Logical (Free Flash Games)

Section Logical

Logical games are of interest to a wide range of players, even adult people are happy to play them. Some categories of logical games develop intellect, others - memory, and third - ingenuity and logic. A huge number of games in this category allows each player to choose a puzzle according to his mind. There are games like all those who have fallen in love for a long time, such as "sapper" or "sokoban", as well as logic games that have recently gained popularity among flash game lovers, such as "switches" and "dominance". There are games here that we used to see only on pages of newspapers and magazines - it's "find differences", as well as all sorts of tests. Especially among the logical games are physical puzzles, which quickly managed to gain popularity due to its realism.

  • A rock
  • Exit Room
  • Exit Room 2
  • Exit Room 3
  • Exit Room 4
  • Exit Room 5