Free Blizzard - Free play on BattleNet

Proof (Proof):
Free Blizzard - Free play on BattleNet
When clicked, will increase!

Do you want free dogs and mounts?
Free keys for add-ons?
Freebie Starcraft and other Blizzard games?
I'll help you get them for free!

  • 1 - Register a new BattleNet account
  • 2 - Indicate country - NETHERLANDS
  • 3 - Actually that's it!

You probably will be interested, how can you buy all this stuff for free? I will answer you - SIMPLE!

  • 1 - We go to the store Blizzard or just on the page of buying keys / game time .
  • 2 - Choose the payment method Automatische Incasso
  • 3 - In the Bank Name field enter - Postbank
  • 4 - In the field Bank Account number - 53ххх (or 52ххх) - ххх 3 any numbers
  • 5 - In the field of Bank Account Holders Name - What you entered when registering the account (name, surname)

* And yes, do it on the left accounts, do not try to do it on your own !!!