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Description of the medicine: Antilimpholin-Kr (Antilimpholinum Kr)

ANTILIMFOLINUM-Kr (Antilimpholinum Kr).

Immunosuppressive drug, obtained from blood proteins of rabbits, immunized with lymphocytes of the human thymus gland.

The porous mass is light pink in color. Easily soluble in water.

They are used to prevent transplantation immunological reactions in patients with transplanted allogeneic organs and tissues.

Contents of the vial (1 dose of the drug, corresponding to 40 - 60 mg protein) immediately before use is dissolved in 150 ml of isotonic sodium chloride solution or 5% glucose solution.

Enter intravenously drip (20 drops per minute). The total dose of the drug and the frequency of administration are determined individually depending on the effect, tolerability, laboratory data, the number of lymphocytes, etc. It is usually optimal to reduce the number of lymphocytes by 30-50% of the original digits.

The introduction of the drug may be accompanied by an increase in body temperature, chills, malaise, usually passing by themselves in 6 to 15 hours.

With a significant immunosuppressive effect of the drug, infectious complications are possible, therefore it is recommended to use the drug in combination with antibiotics or other antibacterial drugs, as well as with glucocorticoids.

Antilimfolin-Kr is contraindicated in cases of hypersensitivity to the drug, marked weakening of the patient's immunological reactivity, infectious diseases, sepsis.

Form release: in bottles with a capacity of 10 ml, containing 40 - 60 mg of protein (one dose for an adult).

Storage: at a temperature of - 5 to - 15 'C in the dark place. Dissolved drug is not subject to storage.