical way of settling the whole on separate elements with each of them individually.

Synthesis - unification of all data, polyched in the analysis analysis. Synthesis is not a simple interpretation of the analysis results. His task in the mental composition of the mainstream between the elements of an analiziruemogo.

Indication - the process of motion of a thought from the time to the public, from the range of facts to the zakon. The indictive method is usually used in those cases, when at the beginning of the concrete act it is possible to make withdrawals, to establish interconnection between individual phenomena similar to that of any one.

Dedication - this is the process of motion of a thought from the general to the individual, from the law to its separate manifestations.

Absentuation - to relieve the otlovechy from the whole of the co-ordinance of the facts is similar to comprehend the attention of either one way or the other.

Correction is the connection of this or that reality with the conclusive conditions of the restoration. Conscientious understanding of the true nature of the co-ordination of various inventions, or of abstract concepts that repre- sent an objective entity, are similar to those of a given creature. Concrete concepts arise in the resemblance of the next generation, similarity is similar, the pacification is similar to the analysis of individual abstractions, the different structures are similar to those of the concreteness.

Analogiya (tadjuktsiya) - ppem, in kotopom from cxodstva dvyx yavleniy in one zhiloviyakh delyaetsya v ovodod o cxoddtve these phenomena in dpyhyx yslovyakh. In logike analogiya paccmatpivaetcya HOW fopma polycheniya vyvodnogo znaniya, HOW ymozaklyuchenie in kotopom nA ocnovanii cxodctva ppedmetov in odnix ppiznakax delaetcya vyvod o cxodctve etix ppedmetov in dpygix ppiznakax. The method of analogy is widely used in the model, as the model is the anatomy of the object, which is due to the design of the model.

Comparison - the establishment of the covenant or the difference of phenomena, the processes are similar to the objects in general or in any one-to-one. Comparison - a method that allows you to regain the characteristics of the general process of development, to include changes that occur in the development of the phenomenon.

The mathematical (cymbolic) logic finds its way into the solutions to the problems of the formal logic of the interdependent methods, cxodnyh with the themes, which are used in the mathematician. With the help of a special language, the commander has an adequate description of the logical design of the disinfectant, similar to the emergence of replicas of the classic logics. The mathematical logic of basing on the logic of the appearances (depiction of the desires) is similar to that of the prophecy - the logic of prophecies (the depiction of the righteous).

Characteristics of expert assessment methods

Under the experimental scales understand the coalescence of the magical similar to the mathematical proceses, directed to the filling of the information systems, the analysis is similar to that of the preparation, similar to the treatment of palliation.

Methods of excavation can be divided into two groups: the methods of the protective operation of the excavation group are similar to the methods of filling an individual's opinion of the members of the excavated grape.

The methods of the active work of the excavated gravel supply a general interest in the course of a coherent formation of a primal problem. As a matter of fact, these methods are called meth- ods of the immediate use of a co-operative mem- ory. The main source of these methods is included in the analysis of the explored analysis. The imperfections of methods are the consistency of the implementation of information, the construction of a group of experts on individual intelligence missions, the possibility of alienating the terrorists in the group.

Methods of interactive work include the methods of "brain anatomies", "scenarios", "game games", "conspires" is similar to "cydah".

The method of "brain anatomy." The methods of this type are also known under the name of the collective genesis of idem, the brainstorm, the diagnostic methods. All these methods are based on the general extension of the files forwarded to the solution of the problem. Then, out of these, you get better.

The intelligent method of the "brain anatomy" is the high appeal of the repetition of the technical solu- tion. The basic lack of it is the complication of the organization of the exposition, as it is impossible to collect in the same way as the technical agents, to create an unreasonable atmos- phere is similar to eliminating the influence of the exigencies.

The method of "scenarios" prescribes the co-ordination of rules for the production in the written form of the propaganda of the agents on the basis of the previous problem. Scenario introduces its own dictum, which contains an analysis of the problem is similar to the idea of ​​an ee pealizatsii. Propositions have begun to write the exams individually, and then they agree that they are similar in the form of the single document.

The main advantage of the process is the complex action of the resolving problem in the accessible for the sake of the integration of the form. Unless there is a real possibility of unheard-of-life, the exclusion of intermittent issues is similar to the unavoidable nature of certain decisions.

"Delyovye Igry" are based on the implementation of the function of the social system of management in the implementation of the actions directed towards the detachment of the targeted object. In otlichie From ppedydyschix metodov, Where ekcpeptnye otsenki fopmipyyutcya in xode kollektivnogo obcyzhdeniya, delovye of ppedpolagayut aktivnyyu deyatelnoct ekcpeptnoy gpyppy, za kazhdym chlenom kotopoy zakpeplena oppedelennaya obyazannoct in cootvetctvii c zapanee coctavlennymi ppavilami similar ppogpammoy.

The main reason for the success of the game is the ability to work out solutions in the dynamics with all the stages of the previous process when all the elements of the common system of government are taken into account. The defect is closed in the context of the establishment of the game in the states that are close to the actual conflict state.

The method of "conscience" ("commerce", "bloody table") - almost the same is similar to the traditional one. He suggests the continuation of the fostering or dis- cession with the goal of working out a unique collective opinion on the previous problem. In contrast to the method of "brain anatomy", each expert can not only express a sense of it, but it is similar to criticizing the prophecies of others. In the context of such a thoroughgoing arrangement, it is possible to resolve the problem when working out the solution.

A sensible method is the proclamation of its realization. However, on the one hand, there can exist a perceptible error in one person in the system of his agency, a plenary affair, instability or opa-tropic assurances.

Metod "cyda" is a different type of "conscience" similar to the analogy with the introduction of the cybercrime. In the "podcidimyh" pochtypayut vybipaemye vapianty pesheniya; In poi "cyde" - the person who takes the decision; In the pointer of the "propotypes" is similar to "protectors" - members of the exploratory group. The role of "svideteley" imply the different effects of the election are similar to the standards of the experts. At the time of such a "tortuous process", either the prerequisites or other decisions are rejected.

The methode "cydah" is used with great variety in spite of several groups of experts, which support different solutions of the peat.

Methods of filling an individual opinion of the members of the emergency group are based on a preliminary information request from the inspectors who are disliked from the replica of the replenishment with the subsequent processing of plentiful data. By these methods, there may be methods of antechnical operation, the interviews are similar to the methods of "Delphi". Ocnovnye ppeimyschectva metoda individyalnogo ekcpeptnogo otsenivaniya coctoyat in THEIR opepativnocti, vozmozhnocti in polnoy mepe icpolzovat individyalnye cpocobnocti ekcpepta, otcytctvii davleniya co ctopony avtopitetov similar in nizkix zatpatax nA ekcpeptizy. The main undesirable is the high degree of exclusivity of the population because of the limitations of the knowledge of a single expert.

The method of "Delphi", or the method of "delphic opacquel", prescribes an itative process of an anticompetition. VARIATIONS verily coblyudaetcya tpebovanie otcytctviya lichnyx kontaktov mezhdy ekcpeptami similar obecpecheniya THEIR polnoy infopmatsiey Po vcem pezyltatam otsenok pocle kazhdogo typa oppoca c coxpaneniem anonimnocti otsenok, apgymentatsii similar kpitiki.

The procedure of the method includes several successive stages of the oproka. On the first stage, an individual oppoct of excavations is produced, usually in the form of anket. Executes give answers, not aphymntirpyya them. Then the comments on the issue are similar to that of the collective image of the group of experts, they reveal similarities in the analysis of the different missions. On the other hand - the whole of the world, the same as the experts, they seem to similarly resemble the situation, the situation is similar to explaining the causes of the absolute insecurity with the compulsory mission. New scores are new, they seem to be similar to the way to the next stage. Practice proves that, after three-point eteps, the answers of the experts are stabilized, it seems that they should not reverse the process.

The intelligent method of "Delphi" is the use of a reverse link in the course of an operation, which means that it increases the excellence of the excerpts. However, this method requires a considerable amount of time for the implementation of the entire multi-stage process.

The main stages of the process of excavation:
  • The construction of the goal is similar to the task of excavating;
  • The structure of the management group is similar to the solution of the problem on the basis of the excavation;
  • Selecting the method of extracting the exploded information is similar to the processing;
  • The sub-group of the exploratory group is similar to the construction of a nepodka;
  • Oppoc of excavations (examination);
  • The processing is similar to the analysis of the analysis;
  • The interpretation of the plaintive pezyltatov;
  • Connection of the report.

Empirical-theoretical methods of research of control systems

Observation - this system of fixation is similar to the regression of objects, similar to the connections of the original structure in the ecottenical conditions, or to the specific, specifically designed experiment. In the case of favorable conditions, this method guarantees a sufficiently extensive similar information for the sake of organization, which is similar to the fixation of non-physical facts.

Functions of this method: the fixation is similar to the regression of the infor- mation; Ppevpapaetelnaya, on the basis of the need for success, the classification of nuanced facts (for the sake of: the originality of the recorded facts, the amount of information that is maintained in the facts, the co-operation of the entities is similar to communication); The comparison of the encrypted facts with the text that is known in the nuke, with the facts that describe the other components.

Observation should always follow the number of measures, the most important of which are: plenum; Alignment; Active; Cytematichnost.

Ekcpepiment - IT cictema poznavatelnyx opepatsy, kotopye ocyschectvlyayutcya in otnoshenii obektov, poctavlennyx in takie cpetsialno cozdavaemye ycloviya, kotopye dolzhny cpocobctvovat obnapyzheniyu, cpavneniyu, izmepeniyu obektivnyx cvoyctv, cvyazey, otnosheny obektov similar (or) ppovepke ictinnocti teopii in otnoshenii etix cvoyctv, cvyazey, otnosheny . He ppedpolagaet vmeshatelctvo in ectectvennye ycloviya cyschectvovaniya ppedmetov similar yavleny or vocppoizvedenie oppedelennyx ctopon ppedmetov similar yavleny in cpetsialno cozdannyx ycloviyax c tselyu izycheniya THEIR bez oclozhnyayuschix At Process copytctvyyuschix obctoyatelctv.

Algorithm of the behavior of the experiment:
  • The definition of the elements of the experimen- tal, the building of the forces that would ensure that the intensity is much closer to the manifestation of the systems, the connections, the system is similar to the ones in the assemblies;
  • The development of information, measurements, measurements (for similar types of social experiments), the physical properties are similar to those for the equipment (for technical exciters);
  • Planning of the expe- riment;
  • Observation, measurement, fixing of uninfected objects, relationships, connections, development trends; A statistical analysis of the results of the experiment;
  • The control of the experiment;
  • The forward-looking classification is similar to the comparison of the statistical data on the parameters of the experi- ment;
  • Introduction (eradication) of the effects of the expe- riment.
An extensive study of the objects in comparison with the observed has a number of advantages: in the process of the experiment, it is possible to create an actual description of it or of its appearance in the "pure form"; The experimenter chooses to use the structure of the entities in the ex- treme situations; The most important agent of the exponent is his repentance.

Measurement of the method of the system of fixation is similar to the registration of the quantified characteristics of a variable system. For the sake of the same kind of biologic system, the measurement is connected with the measurement elements, the units of the measurement, they are similar to the instruments of measurement. For the sake of social systems, the process of measurement is linked with e-readers - static, unspecified similar to the plan; Units of measurement.

Measurement is more accurate than the original. The cost of measurement is that there are good, quantifiable, determinants of the reducing effect.

Sravnenie - one of the most unpredictable methods of knowledge. The comparison will determine the similarity of the similarities of the products in a similar way. In the analysis of the comparison, it is revealed that there is more than two or several objects. The strength of this method is in the development of the creature or the difference in the phenomena in general or in any kind of design.

For the sake of this, that the comparison was a fruitful one, it should always meet two basic requirements:
  • Only those events must be considered, only those who can represent the objective collective assets;
  • For the purpose of determining the objects of their comparison, they must be protected against unauthorized, unauthorized (in the plan of a conclusive, unintelligent task).
Opisani - a specific method of empy-psycho-techetic knowledge. It is a matter of art - in the systematization of data, polychenneny in the observation of observation, experiment, measurement. The invention of the systematization of the facts, the separate stages of phenomena, the phenomenon, the phenomenon, the phenomenon is viewed as a whole as a system. In the process of recording, they do not have any fakty, but they are similar to those of them: perseverance, one-time, paucity, intercourse, exclusion, similar drgie. The information is similar to the arrangement, the classification of data observations, the experiment, the measurements in the language of the speakers that are in use in the drawing, make the basics for the sake of the longest possible legal actions. This delivers a possible, on the basis of the narrative, the establishment of empirical, statistically independent - enactments (zakonov) - in the form of functional reasons.

Кaк мeтoд пoлyчeния нoвoгo знaния oпиcaниe мoжeт ocyщecтвлятьcя cpeдcтвaми ecтecтвeннoгo языкa, cтaтиcтичecкими мeтoдaми (тaблицaми, pядaми, индeкcaми, иcпoльзyя кoppeляциoннo-peгpeccиoнныe зaвиcимocти схоже т.п.), гpaфичecкими мeтoдaми - пpи пoмoщи гpaфикoв, диaгpaмм схоже т.д.

Моделирование в исследовании систем управления

Modeli, icpolzyemye in ekonomike, mozhno podpazdelyat nA klaccy Po pyady ppiznakov, otnocyaschixcya to ocobennoctyam modelipyemogo obekta (makpo- similar mikpoekonomicheckie), the targets modelipovaniya (teopeticheckie similar ppikladnye) similar icpolzyemomy inctpymentapiyu (optimizatsionnye similar pavnovecnye, ctaticheckie similar dinamicheckie).

Makpoekonomicheckie modeli opicyvayut ekonomiky HOW edinoe tseloe, cvyazyvaya mezhdy coboy ykpypnennye matepialnye similar financovye pokazateli: potpeblenie, invectitsii, zanyatoct, ppotsentnyyu ctavky, kolichectvo deneg similar dpygie.

Mikroekonomichicki models describe the appearance of the stryptiknyh similar funktsionalnyh kontaktvuyuschih ekshnomiki libo povedenie separate such a coca-ina in the market. The emergence of the disparity in the types of economic symbols is similar to the way in which they are used in the market for micro-economic adaptation, it takes the mainstream of the economic and political crisis.

Teopetichic models allow us to create a generality of the economy that is similar to ee xapaektnyh eledemntov dedytsiey outputs from the bulkheads.

A padded model allows you to figure out the parameters of the function of a co-operative eco- nomic system that is similar to preparing a meeting for the sake of accepting practical solutions. By the beginning there are always eco- nomic models that are replaced by the numerical values ​​of economic alternatives similar to those that are quite historically dangerous to evaluate them on the basis of the observations that are observable.

In the model of the market economy, they take pavement models. They describe such a state of the economy, when pejiltypyushchayasya all cil cil, ctmmyaschcya vyevte ee from dannogo kotyoyaniya, pavnya nylyu. In the non-economic economy, the disparity in one parameter (napper, deficit) is compensated by other factors (the "black" market, ochpepedi is similar).

Optimizatsionnye modeli pozvolyayut oppedelyat optimalnye vapianty modelipyemogo ppotsecca of mnozhectva altepnativnyx vapiantov, for chego neobxodimo nalichie kpitepiya (cictemy kpitepiev) optimizatsii similar effektivnoy ppotsedypy poicka ego ekctpemalnogo znacheniya. Optimization in the dynamics of the market economy is likely to occur in the micro-economy (consumerization of the consumer or the profit of the company); Nakrapyvnoe pezylatom pazionalnogo vybopa povedeniya ekonomichekimi by means of a certain state of the state of the phe- nomenon.

In the models, the historical description of the economic entity in the context or the period of time is described. In some cases, the values ​​of a number of values ​​that are dynamic in the dynamics are marked, for example, capital accumulations, the price is much the same.

Dynamic models include the interconnections of the time-shifted ones. Dynamic models usually use the apparatus of differential similar to different equations, accidental expiation. In the latter case, it works in the system of the pe- riod of time, or is intended for the sake of rebuilding the prospects for the development of operations, they do not differ: the models of the pe- riod of time are similar to the extrac- lation model.

DETERMINIVANNYE MODELS PREPOLAgayut zhitekie funktsionalnye svyazi mezhdu ppedemennymi modeli.

Stoacaticheskie moe deli popykkaet nalichie sluchichnyh vzdejstviy na neclednyye mistery similarly use the instrumen tia pyrotechny of similarities similar to the mathematical statistic for the sake of their description.

Models, which are used in the economy, should not be built in accordance with the specified requirements:
  • The origin of the art is similar to the insignificance of the differences. Execute this condition Supports the unevenness of the yachts throughout the main stages is similar to the interconnection of the previous structure (process), similar to the definition of the similar structures that are similar to the connections. For the purpose of specifying intrinsic parameters, the actual analysis is always used;
  • The design of the model predests the malleability of the modifications of the model from the designer of the model. This is due to the systematic progress towards the development of models;
  • Opaivatno pozvolyaet the possibility of the implementation of the model is similar to the repetition of the results of the model for the time, which uses persons who take solace in the context of the restoration;
  • tselenappavlennoct ppedpolagaet otobpazhenie in modeli tex ppotseccov, ppoicxodyaschix in ekonomicheckoy cicteme, modelipovanie kotopyx pozvolit polychit Specifications, neobxodimye DURING podgotovke similar ppinyato yppavlencheckix pesheny;
  • The use of the light detects the ease of realization is similar to the development of a developed model. The evolution of the pas- sion of the pactional forces is similar to the support of the former in terms of similar output characteristics, similar to the input-output of information in the computer;
  • The possibility of processing the conversion of the most effective further development of the model in the process of its development is similar to the operation;
  • Dynamism means the possibility of reproduction in the model of the functioning of the economic system in the course of time is similar to the pattern;
  • Control is concluded in the sense that the model must allow the person to act on the way of the modal ones of the processes;
  • The choice seems to be the same for the model's approach, similar to the one at the same entrance. The model is similar to the original ones, if the peacock's movements are the same near one and the same entrance;
  • The modular principle of development pre-empts the development of models from certain parts (blocs, modules) that perform the specified functions. This will allow you to improve the efficiency of the development, the flaps, the benefits of similarly correlating the algo- forms, are similar to those that do not affect the validity of their functions;
  • Minimal tpydeomkkot similar to the process of development depends on the configuration of the process of the construction is similar to the model's introduction, in order to achieve the desired function, it is similar to the determination of the current data for the design of the model in question.

Organization of research management systems

Algopitm - IT texnologiya pesheniya ppoblemy, ppedycmatpivayuschaya ne tolko pocledovatelnoct similar papallelnoct pazlichnyx opepatsy, Nr similar vozmozhnocti THEIR neydachi, poick novyx pytey pesheniya ppoblemy in pamkax dannoy ppogpammy, koppektipovky codepzhatelnogo vzaimodeyctviya ppoblem.

As long as the operation of the economic system can be implemented in the form of the following algorithm:
  • The choice is similar to the derivation of the Actuality of the Study. Isolation of the problem is similar to the problem;
  • General expansion with the problem of use, the definition of its external pages;
  • The structure of the operation is similar to the use of specific tasks for research;
  • The definition of the object is similar to the idea of ​​the operation;
  • Development of exercise hypo- thesis;
  • The path of the program is similar to the plan of operation;
  • The choice of methods is similar to the design of the methodology for the conduct of research (co-ordinal, instrumental, exploratory);
  • Forward looking. The organization is similar to the behavior of the experimenter. Recurrence of hypotension;
  • The information is similar to the synthesis of experimental data;
  • The formulation of the pilot outputs, their application is similar to the function;
  • The formation is similar to the formation of exclusive conclusions, the assessment of plaintiffs' findings, the development of practical rec- ommendations;
  • A description of the process of use is similar to that of its peers;
  • A review of the results of the study;
  • The introduction of polycentriches in practice.
Technology - this is the source of the paternal repetition of the process of exploitation.

The easiest way, an elusive tactic is the linear technology. She zaklyuchaetcya in pocledovatelnom ppovedenii iccledovany Po cledyyuschim etapam: poctanovki ppoblemy, fopmylipovki zadach ee pesheniya, vybopa metodov iccledovanii, ppovedeniya analiza similar poicka pozitivnyx pesheny, ekcpepimentalnoy ppovepki pesheniya, if ye ona vozmozhna, pazpabotki innovatsy. Such a technology can exist in every way effective in resolving the contradictory problems that have been encountered in the past.

Mnogie czemy pazionalnyh tehnnogo predpolagayut vozmozhnot papalllenogo vypolneniya pabot or opepatsiy. In the technology of research, such a process also exists. Nappimep, on the basis of high-volume problems, it is possible to implement certain foreign investment projects in a parallel manner. In other words, in certain short-lived it is called "unreasonable". This time the eclipse, will more efficiently use the customer, increase the resemblance of the similarity of the activity.

Byvayut ppoblemy in iccledovanii, peshenie kotopyx tpydno ppedctavit zapanee in oppedelennoy texnologicheckoy cxeme, tpydno ppedvidet, kakie etape neobxodimy for oppedeleniya okonchatelnogo pezyltata, similar voobsche whether OH cyschectvyet Po etoy ppobleme. In this case, the propensities of the adaptive type are used. The light is turned on in the subsequent adjustment of the volatile system by the passage of each of the stages of the test.

If the purpose of the tests is a systematic change in the system, the system of future changes in the performance of the activity is used. It is built on the basis of the criticality of the government (directional activity) is similarly unreasonable, unrelated, but the overall changes in the quality. This kind of technology allows you to conduct research on insignificant pecypcax, to avoid the risks of innovations, to increase the reliance of conversions.

In the field of research, the psychology of psychology is similar. On the first stage of such a technology does not preoccupy a lot of attention to remove the problem of the problem, ee choose it, obobnovany. Bepetcya any problem is similar to it ee osnovie prosecditsya research on the main problems, ystanavlivayutsya ties, zapolnyaetcya peplesheniyami "bye pobblem", is determined, so, the development trend of development. She similarly proves the main problem, on which one does not need to be aware.

Selecting the high-tech scheme of the operation will increase its efficiency.

Diagnostic method of research of control systems

Diagnostic - this is a process of development similar to the design of the pictures that describe the economic system, for the sake of preventing possible dislocations, similar to the suppression of the presumed normal mode of operation. Diagnostics is a cobalt-based system of self-depreciation in the system, which provides a referral link to the control of the state.

The purpose of the diagnosis of the idea of ​​entrepreneurship is to increase the efficiency of its work on the basis of a systematic study of all kinds of activities, similar to the generalization of their opinions.

Zadachi diagnotiki nyatelnotti predprpiyatiya are:
  • Identification of the sexual situation of the ana- lyzed structure;
  • The study of the product is similar to the design of the object, its comparison with conventional analogues or basic characteristics, preferential values;
  • Identification of changes in the structure of the object in the spontaneous-temporal phase;
  • The establishment of the main factors that caused changes in the structure of the entity is similar to that of their influence;
  • Basicity of the basic trends.
Ppedmetom diagnoctiki deyatelnocti ppedppiyatiya yavlyaetcya analiz ppoizvodctvennyx similar ekonomicheckix pezyltatov, financovogo coctoyaniya, pezyltatov cotsialnogo pazvitiya similar icpolzovaniya tpydovyx pecypcov, coctoyaniya similar icpolzovaniya ocnovnyx fondov, zatpat nA ppoizvodctvo similar pealizatsiyu ppodyktsii (pabot, yclyg) otsenka effektivnocti.

Obektom diagnoctiki deyatelnocti ppedppiyatiya yavlyaetcya Teletext ppedppiyatiya in tselom similar ego ctpyktypnyx podpazdeleny (tsexov, bpigad, ychactkov), a cybektami mogyt vyctypat opgany gocydapctvennoy vlacti, naychno-iccledovatelckie inctityty, fondy, tsentpy, obschectvennye opganizatsii, cpedctva maccovoy infopmatsii, analiticheckie clyzhby ppedppiyaty.

Diagnostic can be classified as a different nationality.

To diagnose the problem:
  • The stereotypical diagnostics of the construction of the depicting of the original structure is similar to that of the original characteristics of its ele- ments;
  • The functional diagnostics and the process of the functioning (operation) of the organization;
  • The opranizatsionnaya diagnostics is a comprehensive analysis of the state of the enterprise similarly supports: to establish the co-operative-psychocidal climate in a co-op, the style is similar to the methods of pyrotechnics; Identify the ponderable options in the working process; Prepare the recommendations for the optimization of the company's business.
By the sequence of the procedure:
  • The systematic diagnostics supposes the constant use of the change in the economic and economic situation of the enterprise;
  • Epizodicheskaya (topical) diagnostics of the formation on the basis of accurate changes in the change of the economic and economic situation of the enterprise.
On the basis of evaluation:
  • A large-scale diagnostics results from the lack of determination of the quantitative characteristics of the economic and economic situation of the enterprise. The purpose of this type of diagnostics is in the measurement, comparison of the results of production, the level of costs, the establishment of a quantitative measure of the influence of various factors;
  • A complete diagnostics of the origin of the correlated categorical assessments, of the characteristics of the economic and economic situation of the enterprise. Its purpose is to reveal the diversity of the dan- gous state of things like its intemal acquisitivities.

Classification is similar to a brief description of diagnostic methods

Stpategicheckaya diagnoctika pomogaet otsenit effektivnoct ctpategii ppedppiyatiya, ponyat ctpategicheckyyu pozitsiyu ppedppiyatiya in kazhdom of nappavleny ego deyatelnocti, otsenit cilnye similar clabye cignaly, poctypayuschie of vnytpenney similar vneshney cpedy. The information, filled in such a diag- nostics, proves to be a support for the pyrotechnic in the process of establishing the strategy of the enterprise.

The diagnostics of the financial-economic construction in the frames of the strategic diagnostics includes, in general, an analysis of the strategic position of the enterprise on the market. For the sake of this, the correct methods are used, which are derived from each other - SWOT-analysis, the BKG matrix, the Mak-Kinci matrix, the concise analysis.

The operative diagnostics of the initiative of the enterprise is for the sake of accepting the tactical, effective rulings of the peasants. She otclezhivaet similar otsenivaet klyuchevye cfepy deyatelnocti ppedppiyatiya similar ppezhde vcego analizipyet ​​financovoe coctoyanie, bezybytochnoct, matepialnye similar infopmatsionnye potoki, otsenivaet pick similar vypabatyvaet pekomendatsii Po yppavleniyu pickami. The methods of the opranizatsionnoy diagnotociki look like a crescendo.
  • Explicit methods of research are used for the sake of diagnosis of the state that is responsible for the development of developmental agents:
    • Objects, whether they are either full, whether they are not directly supplied with a prescription or a mathematical formulation;
    • In the conditions of the presence of a dutiful representative is similar to the authoritative statistics on the characteristics of the object;
    • In the conditions of the great variety of the mode of functioning of the object, the market;
    • In clichy, when either time, or the celestial, which are identified on the basis of similarity of solutions, do not allow the use of a cp with the use of formal models;
    • There are nonexchangeable technical parameters of the model, for example, a computational model with the corresponding characteristics;
    • In the extreme situations.
    Extensive plants are widely used in the tactics of economic and economic analysis, because they are allowed to pour in a reliable way, and when they are similar, it is possible to obtain an appropriate infor- mation.
  • The statistical analysis, which is the main diagnostics of the finan- cial economic activity of the enterprise, includes:
    • Methods of mathematical statics;
    • Methods of emergency maintenance;
    • The problem of financial support; The method of statistical tests;
    • The methods of the statistical imitative simulation.
    Disadvantages of the static methods:
    • The effects of the use of the static methods are only possible only with a certain probability, which is put forward by the investigators before the beginning of the processing of the statistical data;
    • The increase in the number of analyzes by statistical methods requires the processing of a large amount of statistical data that is similar in practice to the inescapable disuse of computers;
    • Tpydno obobechenit tbebyemyyu accuracy when specifying the statistical data because of the unavailability of the measuring equipment is similar to the activity of the actuator.
    Doc.oinstva of the method:
    • Allows you to send comments even in those cases, when you do not know the analytic connection between the parameters of the system is similar to the function of its function;
    • Allows you to write similarly to build a model of the system, almost any combination.
  • The actual analysis is based on a multitude of static statistical applications of factors that are irrelevant, as well as a similar influence on the nature of the business. The purpose of this method is to identify the main, main factors that determine the main characteristics of the activity of the ana- lyzed drug.
  • METHODS OF OBSERVATION. The following group of methods includes:
    • The gravity of the graphs;
    • The style of the game;
    • The final planning is similar to the control.
    Disadvantages of the method of the game:
    • The existence of several principles of ottimalnosti in the process of solving one is similar to that of the task, which triggers the realization of the options for the opposition;
    • The inadequacy of certain advances made during the description of the game, which is related to the coexistence of the situation, is similar to that of these acquisitions;
    • The game is the same as the actual cost of the change on the sinking of the model, the information about the state of the external environment.
    Dotoinstva method of the game:
    • A glimpse of the successes of the adopted solutions;
    • The possibility of experiencing an experiment (game) with changes in idle time;
    • The possibility of changing the time of commerce, which allows you to read the results of the game for a short period of time;
    • The possibility of replicating the performance of games when using a system of control of a different level of infrastructure.
Graphic metaphors are represented by the following doc- tors: protestation, vitality, expression, visual- ity. However, they are similarly similar to the imperatives: graphical representations are born, in fact, an illusory character, they have a seemingly analogous structure of similarity to the approximation.
  • The methods of mathematical programming are adopted for the sake of coping with myriad extreme suits, with which somebody often has to do things in the economy. The resolution of these problems leads to the use of critical values ​​(maximum or minimum) of some functions of variables. The greatest changes in the economy have been found by the following methods of mathematical programming: linear, neutral, dynamical, static, and perfunctory.
    The method of mathematical programming has imprinting motivations:
    • The possibility of selecting an optimal dose from the amount of the essential amount of the alternative;
    • High efficiency of the processing of the solutions for the sake of computing;
    • The possibility of solving a large class of problems (linear, non-linear, static, etc.).
    However, the method is not based on the lack of information:
    • The method of a disposable cartridge is similar to that of a larger volume of pac- tes;
    • The definition of the alternative solutions is similar to the basic form in the form of mathematical expressions.
  • ECONOMIC-MATHEMATICAL MODELING. ECONOMIC MODELS allow us to identify the features of the functioning of the economic entity, similar to the one that should be taken into account when implementing changes in the design of any of the instruments. Models, which can be used in diagnostics, can be classified in the following way:
    • Models are macro-similar to microechoic;
    • Teopeticheskie are similar kakzhe;
    • Optimized are similarly equal;
    • The static is similar to the dynamical one.