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Description of the medicine: Actovegin (Actovegin)

ACTOVEGIN (Actovegin) * (Name of the drug company "Nafslund

Nycomed Pharma AG ").

Exempt from protein (deproteinized) extract (gemoderivat) from the blood of calves. Contains in 1 ml 40 mg of dry matter.

It is used to accelerate the healing of tropical ulcers, pressure sores, burns, radiation damage to the skin, etc., and also to improve metabolic processes in cases of cerebral and peripheral circulation disorders.

For systemic therapy, initially 5 to 10 to 20 ml intravenously (or intraarterially), then 3 to 5 ml intravenously or intramuscularly slowly, given that the solution is hypertonic. Enter once a day (or several times a week).

Drip 250 ml of the actovegin solution with glucose at a rate of 2 ml per minute or 10-20-50 ml of 10% or 20% solution diluted in 200-300 ml of the solvent.

Inside take before eating 1 to 2 tablets 3 times a day.

External in the treatment of wounds, ulcers use first 20% jelly, and for the healing - 5% ointment; For the prevention of radiation damage to the skin - 5% cream or ointment.

With lesions of the cornea and conjunctiva apply 20% of jelly.

Form release: in ampoules of 2; 5 and 10 ml of 10% or 20% solution; And 10% solution with glucose in bottles of 250 ml; Jelly, cream and ointment in tubes of 30 and 50 g; Jelly (20%) in tubes of 5 g (for ophthalmic practice); Dragees (forte) to 20; 50 and 60 pieces.