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Guide and complete passage through Fallout 3 in pictures

Fallout 3
"... These Communists hate all our values:
Freedom, independence, apple pie!
I said about freedom ...? "
G. Ackerman, C & C Red Alert 3

For the role-playing series Fallout, you can endlessly select the epithets that characterize it. One of the most striking epithets can be considered "paranoid", i.e. Based on paranoia. According to the prehistory, in 2077, mankind did finish the war, and nuclear missiles fell on the US. America did not remain in debt, and struck at its main enemy - China. What happened in Fallout 3 with the rest of the countries - is unclear. We know only that the action from the West Coast of the United States moved to Washington. How the supermutants and other creatures got to the East Coast, we do not need to know (although this opportunity will be presented). All you need is to find meaning. The meaning of your existence in this terrible, dangerous, and so alluring radioactive desert.

Talk about the poor mutants ...

"Supermutant, like a hamster, must do three things in life:
Born, die and die! "
... From the course of the young fighters of the Brotherhood of Steel

As in all the previous parts, one of the main dangers is not people, but mutants, of which there are a great many in the Wastes. When meeting with them, you need to know what kind of weapon is suitable for a certain type of monster, because the fact that the zombie will kill, is unlikely to overwhelm the super mutant.

  1. Radtarakans. The very first enemies in the game. It's just a very big cockroach, which can run and bite quickly. In the early stages of the game, it's best to use cold steel against them.
  2. Mole rats. A medium-sized beast, completely devoid of sight and sense of tact. They usually attack a pack, they are easily killed by a shot in the head with a shotgun. As against them there is a special weapon - "Repellent". You can get it only after passing a certain quest ("Guide to Survival in wastelands").
  3. Droits. Mutated bees. They shoot with their own stings, in the melee they do not cost anything. One or two shots from a simple pistol solve this problem.
  4. Dogs. Dogs are different - from wild to domesticated. They are dangerous only if they attack the pack.
  5. Radskorpions. An impressive size creature, which is best to fight either with a shotgun, or with an automatic. Try not to admit them to yourself, because in the early stages of the game they are one of the most serious opponents.
  6. The Swampmen. Crab creature that walks on two legs. Has a practically impenetrable shell, and is killed only by a sharp shot in the face.
  7. Wild buzz. Skeletal-like zombies, which have lost all reason. Have a habit of living in the metro, yelling in a bad voice and running fast. A portion of the fraction in the head will calm them down remarkably.
  8. Wild boom-bums. It's about the same as the usual wild booms, but they run a little faster. They wear some kind of bulletproof vest, and even kill them a little more complicated.
  9. Supermutants. The old acquaintances have hardly changed since the first part. The same big and fierce, still dumb and strong. They carry rifles, batons or grenades. Kill them (at first) is hard, but you will always help an automaton or shotgun.
  10. Centaurs. Creatures that resemble both the Sphinx, the bloodsucker from the Stalker, and also the ugly creature of unknown origin. Can spit radiation spitting and tear with tentacles.
  11. Superman-beast. A more advanced version of the super mutant. Carries a minigun, a rocket launcher, or an assault rifle. They kill extremely long.
  12. Glowing buzz. Crown of the evolution of wild ghouls. They can beat you with a deadly dose of radiation, as well as treat their relatives. It is extremely difficult to kill them.
  13. The nuclear plants. A variety of swamps, which lives only in the ruins of the Yader-Cola plant. They are characterized by an extremely aggressive character, large sizes, and a bright blue color. The strength is approximately equal to the hunters.
  14. Giant Radkscorpions. A huge creature, encased in a virtually invulnerable shell. Kill it is extremely difficult, but in this you can help a rocket launcher or minigun.
  15. Bolotniki-hunters. A larger hunter than a regular swamp man has a stronger shell and longer claws. It is recommended to shoot their feet beforehand.
  16. Bolotniki are the leaders. Monsters are telekinetics, capable of screaming at your psyche. Almost always has a retinue of a couple of hunters and five ordinary individuals.
  17. Supermutant master. A huge monster, which is clad in homemade armor. Carries a minigun, a machine gun, or a bazooka.
  18. Claws of death. Hefty semi-kangaroo half-kangaroo, capable of sending you to the next world with one blow. Fighting them is extremely difficult, because they are worn at prohibitive speeds. It is recommended in the fight against them to have a minigun, a grenade launcher, and a shotgun.
  19. Fallout 3
  20. Supermutants are hippos. The biggest monster in the game. The giant is six meters tall, armed with a fire hydrant torn from the ground along with the pipe. Destroy it alone is almost impossible if you do not have a cannon called "Fat Man". This mini nuclear missile launcher will help you, than it can. Fortunately, this creature is encountered in the game only three or four times.

As you can see from this list, mutant species will suffice to make your stay in this world unforgettable.

1001 way to kill the enemy

"... Chinese hackers rummaged in the software of the Tomahawk rocket
Now it's called "Boomerang" ... "
... From the report of the head of the Pentagon to the President of America

Of course, such a variety of opponents (not to mention the enemy groups) makes it clear that the number of weapons in the game is too high for the most I can not. Let's figure out what the developers have prepared for us, and what's the best way to take a camping trip along.

Traditional small arms

  1. Pistol. Ordinary pistol. Weak lethal force, low accuracy of fire. Effective only in the early stages of the game.
  2. The Chinese pistol. Even weaker than an ordinary pistol. To carry it with itself does not make sense. That is absolutely.
  3. Revolver. Of the super-powerful "Colt" made some lewdness. Absolutely useless thing, which is good only at the beginning.
  4. Magnum. A more advanced version of the revolver, equipped with an optical sight. It is quite effective against the Raiders' manpower.
  5. Submachine gun. An interesting machine that serves as a good alternative to the machine in the early days.
  6. Shotgun. The usual, unremarkable rifle. Low efficiency.
  7. Assault rifle. Apparently, some kind of M-16. Quite an effective thing with which you can go for supermutants.
  8. The Chinese automatic. The developers from the very beginning stressed that this is not AK-2074, namely the Chinese machine gun. In the game - one of the most powerful traditional killing.
  9. Edge. Well, what can I say? He went straight to the point, twice fired, ran away. It is not widely distributed, but it is quite effective.
  10. Combat Shotgun. A wonderful mixture of Thompson's submachine gun and shotgun. One of the most effective guns in the game.
  11. Sniper rifle. I think that comments are not needed here.

Energy weapons
  1. Laser gun. Pretty stupid thing. It is best to use it when there is nothing else.
  2. Laser Rifle. A powerful toy. With three or four shots calmly fry supermutanta. The disadvantage is extremely fast wear.
  3. A plasma pistol. More powerful gun. You can get it only if you have passed most of the game, because Such things are only in the Enclave
  4. The plasma rifle. Without five minutes, an absolute weapon. Powerful shells destroy anyone who dares to stumble. From such "gifts" the enemy turns into a green slime.
  5. Blaster Alienov. As in the second part, here you can find a small surprise - the blaster of extraterrestrials. This is the most powerful energy weapon in the game. Virtually any monster or person is killed with one blow.

Heavy weapons

  1. Grenade launcher. The standard rocket launcher - fires in white light, as in a pretty penny. Despite this, quite a clever invention.
  2. Minigun. A six-barreled machine gun. Excellent for mass stripping. With him, only the super mutant behemoth will be terrible to you.
  3. Flamethrower. Portable shish kebab. Ideal for fighting ghouls and supermutants.
  4. Fallout 3
  5. Gatling laser. Dream. Such a thing can be obtained only on the basis of the Enclave. It is a variation of the minigun that shoots lasers. Quite a controversial thing, because it has a tremendous speed of wear, and you will not get cartridges for it.
  6. "The fat man." Trump card of the Brotherhood of Steel. A huge fool who shoots mini-nuclear missiles. Calmly kills everything - from the claw of death, to the rotorcraft of the Enclave. Weights thirty kilos, and is the decisive argument on the battlefield. Just try not to waste ammunition for nothing. The game only 40 cartridges for this gun, and each of them must be obtained by blood and sweat.
  7. Fallout 3

Well, with so many weapons in games you rarely encounter. And now it's time to consider the storyline of the game.

Passage of Fallout 3

"... You can not be a Jedi,
But it is obliged to have power! ... »
Master Yoda

Washington Stalker

Attention! This passage is written for the character, which is the embodiment of good. If anything, they warned you.

The whole story can be divided into three parts. The first is in Vault 101, the second - before the incident in the complex of the project "Purity", and the third - until the final credits.

Part one. Refuge 101.

After the introductory video, you start the game ... one-year-old child! For RPG, and generally for games in particular, this is a novelty. Your first job is to read the book about the SPECIAL system. Thus, you can distribute the parameters of this most SPECIAL Next - more. After nine years (show zastavochku), you give out your personal Pip-Boy 3000. This PDA has many different functions, from inventory, ending with a radio station and a card. Just in this passage you are given a pneumatic gun, and show how the VATS (Vault-Tech Tactical System) works. Later, there is an exam where you are given to distribute basic skills. Then - the final stage, which is the plot of the whole plot - your father left the shelter, you have to catch up with him! To do this, you need to enter the office of the Ranger, open the secret passage and escape (do not forget the navel).

In fact, the episode with the Vault is a very much extended training. However, the first minutes in the open air will make you forget about Vault 101.

Part two. In search of his father.

Seeing the city on the horizon, go there. It's Megaton, a city built around a nuclear bomb.

For information : Megaton resembles the city of Junk Town from the first part. Fans of the series, most likely, will find here a lot of similarities.

In the city you need to find a local boss, Colin Moriarty, and by all available means to convince him to tell you where your father went. He will report that he went to the ruins of Washington, where the radio station "News of the Galaxy" is located. Go there, but do not forget that the city is full of mutants.

Near the building of "Galactic news" you will find a surprise - the freedom escaped from the behemoth, and together with the Brotherhood of Steel you need to destroy it. Fortunately, near the fountain there is the corpse of one of the Paladins of the Brotherhood, from which it is possible to remove the "Fat Man".

After defeating the monster, go and talk to the intercom to the right of the door. Then go up to the 3rd floor and talk to Tridognight, the local DJ. He will tell you that he will tell you about his father only if you help his radio station. Agree. He will say that you need to go to the Technical Museum (located at Molly), and from the Lunokhod "Virgo-2" pick up the plate. After that you will need to get to the Washington Monument, and at the very top to establish this plate.

Fallout 3

When you come to the museum, be on the alert. Several super-mutant masters and beasts hang around in it.

It's interesting: in the Museum you can see the Vault model. Be sure to listen to what you are told from the speakers - at least cheer yourself up.

After taking the plate, take it to the Monument. After this heroic deed, go back to the radio station. Tridongnite tells you that your father went to Rivet City. Go to the embankment and walk along the river. Almost at the end of it you will see the old aircraft carrier. That's where you need it.

On the ship, find the middle deck. There, at the very end is a scientific laboratory. Find her in Dr. Lee and talk to her. She will say that your father went to the "Clean" project complex, which is located inside the Jefferson Memorial. Go there. Inside there will be supermutants, be ready. In the Rotunda of the Memorial, look for documents that indicate that your father went to Vault 112. It is located in the "Casey Smith Garage" location. Penetrate inside. In the shelter you will find a free Sunbed, and take it. You will be transferred to another reality, to a town called Trenkviliti-lane.

There you must find Betty. The girl is playing on the playground in the center of the town. Talk to her. She will say that you can leave this place if you follow her instructions. If you agree - then your karma will fall sharply, and it's dreary. Another way is to go to an abandoned house. There at the entrance to the table, TV and armchair there are several items that need to be activated. Find the right combination (you need to search for it by sounds, only 5 items). That way, you call the console. Activate the "Chinese Invasion" program. Betty, who turns out to be Dr. Bron, will open the passage back to you.

There you will meet your father. He will suggest you go with him. Agree. Return to Rivet City and go to Dr. Lee. Then go again to the "Clean" project complex. There you will need to go through all three levels (store, rotunda and basement), and destroy all the mutants. After that, follow the instructions from your father. When you are already opening the valves, you will see that the Enclave soldiers have landed on the territory of the Memorial. Run into the control room, and watch the dramatic development of the situation. When the explosion blows, take Dr. Lee to the Taf's tunnel.

Part Three. Project "Cleanliness"

Conduct Dr. Lee and her team before exiting the tunnels. On the way you will meet the soldiers of the Enclave and the ghoul. Get out of the ground.

Fallout 3

In front of you you will see the Pentagon, now - Citadel, the headquarters of the Brotherhood of Steel. After talking with the head of the Brotherhood and the scribes, go to the Little Lamplight Caves, through which you can reach the refuge 87, where the cornerstone of the entire series is located - GECK (Eden Compactor Generator). In the Vault you can get to ONLY from the caves. Do not try to go through the "title" entrance, there is radiation that will kill you before you accept an antiradism.

Go down to the Vault. There you have to reach the experimental laboratories. Be careful - on the way you will find a lot of supermutants. In the labs, find a super mutant named Fox. He sits in the cell and asks that you let him out. Do it. In gratitude for this, Fox will go ahead, and help you get the GECK.

After taking the GECK, go back. At one of the turns you will be deafened, and taken to Raven Rock, to the main Enclave base. Upon arrival, nahamite Colonel Otem. You will be released and told to go to President Edem. It's on the 3rd floor. Climb there, and find a huge (half-walled) monitor. This is the president. Talk to him.

It's interesting: Earlier the Enclave had President Richardson. So, it turns out, was he also a machine?

Force him to destroy Raven-Rock and leave the base. In the process, do not forget to pick up the hatling laser in the container at the entrance. There is no other chance. Go to the Citadel, and report to Elder Lyons that the GECK was taken. He will order you and Lion Pride to attack the purifier, and repel him from the Enclave. With you, by the way, will go also a huge robot "Liberty Prime". After reaching the purifier, go inside, and in the Rotunda you will have a talk with Otem. If persuasion does not work, remove the threat. After talking on the intercom, it becomes clear that you need to turn on the cleaner, otherwise it will explode. Say that you will do it, and forward. The code from the cleaner is 2-1-6 . By entering it, you will sign a verdict, as a huge dose of radiation will strike you at the moment of switching on.

See the final video and rejoice. You passed Fallout 3.

Detailed Passage of Fallout 3 by Quest

"... Everything is stolen in Paradise Falls.
Even the air is somehow stale ... "
... from the dialogue between the two Raiders

In addition to the main plot in the game there are about 20 side quests. Doing them is an exciting way to spend ammunition and first-aid kits not for the intended purpose.

The Power of the Atom
Who issues: Sheriff Lucas Simms
Where to get: Megatonna
Reward: Either 300, or 500 caps and a house in Megaton for bomb disposal, or 1,000 caps and a penthouse in the Tempenny Tower for a bomb explosion
Upon arrival in Megaton, the city sheriff can ask you to neutralize the bomb. To do this, your "Explosives" skill should be more than 30. If you want to help the city, neutralize the bomb. You can also blow up a bomb. For this, it is necessary that Mr. Burke sit in Megatonny's bar. Attach a detonator to the bomb, and run to the Tempenny Tower. So click on the remote. Voila - Megatons are no more. But it is preferable not to blow up the city.
Fallout 3

Who issues: Brian Wilks
Where to get: Either at the "Supermarket" or in Graydice
Reward: Serum with the fire ant genes, 100 covers
After the first visit to the "Supermarket" you can come running to a guy who asks to find his father. Agree. Go to Gradych, and there find the house of the Wilkes. After visiting the house, tell the guy that the parents died. Then visit the hut to the left of the house. There in Dr. Lesko's computer there is information about the ants that inhabit the Marygold metro station. Go there. In the subway tunnels, find Dr. Lesko, who will tell you what to do in order to destroy the ants. Go to the lair of the ant uterus. There, destroy the five guards, but, in any case, do not touch the uterus. Go back to Lesko. He will give you two serums to choose from. Choose any that you like. Go to Brian. He will ask you to find a house for him. Agree, and go to Rivet City. There, find the head of the hotel. She will say that she will take Brian to her place. Go back to Gradych, and talk about this guy.

Big problems in the Big City
Who issues: any citizen of the Big City
Where to get: The big city
Reward: 50 caps
Visit the Big City, and ask any person on the streets. You will be told that almost all people in the city were killed by supermutants, and two - they were tied up. Your task will be to save them. Go to Georgetown, and look for a police station there. There, find a girl named Redhead, who will ask you to find her friend, Shorty. Agree, and run down, to where the supermutants have a kitchen. Kill them, and go back to Redhead. Then run to the Big City. There, if you try to leave, there will be an attack of supermutants. If you have a sufficient level of the parameter "Science", then at the landfill in the city, find and repair two robots. Help to contain the attack of supermutants and get a reward.
Fallout 3

Blood ties
Who issues: Lucy West
Where to get: Megatonna
Reward: drawings "Shish-kebab", ability "Bloodsucker", 100 covers
Girls from Megatonna Lucy West will ask you to deliver a letter to your family in Arefu. Go there. Talk to the local sheriff. Then run through the three houses in the town. In the house of the West you will find two corpses. Report this to the sheriff. He will say that most likely the members of the Family did it. Go to the Meresti depot, and go to the station. Find a person there called Vance, and ask him to escort you to Ian West. When you find Ian, tell him that his sister is waiting for him, and then again talk to Vance. Persuade him to protect Aref, and transfer the contract to Sheriff Aref Evan King. Take the signed contract and get the reward.

Stolen Independence
Who issues: Abraham Washington
Where to get: The History Museum in Rivet City
Reward: 300 caps
Abraham Washington from Rivet City will ask you to find the lost Declaration of Independence. Go to the National Archives (near Moll), there you find the passage to the cellars. Remember, there are a lot of supermutants in the Archives. In the cellars, find the passage to the East Wing, there you will deal with the robots and go to the storage room of the Declaration. Take the Declaration and go to Rivet City.

Artificial man
Who issues: Mr. Zimmer
Where to get: Scientific laboratory of Rivet City
Reward: Plasma rifle A3-21 OR 50 covers
In the laboratory of Rivet City, a certain Zimmer is mistaken. He asks to find his android. Agree. On the Capital Wasteland doctors can find records that tell about android. After gathering information, visit Pinkerton, who lives in the broken nose of the ship Rivet City. Ask him about the android. Having learned that the android is the chief of the Harkness guard, go to him. Require reboot of its system. In gratitude that you will not surrender it to Zimmer, he will give you his plasma rifle (note: this rifle is an improved version of the standard, since it is 1.5 times more powerful)
Fallout 3

Raleigh Rangers
Who issues: Raleigh
Where to get: Either in the Guzzle Dungeon, or catch a radio signal near the Historical Museum
Reward: Razvedbronia OR minigun "Eugene" + the ability to take labels on the card behind the lids
First, ask the doctor of the ghouls to put Reilly on his feet. When she wakes up, ask her about her group. Find out just where they dropped the ammunition box (come in handy). Go to Vernon Square, and from there - through the Hospital of Hope to the Hotel "Seisman". Please note that the hotel and the hospital have a lot of supermutants. When you reach the climb to the roof, remove the weapon, otherwise you will be shot. Bring a nuclear battery from the banquet hall and give it to Donavan. Get down into the lobby. There, destroy the supermutants, and go to the Rangers' headquarters. As a reward, you can take the scouting book, or the minigun "Eugene", which is 2 times more powerful than usual.

The inhuman gambit
Who issues: Uncle Rowe
Where to get: Community of Canterbury
Reward: 500 caps + Mechanist and NeMiermiki costumes + with a barter skill of more than 60 - an opportunity to become an investor for caravans
Arriving in the community of Canterbury, you can watch the war of two superpsychs - the Mechanist, who imagines himself to be the defender of the city, and NeMirMiki - the queen of local ants. They got the residents of the city so much that they asked you to get rid of them. After asking 500 caps, agree. The mechanic is in the service center of robotics, and NeMirMika is in the catacombs below the city. Go to each of these people and talk to him. After their repentance they will give you soy armor. Return to Canterbury and report on the execution of the assignment.

The Song of Agatha
Who issues: Agatha
Where to get: under the destroyed highway, to the left of the Landfill, in the middle of the stones (there the bridge leads)
Reward: Agatha radio wave + 100 covers
This is a rather unusual task. The woman will ask you to get out of Vault 92 ... the violin of Stradivarius! First you need to get to Vernon Square, where the headquarters of "Volt-Tech" is located. There you need to find out where Vault 92 is, and go there. Near the Refuge is the town of Old Olney. Do not approach this city if you do not have a minigun - there are about six to seven claws of death. Once in the Vault, find the recording studio, and find the violin there. Return to Agatha and give her the violin.

Head of State
Who issues: Hannibal Hemlin
Where to get: The Temple of Unity
Reward: 300 caps
Go to the Temple of Unity (is on the way from the city to Vault 92, if you go on the road). There you will have a talk with the leader of slaves Hannibal. He will tell you to talk with the technician Caleb, who will ask you to find an image of the Lincoln Memorial in the Historical Museum . Find the image and return. Then fight off the memorial from the slaveholders. Wait for Hannibal and his comrades at the entrance to the Moll-North-West metro station (note: sometimes you just have to walk around the Wastelands and then return). Hannibal will give you a reward.

The pursuit of nuclear cola
Who issues: Sierra Petrovita
Where to get: Herdershide
Reward: Drawings of hammer-cola + for ~ 50 caps for each bottle (depending on the level of difficulty)
This is a very simple task. It is only necessary to find 30 bottles of quantum nucleus-cola. Find them, bring it to Sierra. If you have already completed the task, and you were given a drawing, it can still be continued.

Who issues: Father-Root Laurus
Where to get: at the entrance to the Oasis
Reward: Maple's power armor + Willow amulet + Lilac hood OR missile OR NOTHING
Go to the Oasis. There they will meet you, and they will say that God wants to see you. Agree. You (after the ritual) will be taken to a grove to a tree named Harold.
It's interesting: In other parts of Fallout, half-tree Harold (the tree was called Bob, or Herbert) also appeared. First they lived in the town of Hub, then moved to Gecko
He will ask you to kill yourself. Agree. Go to Matera-krona Bereza. She will give you Birch Juice, which needs to be treated with Harold's root, which contains his heart. Go down into the caves under the Oasis. Enter the serum and return. Visit Harold, then talk to Maple, Willow and Lilac.

Tempenny Tower
Who issues: either Roy Phillips, or the Tempenny Tower guards
Where to get: Either the Warrington metro station, or at the gate of the Temple Tower
Reward: 500 caps + ghoul mask
(Warning: This description is only for the ghouls quest. (The quest for guarding the tower was not executed.)
First, talk to Roy Phillips, then with the tower guard. Find out what the ghouls want to live here, and go to Roy. He will say that a little more, and he will launch his wild brothers into the tower. Go to Alistair Tempenny, and tell him everything. He is not against ghouls, so he gives you a task - to interview the inhabitants of the tower on the theme of the introduction of ghouls. When you ask everyone, go back to Tempenny. He will give you 500 lids. Go to Phillips, and say that ghouls can spread.

Control shot
Who issues: Mr. Crowley
Where to get: "The Ninth Circle" in the Ghoul Dungeon
Reward: 25 lids per key OR 100 lids per lie (requires a high skill of eloquence) + (regardless of the previous version) admission to Fort Constantine + Power armor and helmet T-51 b
Go to the bar "The Ninth Circle", which is in the Dungeon. There, look for Mr. Crowley, who will offer to kill four gouren-haters. Agree. Now you need to visit:

  1. Dukova's home, and pick up his key
  2. The Republic of Dave and pick up his key
  3. Tempenny Tower and pick up the key Tempenny
  4. Rivet City and pick up the key of Ted Strayer

Then go to the rumble and give the keys. On this quest will end, but who wants to get armor T-51b (this is the power armor of the Brotherhood of Steel from the first part), should do this: follow the rumble, and wait until he leaves the Dungeon. Kill him. For his karma karma is not taken away. Go to Fort Constantine. In the residence of the commanders, enter the basement. Further - in the bomb storage. There in one of the rooms is the power armor.

A Guide to Survival in Heathlands
Who issues: Moira Brown
Where to get: "Shop on the crater" in Megatone
Reward: Depends on the degree of completion of the quest, as well as on the skills and abilities of the character
This quest is a kind of training. You are told the basic principles of survival, and you in return should help Moira write a book. This is the longest and most fascinating quest of all that is. Describe it is useless, because everyone will do it differently
This completes all the quests.

And now I would like to wish everyone good luck and say parting words - do not run on the plot. The splendor of this game is that the plot plays a secondary role here. All adventures will happen to you only if you wander the wastes, and explore new locations.

Skills and Perks - Fallout 3

• Introduction

Skills are important for any character. It is they who determine whether your incarnation in the gaming universe will behave like a complete fool, a highly educated computer genius, a great sniper or martial arts master. Many skills are required as a prerequisite for obtaining these or other Perks. Any Skill can be developed up to an indicator equivalent to 100%.

After you finish GOAT, you will be asked to choose three Basic Skills (Tag Skills), the difference of which is that their initial value is 15 points more than the other Skills.

Each of the Skills is influenced only by one of the main characteristics of the SPECIAL. The higher the indicator of the development of a particular characteristic, the greater the bonus added to the initial value of the Skill. Below you can get acquainted with the initial values ​​of the Skills based on the minimum (1) and average (5) values ​​of a particular characteristic, as well as the basic characteristic that corresponds to the specific Skill.

Barter : 7 | 15 | Charisma (Charisma)
Heavy Weapons (Big Guns): 7 | 15 | Endurance
• Energy Weapons: 7 | 15 | Perception
Explosives : 7 | 15 | Perception
Hacking (Lockpick): 7 | 15 | Perception
Medicine : 7 | 15 | Intelligence
• Melee Weapons: 7 | 15 | Strength
• Repair: 7 | 15 | Intelligence
Science : 7 | 15 | Intelligence
• Small Guns: 7 | 15 | Agility
• Sneak: 7 | 15 | Agility
Eloquence (Speech): 7 | 15 | Charisma
Without a Weapon (Unarmed): 7 | 15 | Endurance

Thus, when creating your character, you need to act as follows: determine the Skills that are most interesting to you, put enough points into their corresponding main characteristics, then select the three Skills you really want to become an expert in and make them Essential. Also do not forget that in the course of the game you will be able to discover the so-called " Pups" (Bobbleheads), each of which corresponds to this or that Skill. When finding each of them, the value of the corresponding Skill will forever be 10 points more.

It is worth remembering that the effectiveness of the development of all Skills depends on the number of Skill Points that you receive for each new level of development of your character. The number of Experience Points obtained directly depends on the characteristics of Intelligence. Below you can follow this pattern (the digits to the right of the dyad represent the available number of Experience Points with this or that Intelligence parameter):

• Intelligence 1: 11
• Intelligence 2: 12
• Intelligence 3: 13
• Intelligence 4: 14
• Intelligence 5: 15
• Intelligence 6: 16
• Intelligence 7: 17
• Intelligence 8: 18
• Intelligence 9: 19
• Intellect 10: 20


• Barter

The skill "Barter" affects the price at which you will buy and sell items. In general, the higher your "Barter" Skill, the cheaper you will be able to buy something. Basic Characteristics: Charisma .

Abilities pertaining to this Skill (the minimum parameter of the characterization and level of character development is indicated in parentheses): Great Trader / Master Trader (60/14).

Heavy Weapons (Big Guns)

• Heavy Weapons (Big Guns)

The "Heavy Weapon" skill determines how effective you can use heavy weapons (Fatman, grenade launcher, flamethrower, minigun or gatling laser) in combat. The higher the value of this Skill, the more accurately you will shoot from a heavy weapon, and the more damage you will inflict on your enemies, both in normal game mode and in VATS. Basic characteristic: Endurance .

Abilities related to this Skill (in parentheses indicate the minimum parameter of the character and the level of character development): Massed Fire / Concentrated Fire (60/18).

Energy Weapons

• Energy Weapons

The "Powergun" skill determines how effective you can use in combat with such weapons as a laser pistol, a laser rifle, a plasma rifle or a plasma pistol. The higher the value of this Skill, the more accurately you will shoot from the energy weapon, and the more damage you will inflict on your enemies, both in normal game mode and in VATS. The basic characteristic: Perception .

Abilities related to this Skill (in parentheses indicate the minimum parameter of the character and the level of character development): Massed Fire / Concentrated Fire (60/18).


• Explosives

The Explosives skill determines the power of your mines, your luck while neutralizing enemy mines, and the effectiveness of the pomegranates you have thrown in. Basic characteristic: Perception .

Abilities related to this Skill (in parentheses indicate the minimum parameter characteristics and level of character development): Expert- Sapper / Demolition Expert (60/6) and Pyroman / Pyromaniac (60/12).


• Hacking (Lockpick)

The "Hacking" skill is used to open locked doors and drawers. Basic characteristic: Perception .

If the level of development of the Skill "Hacking" is not high enough, then you will not even have a chance to try to hack this or that lock. The more developed this Skill, the easier it will be for you to gain access to any locked location, since in this case the lock area responsible for the successful hacking will become larger (that is, it will be easier for you to select the necessary position for the screwdriver and clamp).

In case you want to use the automatic hacking function (that is, try to open the lock by force), the success of the outcome of such an operation also depends strongly on the Skill "Hacking".

When hacking any lock, do not rush and make sharp turns with tools. First, select any position for the Bobby Pin within the available 180 degrees, then try to open it with a screwdriver. If you feel that the lock is slowly giving in, it means that you have placed the Clip in the desired area.

If, however, nothing happens when trying to open, try to move the Clip in the opposite direction, and also do not forget to let the lock return to its original position. After the third attempt, the lock will either open, or you will need a new Clamp. In this case, it is necessary to try again, using the experience gained (remember, in what position of the clip the lock was best suited). Continue until you achieve success. Patience is your best helper.

Below you can find different types of locks (differ in the complexity of hacking), as well as the parameters of the Skill "Hacking", necessary for their successful opening.

• Very Easy: 0
• Easy: 25
• Average: 50
• Hard: 75
Very Hard (Very Hard): 100

Abilities related to this Skill (in parentheses indicate the minimum parameter characteristics and level of character development): Home / Infiltrator (80/18).


• Medicine

The "Medicine" skill determines how many Hit Points you restore with a stimpack, and the effectiveness of Rad-X and RadAway . With the maximum development of the Skill "Medicine" (100), the effectiveness of any of the above medicines will double. Basic characteristic: Intelligence .

Abilities related to this Skill (in parentheses indicate the minimum parameter characteristics and level of character development): Cyborg / Cyborg (60/14) and Chemistry Resistance / Chem Resistant (60/16).

Melee Weapons

• Melee Weapons

This Skill determines how effective you can use a melee weapon - from a lead pipe to a high-tech super-sledge. The higher the value of this Skill, the more accurate you will strike with cold weapons, and the more damage you will inflict on your enemies, both in normal game mode and in VATS. This Skill also allows you to use any cold weapons to block the opponent's attacks - the higher is developed This Skill, the more damage is absorbed by the block. Basic characteristic: Strength.

Abilities related to this Skill (in parentheses indicate the minimum parameter characteristics and level of character development): Ninja / Ninja (80/20).

Repair (Repair)

• Repair

The "Repair" skill allows you to maintain the working condition of weapons and equipment. In addition, the better your "Repair" Skill, the better the initial state of any homemade weapon. With the minimum development of this Skill, you can repair any item by 50%, and at the maximum - to 100%. Before you commit to repair, you need to evaluate the possible outcome. If the percentage of the current state and its possible improvement after repair is not in favor of the second parameter, then it is better to wait for more wear and tear, because, most likely, you are wasting spare parts, because you are already close to the maximum possible improvement in the state of the object. Remember that with any repair, you destroy one thing to repair the same. As a rule, you need to take the following formula: repair the items in the best condition at the expense of other items that are in the worst, since they are unlikely to bring you much benefit, (including in terms of money) and they are really better used as a Spare parts. The better the current state of the object, the more effectively it will serve when repairing another. Basic characteristic: Intelligence .


• Science

The "Science" skill represents your scientific knowledge in general and is used primarily for hacking computers. This is very easy, especially if you know one small secret: if the level of development of the Skill "Science" allows you to try to choose a password, then after the system displays a list of characters, you need to pay attention to all "real" words and click on any of them For the sample. In case of failure, continue until the moment when you have only one attempt, then it is necessary to log out and log in again. Thus, you can literally endlessly try to hack this or that terminal. Nevertheless, do not forget that every time you log in, the set of words changes, like the password itself. In any case, using this trick, you will never again block the computer when hacking. The development of this Skill is necessary to obtain most of the existing Abilities. Basic characteristic: Intelligence .

Abilities pertaining to this Skill (in parentheses indicate the minimum parameter of the character's character and level of development): Entomologist (40/4), Nerd Rage (50/10), Robotics Expert (50/12), Cyborg / Cyborg (60/14) and the Hacker / Computer Whiz (80/20).

Light Guns (Small Guns)

• Small Guns

The skill "Light Weapon" determines how effectively you can use all kinds of traditional small arms (10mm pistol, air rifle, assault rifle or combat shotgun). The higher the value of this Skill, the more accurately you will shoot with light weapons, and the more damage you will inflict on your enemies, both in normal game mode and in VATS. Basic characteristic: Agility.

Abilities related to this Skill (in parentheses indicate the minimum parameter of the character and the level of character development): Massed Fire / Concentrated Fire (60/18).

Concealing (Sneak)

• Sneak

The higher your Skill of "Sneakiness", the easier it is for you to remain unnoticed, steal an item or climb into someone's pocket. If you successfully attack using this Skill, you will automatically get a double critical hit. The higher this Skill is developed, the more likely it is that you will not be noticed in stealth mode. If you bend down and do not move, or do it very slowly, then it will be even more difficult to find you. Basic characteristic: Agility.

Abilities pertaining to this Skill (the minimum characterization parameter and character development level are indicated in parentheses): Mister Sandman (60/10), Silent Running (50/12) and Ninja (80/20).

Eloquence (Speech)

• Eloquence (Speech)

By Skill "Eloquence" it is determined how much you can influence the interlocutor during a conversation and get access to information that otherwise would remain a secret to you. In a nutshell, the higher this Skill is developed, the higher your chance to excel at any checks on Eloquence, and also to obtain the necessary data from someone who does not treat you in the best way. Basic Characteristics: Charisma .

Without Weapons (Unarmed)

• Without a Weapon (Unarmed)

The "Without Weapons" skill is used for fights without weapons or with knuckwheels, including power knives. As a rule, if you are close enough to the opponent, then you will definitely get on it. The damage done by you is a combined value that is based on the level of development of the Skill "Without Weapons", as well as the parameters of the weapon used. This Skill also allows you to use your hands to block attacks of your opponent - the higher this Skill is developed, the more damage is absorbed by the unit. Basic characteristic: Endurance .

Abilities related to this Skill (the minimum parameter of the character's character and level of development is indicated in brackets): Paralyzing Palm (70/18) and Ninja (80/20).

Maps, additions, usefulness - Fallout 3

Interactive map

The map is in development, the development language is Flex2. The map is still a bit slow, not without glitches, so let me know about everything strange, I'll try to fix it and make the map more convenient.

Map management: You can move the map either by arrows, or by holding down the left mouse button, or by poking into the minimap. You can zoom in and out using either the wheel or the +/- keys.

Once again I will repeat the map on the flush!

Interactive map of Fallout3 (download)

User's manual in Russian

Guiding the game in Russian.

User manual (download)

Hyde in search of unique items

I present to your attention a guide for searching for unique items in the game.
First of all, I want to note that not all unique items of Fallout 3 are collected here, it's just a collection of interesting weapons and armor. I played the English version, but I tried to make it clear to the owners of the 1 st version. Damage can be different from yours, because it depends on skill leveling. All other data are checked, I found all the items myself.
Because this is all one big spoiler, there it and hide. Recommended primarily to those who ran a quick game and now begins the second detailed passage. So:
Moonbear's Guide For The Most Useful Unique Gear In Fallout 3
WG - Weight (Weight)
DR - Damage Resistance
AP - Action Points
DMG - Damage (Damage)
Clip - Store Capacity
1. The best armor in the game.
Ranger Combat Armor (WG 27, DR 39, Small Guns +10, AP +5, Luck +1).
Someone may disagree with me, but I think this armor is the best, because it provides protection not much worse than power armor (39 to 40), but, unlike the latter, has no penalties, weighs almost 2 times less (27 against 45) and gives a bunch of bonuses. In addition, it is repaired as an ordinary combat armor, and armor of the Talon mercenaries, which in the game abundance.
How to get:
Take it is not so difficult as tiring. Reilly himself is in the city of the ghouls in the historical museum. Lies in the hospital. You need to either cure it yourself (60 medicine), or persuade the doctor. She will ask to save her group. He will try to explain how to get to the Stateman Hotel, you do not have to listen to it, just get off at the historic museum and go to Vernon Square station. It is very close to the hospital and to the hotel. Then everything is basically simple. You can first go to the lobby of the hotel and kill mutants, so it was easier to bring out the group.
As a reward for this quest, you will be offered a choice, either this armor or the unique minigun Eugene (see below). Agree to the armor, tk. Minigun right there you can easily steal from Brick.
2. The best helmet.
Ledoux's Hockey Mask (WG 1, DR 4, AP + 25)
Make a reservation, the best for those who use VATS'om. For those who play in rialtime, it is more suitable for example a helmet from the T-51b kit (see below). Protection is mediocre and except for 25 points of action, the mask does not give anything, but it's, sorry, the whole Action Boy perk. It is repaired by usual hockey masks.
How to get:
Starting in the Herdershade quest to search for a quantum cola, get the location of the plant for the production of nuclear cola. While searching the plant, you will stumble upon the body of Mercier (Winger Mercier), recover the note from the corpse, then you will understand that he was looking for a formula for the production of pure cola at the factory. The formula is in the safe on the first floor, near the entrance, you can open it only with a key, the key is in the robot named Milo (Milo), if it does not work out, "then the cannons will speak instead of me," as John Silver said. Take the formula and move to the Red Racer Factory bicycle factory, it's not far from there. On the way you will be met by three in hockey masks. You need someone who starts the conversation, Gouilly Ledoux. He will offer you 250 caps for the formula (despite the price indicated in it at 150), you can sell, you can try to bargain for 400 or rude and open shooting. There is also the Munchkin option: to sell, and then to decide everything, karma for them is not reduced. You can first try to listen to his naive nonsense about hockey.
3. Unique set of power armor.
T-51b Power Armor (WG 40, DR 50, Radiation Resistance +25)
T-51b Power Helmet (WG 4, DR 10, Radiation Resistance + 8%, Charisma +1)
Unconditionally advise the kit I can not, for one simple reason: I could not fix it myself (and merchants, as you know, up to 100% do not repair). I did not come up with any of my power armor kits for me, neither the enclave, nor the brotherhood, nor the autocasts. The helmet is useful: without penalties, the best defense, increases charisma and gives little resistance to radiation. Given that the helmets are damaged at times slower than the armor, you can use.
How to get:
You can start the quest "You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head" by talking to Crowley in the city of Gulya, which is in the historical museum. During the execution of this quest you will need to get 3 keys. And you can just steal these keys and go directly to Fort Constantine, without talking to Crowley (the quest can then be started and handed over, the keys will not get away from you). I managed to easily and easily steal all 3 keys, with the secretiveness skill 33, lost at the same time a small fraction of karma, which is more than compensated by a bottle of clean water given to beggars. Who has the keys (with these comrades you can not even talk):
Ted Strayer (Ted Strayer), in Rivet City, hangs out either in a doss house, or in a church, or in a tavern.
Dyukov, an alcoholic and a womanizer, is in his home, near the Anchorage memorial
Dave, in the Republic of Dave, the upper right corner of the map (in the same place, the Pups +1 Perception)
Having obtained the keys, advance to Fort Constantine, the top of the map, closer to the left edge. We penetrate into the officer building (the lowest one) and stamp ourselves in the basement, before the first closed door, by the way, lies in the puppet +10 to the heavy weapon. Further everything is simple, I will not spoil the impression from the study of the bunker
4. Happy billiard ball.
Lucky 8-Ball (WG 1, Luck +1)
What is there to say especially - a billiard ball, weighs one, gives +1 to Luck, while you wear it in inventory.
How to get:
Go to the Big City (two cells upstairs from Vault 101), take a quest there to save two comrades. Get them out of the police station Germantown (will be marked on the map) and bring home. After that, you will be asked to repel the attack of mutants. I advise you not to bother with robots and choose a retort "I'll hang out there, I'll kill all the mutants myself." When the attack is repulsed, go to the local infirmary, there will be a wounded man named Timebomb (as his 1s-sheep was called I do not know, but there is one patient in any case). He needs to be cured, he will need the skill of medicine 40. After that he will stand up, bow and fall back. You need to approach him again and then he will say something about the huge gratitude and give you the coveted ball.
5. The alien blaster
Alien Blaster (WG 2, Clip 10, AP 20, DMG 100, Chance to disintegrate the enemy on death, Ammo: Alien Power Cell)
Gun-cheat, allowing a joke to shoot the whole city, without even noticing how. If not for a limited ammunition, the already unstable balance of the game would be irretrievably skewed. There is a chance to turn the enemy into a pile of ash, for some reason it happened to me constantly.
How to get:
Three cells up from the minefield in the lower left corner of the cage will be the crash site of the alien ship, a shorter broken plate. The blaster is lying right on the ground next to the corpse of a representative of extraterrestrial civilization. Ammunition is scattered around him.
6. The alien blaster №2
Firelance (WG 2, Clip 10, AP 20, DMG 80, Sets target on fire, giving it -2 HP effect for 5 seconds, Ammo: Alien Power Cell)
Cannon-cheat number 2, from the previous differs reduced damage, which is compensated by ignition of the target, like a flamethrower or a shishkebaba.
By the way, these blasters are mended exclusively by each other.
How to get:
Renddomno during a walk in the wasteland there will be a strange clap and in a literal sense from the sky will lie alien warheads (blue cones). It can happen anywhere, it is argued that there is dependence on Luck. I did it at Luck 1, even when I did not score even 10 levels. It happened at night, I naturally did not find the blaster myself. I returned 2 times in the afternoon to this place, still did not find it. The dog helped, gave the command "look for weapons," brought in 30 seconds.
7. Unique plasma gun.
A3-21's Plasma Rifle (WG8, Clip12, AP25, DMG50, Ammo: Micro Fusion Cell)
From a conventional plasma gun differs only increased from 45 to 50 damage. As you can see, nothing special, and the hype is around this gun.
How to get:
First you need to take the quest for android from Mr. Zimmer in the laboratory of Rivet City. In the process of implementation, you will be approached by auntie and will ask the help of the poor android to hide from the evil Zimmer. The choice is yours, you can honestly help the android and get a gun, or you can promise him to keep his secret to him and hand him over to Zimmer, then get both awards.
8. Unique minigun.
Eugene (WG 18, Clip 240, AP 30, DMG 105, Ammo: 5mm)
Slightly increased damage (from 75 to 105), otherwise - an ordinary minigun.
How to get:
Either take as a reward for the quest of Riley's pro rangers, or simply steal from Brick (see point 1 of this manual)
9. The best carbine.
Lincoln's Repeater (WG 5, Clip 15, AP 25, DMG 50, Ammo: .44 Round, Magnum)
Lincolnovo rifle is repaired with ordinary hunting rifles, but in comparison with them it has twice the damage, three times the clip and weighs one less. Shoots the truth is quite rare (as in the traders, and in general) .44 magnum cartridge, store.
How to get:
Very simply: in the historical museum we go up to the second floor, there in one of the distant rooms it lies in a small glass case. The clever Abraham Washington from Rivet City will offer you 100 covers for him, choke on laughter. It is better to collect there in the museum everything related to the name of Lincoln: a collection of coins, a hat and other rubbish - he will buy everything from you.
10. The best firearm pistol.
Blackhawk (WG 4, Clip 6, AP 32, DMG 55, Ammo: .44 Round, Magnum)
One of the most deadly weapons in the game, along with a gun Lincoln, which is inferior in range, but superior in damage. In theory, this is a normal magnum of 44 caliber with optics, only the damage is increased from 35 to 55.
How to get:
Start the quest about the song of Agatha. To do this, you need to first find the house of Agatha, it is between the dump and the Mereshti depot, you need to go on such a floppy bridge. After that, she will send you first to look for Headquarters of Volt-Tech (not far from Vernon Square). If you were already in the Citadel and marked all the Vaults on the map, you can not go to the headquarters itself. Go straight to Vault 92. There you can get lost, look for a pointer to the laboratory, there's a little squeak and will be found. Will pass by the men's bedroom - be sure to look in the men's room. Behind one of the jerks will be a sheet music notebook, without it you will not get a pistol. All, now you can surrender the quest Agate, and after that, and put a note book, for which she will give you joy and give this cherished copy.
11. The best shotgun.
The Terrible Shotgun (WG 10, Clip 12, AP 27, DMG 80, Ammo: Shotgun Shells)
If you like shotguns, you just need to get this barrel. Moreover, the choice of shotguns is very meager in this game. He is repaired by a regular combat shotgun, compared with him has a slightly increased weight (10 against 7) ​​and a significantly increased damage (80 against 55).
How to get:
One cell to the right of Casey's garage (Vault 112), where you are guided through the plot, there is the Evergreen Mills site in the center of the right border of this cage. There is a building inside which the entrance to the underground market is located. In this market there is a dealer Smiling Jack (Smiling Jack), he is the only one who will not attack you if you have good karma. In any case, to take a shotgun, it must be killed. Decide what is more important to you - an extra trader or a unique trunk. Do not forget to take the right of him in a small snug on the shelf of the puppet +10 to the barter.
12. The best assault rifle.
Xuanlong Assault Rifle (WG 7, Clip 36, AP 23, DMG 66, Ammo: 5.56mm)
One of the best trunks in the category "Light Weapons". For repair, "Chinese kalashas" are used, compared to them has an increased horn (36 rounds instead of 24) and markedly increased damage (66 vs. 53). The cost is somehow lower than usual ...
How to get:
Slightly confusing, but generally not very difficult. First you need to get to the Technical Museum, it's almost "across the road" from the already boring Historical Museum. There, with the usual cleaning of the premises, you need to pay attention to information computers, similar to payphone booths. But not all of them are "equally useful", we need 3: the first is in the lower part of the foyer, the second as soon as you enter the west wing, and the third at the foot of the big rocket. On the screen of these computers at the bottom of the menu there will appear a line of the form # 001, in which you need to enter the code. Attention! Save before entering, after one incorrect input, the computer will be locked and everything will be lost. Enter the following codes in the order of computers:
Terminal # 001 - 19
Terminal # 002-53
Terminal # 003 - 113
The sequential input of three correct codes will open the safe in the west wing. When you open the safe (you can do it only through a nearby computer), a message will appear on the screen, after reading which you will understand that you need to move to the Jury Street subway station (two cells down and one to the left of Vault 101). In the subway itself you do not need to enter, next to the entrance to the subway there is a mini-kafushka, there will appear a corpse, from which this unique weapon is taken. Until you pass all the dances with a tambourine in a technical museum, he will not be there, I checked.
13. A unique sniper rifle.
Reservist's Rifle (WG 10, Clip 3, AP 32, DMG 40, Ammo: .308 Caliber)
One of the 2 unique sniper rifles. The capacity of the store has been reduced (from 5 to 3), but the price of a shot has been reduced (from 38 to 32) and the rate of fire has been increased by a factor of 1.5.
How to get:
When you go to Fort Constantine, you will surely stumble at WLKM Broadcasting Station (2 cells down from the fort). Station on the hill, from it will be visible not far away a small chapel, the Church of Dickerson. Here in this church above there is a sniper with this rifle. You can not go up to it, so you have to kill it so that at least your eye falls down.
14. A unique knife.
Jack (The Ripper) (WG 6, AP 65, DMG 30, 50% extra limb damage)
It is repaired by ordinary rippers, it differs from them only in that it inflicts 50% more damage if you shred limbs.
How to get:
A little more to the left and just above the Church of Dickerson (in this same cage) is the Death Claws' Vault. There will lie on the corpse of an officer of the Enclave, in the southern part of the location. The corpse appears if your paths with the Enclave have already crossed, in other words, the dad is already dead. If you go for a sniper, at the same time look to the claws of death.
15. Slaughter gatling laser.
Vengeance (WG 18, Clip 240, AP 30, DMG 150, Ammo: Electron Charge Pack)
Slightly increased damage (from 100 to 150), the rest - a conventional gatling laser.
How to get:
Lies (regardless of your progress on the plot) in the same Death Claw Haven (see paragraph 13) in the southeast, in a mini grotto with pools of blood and radioactive fungi. Straight in mushrooms and will lie.
16. The best weapon for fisticuffs.
Fisto! (WG 6, AP 25, DMG 25)
If there are maniacs who use fisticuffs in this game, here's an instrument. It is repaired with the usual "power fists", the cost of the blow is reduced from 28 to 25 points, the damage is increased from 20 to 25.
How to get:
If you follow the pugsmith +1 Dexterity or the blaster of aliens, you will surely stumble on the way to the MDPL-13 Power Station. It is one cell above the Minefield, in the middle of the left border of the cell. Fisto is in a large building at the top of it, lies directly on the table. In a small house, by the way, you can take the scheme of assembling a railway rifle.
17. The unique saber.
Vampire's Edge (WG 1, AP 28, DMG 15)
In general, nothing special, just a unique vampire sword. As a cold weapon, the same shishkebub is much steeper. It is being repaired by the usual sabers of Chinese officers, which is noticeable in appearance. He took a Chinese sword, prikostopyzhil to her vampire handle and went to wave to the right, to the left and to other sides. Reduced weight (from 3 to 1), increased damage (from 10 to 15).
How to get:
As a result of the "bad ending" quest "Blood Ties" ("Blood Ties"), namely go down to the subway station Mereshti and interrupt all the vampires. From the box of the main vampire we take the sword, from its corpse - a unique plaschik, which has a good protection for rags - 10, and also gives +2 to light and cold weapons. Quest is initially taken in Megatonne by Lucy West, then it is necessary to stomp in Arefu, do not forget that in Arefu, in the house of Evan King, there is a + 10 to the repair.
18. Unique laser pistol.
Protectron's Gaze (WG 3, Clip 20, AP 17, DMG 24, Ammo: Energy Cell)
A laser pistol that inflicts double damage. This is achieved simply - a double shot. To life does not seem honey, the store capacity is reduced from 30 to 20. There are no more differences from the usual.
How to get:
Take in the Canterbury Community quest for razrulivanie problems with 2 comicoid characters, take the side of the Mechanic and kill the Antagonists. The mechanic will demand her costume, give it away and tell him not to stop on what has been achieved, then he will give you a pistol and present it. If you do the opposite and take the side of the "woman-ant", in return receive a poisonous knife.
19. The unique helmet.
Crow's Eyebot Helmet (WG 10, DR 5, Perception +1)
A helmet made from one of the aibots that fly everywhere and broadcast the radio of the Enclave. Nothing special in principle, it looks funny, good enough for a tin can and gives +1 Perception.
How to get:
In the same Canterbury Community, the same uncle Roe, who gave the quest for "supermen", can help you get rid of excess caps. Namely, to invest in one caravan, which is in game 4. In each of the caravans, you can invest at first 200, and then another 500 caps, after which the assortment of them becomes noticeably more diverse. Each of the caravans at the meeting will thank you for the investment (if you unfastened 700 covers). Crowe, who sells armor, will present this helmet.
20. Unique wig.
Button's Wig (WG 1, DR 1, Speech +10, Barter +5, Intelligence +1, Perception -1)
Does not give almost any protection, looks inappropriately, but increases Eloquence by 10, Barter by 5 and Intellect by 1, while reducing Perception by 1. Considering that it weighs only one, you can carry it with you for conversational situations.
Как получить:
Взять в Ривет-Сити у Абрахама Вашингтона квест, касающийся Декларации независимости и двигать в Национальный архив. В самом низу, где как раз и хранится Декларация будет зануда-робот, а рядом, на одном из комодов, будет лежать этот парик.
by Moonbear

Дополнения к гайду от Нежного Человека
21. "Размягчитель" (The Tenderiser)
урон 18 вес 12
Анкориджский мемориал
Охотники стали дичью. Все просто в этом мире.
Найдите безхозный склад и по пути за сломаной дверью лежит он.
22. Кий "Залом" (The Break)
урон 5 вес 1
Чинится киями. Мило.
Парадиз-Фоллз, бильярдный стол на улице.
Я не спрашивал, что вы там делаете.
23. Счастливые солнечные очки (Lucky Shades)
защита 1 вес 1 Удача +1
Всегда с собой,со шлемами иногда носить можно,
Бабы любят - ну разве не в этом щастье?
депо "Уоррингтон", Бакалея "Счастье" (Lucky's)


Думая о Карме вы должны помнить 4 вещи:

1. Карма влияет на реакцию npc и выбор реплик в диалогах.
2. От кармы зависит попадете вы или нет в определенные локации.
3. Противники могут перестать вас атаковать, в зависимости от вашей кармы.
4. От кармы зависит концовка игры.
По ходу игры значение кармы не демонстрируется; вы можете лишь увидеть «ступени», которых она достигла:

-1000...-750 Very Evil
-749...-250 Evil
-249...+249 Neutral
+250...+749 Good
+750...+1000 Very Good
Увидеть текущее состояние вашей Кармы можно на вкладке со статистикой в Пипбое. Узнать численное значение можно с помощью консольной команды player.getav karma

Что дает Плохая Карма (-250 и меньше):

Доступ в Paradise Falls
Возможность взять двух «плохих» последователей: Jericho и Clover'а
Легкость в общении со злыми персонажами
Обычные npc могут реагировать негативно в разговоре
Что дает Нейтральная Карма (-250...+250):

Возможность взять двух «нейтральных» последователей: Butch'a и Сержанта RL-3
Рейдеры всегда будут нападать на вас
На вас не будут нападать ни «хорошие», ни «плохие» отряды ликвидаторов (типа наемников из Талона)
Что дает Хорошая Карма (+250 и более):

Возможность взять двух «хороших» последователей: Fawkes'а и Паладина Cross'a
Затруднения в общении со злыми персонажами
Обычные npc могут реагировать позитивно в разговоре
Рейдеры всегда будут нападать на вас
Подарки от хороших персонажей (крышки, патроны, еда, стимпаки и пр.)
За что снижают Карму Действие Величина штрафа
Кража у хорошего или нейтрального персонажа (за предмет) -5
Взлом замка в доме нейтрального/хорошего персонажа -5
Убийство хорошего или нейтрального существа -25
Злое действие в процессе выполнения побочного квеста -50
Убийство хорошего или нейтрального персонажа -100

При убийстве плохого персонажа/существа Карма не изменяется.

За что повышают Карму Действие Величина повышения
Пожертвования любой церкви, зависит от размера пожертвования +"?"
Доброе деяние в процессе выполнения побочного квеста +50
Убийство очень плохого персонажа/существа +100

Отображение кармы в зависимости от уровня игрока:

Плохая карма:
Уровень 1 - Vault Delinquent (правонарушитель из убежища)
Уровень 2 - Vault Outlaw (преступник из убежища)
Уровень 3 – Opportunist (приспособленец)
Level 4 - Plunderer (robber)
Уровень 5 - Fat Cat (раньте)
Уровень 6 – Marauder (мародёр)
Уровень 7 - Pirate of the Wastes (пират пустошей)
Уровень 8 – Reaver (расхититель)
Уровень 9 - Urban Invader (городской оккупант)
Уровень 10 - Ne'er-do-well (бездельник)
Уровень 11 - Capital Crimelord (глава столичного криминала)
Уровень 12 – Defiler (осквернитель)
Уровень 13 - Vault Boogeyman (злой дух убежища)
Уровень 14 - Harbinger of War (вестник войны)
Уровень 15 - Urban Superstition (городское суеверие)
Уровень 16 - Villian of the Wastes (абориген пустошей)
Уровень 17 – Fiend (демон)
Уровень 18 - Wasteland Destroyer (разрушитель из пустошей)
Уровень 19 - Evil Incarnate (воплощение зла)
Уровень 20 - Scourge of Humanity (бич человечества)

Нейтральная карма:
Уровень 1 - Vault Dweller (обитатель убежища)
Уровень 2 - Vault Renegade (отступник из убежища)
Уровень 3 – Seeker (искатель)
Уровень 4 – Wanderer (скиталец)
Уровень 5 – Citizen (горожанин)
Уровень 6 – Adventurer (авантюрист)
Уровень 7 - Vagabond of the Wastes (бродяга с пустошей)
Уровень 8 – Mercenary (наёмник)
Уровень 9 - Urban Ranger (городской рейнджер)
Уровень 10 – Observer (наблюдатель)
Уровень 11 - Capital Councillor (член городского совета)
Уровень 12 – Keeper (хранитель)
Уровень 13 - Vault Descendant (отпрыск убежища)
Уровень 14 - Pinnacle of Survival (мастер выживания)
Уровень 15 - Urban Myth (городской миф)
Уровень 16 - Strider of the Wastes (ходок по пустошам)
Уровень 17 – Beholder (очевидец)
Уровень 18 - Wasteland Watcher (сторож пустошей)
Уровень 19 - Super-Human (супер-человек)
Уровень 20 - Paradigm of Humanity (образец для человечества)

Хорошая карма:
Уровень 1 - Vault Guardian (опекун убежища)
Уровень 2 - Vault Martyr (мученик убежища)
Уровень 3 – Sentinel (страж)
Уровень 4 – Defender (защитник)
Уровень 5 – Dignitary (сановник)
Уровень 6 – Peacekeeper (миротворец)
Уровень 7 - Ranger of the Wastes (рейнджер пустошей)
Уровень 8 – Protector (покровитель)
Уровень 9 - Urban Avenger (городской мститель)
Уровень 10 – Exemplar (пример для подражания)
Уровень 11 - Capital Crusader (столичный крестоносец)
Уровень 12 – Paladin (паладин)
Уровень 13 - Vault Legend (легенда убежища)
Уровень 14 - Ambassador of Peace (посол доброй воли)
Уровень 15 - Urban Legend (городская легенда)
Уровень 16 - Hero of the Wastes (герой пустошей)
Уровень 17 – Paragon (модель совершенства)
Уровень 18 - Wasteland Survivor (уцелевший на пустошах)
Уровень 19 – Saint (святой)
Уровень 20 - Last, Best Hope of Humanit (последняя надежда человечества)

Русские названия могут не соответствовать официальному переводу.

Примечание: Избегайте негативной кармы при достижении 21 уровня, иначе игра вылетит. В случае негативной кармы, повысьте ее через консоль.

Если же ваша карма положительная, то кармический статус будет снижен до жителя убежища .

Качаем мод MaxLevel30-MaxLevel40

1. Download the file and place it anywhere on your computer.
2. Open the file using 7-zip to extract the two ESPs from it.
3. Place these two ESPs in this folder: Bethesda Softworks\Fallout 3\Data\
4. Load Fallout 3 - on the splash screen (Play / Data Files / Options / Etc.), choose Data Files.
5. Put a checkmark next to the ESP you want to use (either MaxLevel30 or MaxLevel40).
6. Play.

Коды Fallout 3 во время игры

RewardKarma - Get the specified amount of karma
Modpca - Adds the specified number of points to the main statisticians
Modpcs - Adds the specified number of skill points
Addspecialpoints - Add the specified number of statistics points
Addtagskills - Adds a specified number of Tag Skill Points
Tmm1 - All markers on the map
GetQuestCompleted - Finish the currently running quest
GetXPfornextlevel - Get one level
Player.additem 000000F - Get specified number of covers
Tgm - Immortality, endless cartridges
Help - All console commands
Tcl - Passing through walls
Removefromallfactions - Player leaves all factions
Player.setlevel - Set player level
Setspecialpoints - Specify the number of points of the main statistics
Settagskills - Specify the number of skill points
Tdt - On Developer mode
Tlv - Enable the leaves
Setpccanusepowerarmor 0 or 1> - Enable / disable Power Armor

Place the position of the dolls:


- Strength - Strength: Megaton, in the house of sheriff Lucas Simm`a.
- Perception: Republic Of Dave, on the shelf on the right in the Museum of Dave
- Endurance: Deathclaw Sanctuary, at the entrance to the table next to the rotting corpse of Brahmin
- Charisma: Refuge 108, in Colin's lab.
- Intelligence: Rivet City: On Dr. Lee's desk.
- Agility: Greener Pastures Disposal, in a small office, contaminated with radiation.
- Luck: Arlington Cemetery North, in a closet on the shelf directly below the stairs of the northern hut.


- Barter: Evergreen Mills, in the back of the Market Bazaar on the shelf at the top right, behind the Trader-Trader who does not attack.
- Big Guns: Fort Constantine, at the base of the CO Quarters, in a safe in the wall.
- Energy Weapons: Ravenhold
- Explosives: WKML Broadcast Station. Turn on your map of the terrain. Go through the door to the sealed cistern and the pups are there.
- Lockpick: Bethesda Ruins, in Bethesda Offices to the east on the top floor near the door to the bridge.
- Medicine: Vault 101, in the father's office on the table.
- Melee Weapons: Dunwich Building, just before you leave the Virulent Underchambers on the floor next to the door.
- Repair: Aerefu, in Evan King`s house.
- Science: Vault 106, on the table in the middle of the living rooms the second level of the main rooms.
- Small Guns: National Guard Depot, go through the training room and offices, go to the door to the main room. Use the power switch on the wall to your left and enter the Weapon Warehouse, then search the shelves.
- Sneak: Yao Guai Tunnels, at the top of the metal which is trimmed Den, on the right on the map near a little water.
- Speech: Paradise Falls, on the table inside the Euology's pad (In the house of Slave Master`s).
- Unarmed: Rockopolis, Walk around the west Casey Smith`s garage. Look for tattered banners that are taut. Use the map to find it.

Player.additem [itemnr] [nr] - Add items

Known items at the moment:

Bobby Pins - 0000000a
Bottle Caps - 0000000f (Bottle Caps)
Knife - 00004334
Hunting Rifle - 00004333
Plasma Grenades - 00004332
Dart Gun - 0000432a
Gatling Laser - 0000432e
Flamer - 0000432d
Tire Iron - 00004328
Combat Shotgun - 00004327
Silenced 10mm Pistol - 00004350
Sledgehammer - 00004352
Super Sledge - 00004353
Spiked Knuckles - 00004354
Police Baton - 00004345
PoolCue - 00004346
Railway Rifle - 00004348
Ripper - 00004349
Missle Launcher - 00004340
Minigun - 0000433F
Plasma Mine - 0000433D
BottleCap Mine - 0000433a
Frag Mine - 0000433C
Mesmetron - 00004339
Lead Pipe - 00004337
Laser Rifle - 00004336
Laser Pistol - 00004335
MedicalBrace - 00002210D
Plunger - 000340a4
Missile - 00029383
Fat Man - 0000432C
.308 ammo - 0006B53C
Energy Cell - 00020772
Electron Charge Pack - 0006B53E
5mm Round - 0006B53D
Mini Nuke - 00020799
Missile - 00029383
Flamer Fuel - 00029371
Microfusion Cell - 0004485
Railway Spikes - 00029384
The Terribel Shotgun - 0006B534
10mm Pistol - 0000434F
Sawed-Off Shotgun - 0000434C
Scoped .44 Magnum - 0000434D
Shishkebab - 0000434e
T-51 Power Armor - 000A6F77

SKILL BobbleHead locations

BobbleHead MEDICINE - Increase medical skill +10 - Found in Vault 101, right in the beginning of the game on your Dad's desk. If you did not find this one, it's time to head back to the Vault !! BobbleHead SPEECH - Increase speech skill +10 - Found in Paradise Falls, Eulogy's Pad. Groundfloor, on the desk in the SW corner, near the 'main computer terminal'.

BobbleHead SCIENCE - Increase science skill +10 - Found in Vault 106, Living quarters, clearly sitting on a desk.

BobbleHead BARTER - Increase barter skill +10 - Found in Evergreen Mills - Market Bazaar

BobbleHead BIG GUNS - Increase big guns skill +10 - Found in Fort Constantine - CO Quarters

BobbleHead ENERGY WEAPONS - Increase in energy weapons skill +10 - Found in Ravenhold

BobbleHead EXPLOSIVES - Increase explosives skill +10 - Found in WKML Broadcast Station - Sealed Cistern

BobbleHead LOCKPICK - Increase lockpick skill +10 - Found in Bethesda - Bethesda Offices East

BobbleHead MELEE WEAPONS - Increase melee skill +10 - Found in Dunwich Building - Virulent Underchambers

BobbleHead REPAIR - Increase repair skill +10 - Found in Aerefu - Evan King's House

BobbleHead SMALL GUNS - Increase small guns skill +10 - Found in National Guard Depot - National Guard Armory

BobbleHead SNEAK - Increase sneak skill +10 - Found in Yao Guai Tunnels - Yao Guai Den

BobbleHead UNARMED - Increase unarmed skill +10 - Found in Rockopolis - Head directly west of Casey Smith's Garage, look for tattered banners strung up. Use your local map or you may miss it.

STATS BobbleHead locations

BobbleHead INTELLIGENCE - Found in Rivet City, science lab, on the most right desk of the 3 desks you see there.

BobbleHead PERCEPTION - Found in the Republic of Dave - Museum of Dave

BobbleHead ENDURANCE - Found in Deathclaw Sanctuary - Deathclaw Sanctuary Entrance

BobbleHead CHARISMA - Found in Vault 108 - Cloning Lab

BobbleHead AGILITY - Found in Greener Pastures Disposal - Office

BobbleHead LUCK - Found in Arlington Cemetery North - Arlington House

BobbleHead STRENGTH - Found in Megaton - Lucas Simms House