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Description medications: Ammifurin (Ammifurinum)

Ammifurin (Ammifurinum).

It contains a mixture of three furokumarinov: izopimpinellina, bergaptena (cm.) And ksantotoksina (cm.), Extracted from the seeds of Ammi majus (mmi majus L.), herewith. Umbelliferae (Umbelliferae).

Light yellow or light yellow with greenish white crystalline powder and odorless. Practically insoluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol, easily - in chloroform.

Chemically similar to beroksanu. An integral part of both drugs is bergapten izopimpinellin is a 5, 8-dimethoxy-6, 7-furocoumarins, i.e. compared with bergaptenom ksantotoksina and contains an additional group OCHz.

Action ammifurina, indications, possible complications and contraindications such as when applying beroksana.

The drug is taken orally after meal with milk, in a dose of 0.8 mg / kg, but not more than 0.08 g per reception, once 2 hours before UV exposure. Externally applied 0.3% solution on the lesions for 1 h before irradiation.

Heading dose is 100 - 150 tablets (2 - 3 g) and 1 - 2% solution vial 0.3 (0.15 - 0.3 g). Repeated courses through a 1 -1, 5 months.

Patients with limited lesions, medication is sometimes prescribed only externally (in combination with UV irradiation).

There is a positive experience of ammifurina method PUVA therapy.

Method of issuance: pills to 0.02 grams in a package of 100 pieces; 0.3% solution in amber glass vials of 50 ml.

Storage: List B. In the dark, cool place.