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Description of drug: Solution of iodine alcohol 5% (Solutio Iodi spirituosa 5%)

SODIUM IODINE SOLUTION 5% (Solutio Iodi spirituosa 5%). (Iodine alcohol solution 10% is excluded from the nomenclature of medicines.)

Synonyms: Iodine tincture 5%, Tinctura iodi 5%.

A 5% aqueous solution of iodine contains iodine 5 g, potassium iodide 2 g, water and alcohol 95% to 100 ml.

Transparent liquid of red-brown color with a characteristic odor.

Apply externally as an antiseptic, irritating and distracting remedy for inflammatory and other diseases of the skin and mucous membranes. As a distraction is also used in myositis, neuralgia.

Inside prescribe for the prevention of atherosclerosis from 1 to 10 drops 1 - 2 times a day courses up to 30 days 2 - 3 times a year; For the treatment of atherosclerosis - 10 - 12 drops 3 times a day; In the treatment of syphilis - from 5 to 50 drops 2 to 3 times a day. The solution is taken in milk after eating.

Children older than 5 years are prescribed a 5% solution of 3 to 5 drops per day for taking 2 to 3 times a day; Children under 5 years are not appointed.

Higher doses of 5% solution for adults inside: single 20 drops, daily 60 drops.

The form of release: in banks of an orange glass on 10; 15 and 25 ml; In ampoules of 1 ml in a package of 10 ampoules.

Storage: List B. In the dark place.

Rp .: Sol. Iodi spirituosae 5% 10 ml

DS For 5 to 10 drops in milk 2 times a day after meals

RR: Sol. Iodi spirituosae 5% 2 ml

Tannini 3, 0

Glycerini 10.0