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Description medications: amniocen (Amniocenum)

Amniocen (Amniocenum).

Denatured human placental amniotic membrane.

Available in the form of micronized suspension in isotonic sodium chloride solution (amniocen injection Amniocenum pro injectionibus); After stirring a suspension is white with a yellowish tint and a characteristic smell.

Considered as biogenic stimulant, has anti-inflammatory, resolving the action.

Apply amniocen in urological praktnke for the treatment of patients with chronic prostatitis and BPH I - II degree, as well as patients who are not subject to surgical intervention. In gynecological practice is sometimes used for chronic salpingo and parametritis.

Enter amniocen under the skin on the mid-axillary line at the level of VII - VIII rib and thick long needle 5 ml of 1 every 5 - 7 days. In case of poor tolerability of the drug is administered in a dose of 2 mL, followed by increasing the volume of each injection to 1 ml by adjusting the dose of 5 mL. Before injection vial is heated to body temperature and shaken. The treatment course consists of 6 - 8 injections.

Application amniocen accompanied by a local reaction in the form of pain, swelling, in some cases, the formation of the long-term absorbable infiltrates. Early treatment often have fever, headache, general weakness, do not require discontinuation of therapy. Within days after the introduction of possible short-term increase in erythrocyte sedimentation rate, a slight leukocytosis, eosinophilia. The general reaction occurs usually in young adults. In the event of a significant increase in body temperature (above 38 "C) prescribe conventional antipyretic drugs. The patient should be warned of the possibility of local reactions and fever.

Some patients can be an allergic reaction such as skin rash. In these cases, the drug should be discontinued.

Amniocen contraindicated in severe hypertension, cardiovascular disease, tumors, purulent processes in the uterus, appendages, with abscesses in the abdominal cavity, intolerance of protein drugs.

Product: in vials of 5 ml suspension in a package of 10 vials.

Storage: in the dark place at a temperature from + 6 to 10 'C.