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Description medications: Ampicillin trihydrate (Ampicillinitrihydras)

Ampicillin trihydrate (Ampicillinum trihydratum, Ampicillinitrihydras).

Characterized by the presence of ampicillin per molecule three molecules of water of crystallization.

White crystal powder. Soluble in water (1: 300), practically insoluble in alcohol.

In action does not differ from ampicillin. Used for the preparation of tablets (Ta buletta Ampicillini trihydratis 0,25) and capsules containing 0.25 g of the drug, and powder for suspension containing 50 g of ampicillin trihydrate (calculated as ampicillin) 2, 5 g and vanillin, sugar and other fillers. White powder, sweet taste, and odor.

Form release tablets in a package of 24 pieces, the capsule - on 6 and 20 pieces; powder for suspensions - in banks orange glass. They are used on a par with drugs ampicillin.

Storage: List B. In dry place at room temperature.

Abroad, called A-PEN ampicillin trihydrate is available in the form of tablets of 0.25 and 0.5 g, solution for injection in vials of 0.25; 0.5 and 1 g granules and children for making a dosage form (slurry).