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Description of the medicine: Algimafum


Lyophilized gel of sodium-calcium salt of alginic acid with the content of mafenide and other substances.

It is produced in the form of rectangular porous plates in the size from 50Х50 mm to 135 Х 250 mm.

It shows adsorptive and antimicrobial activity, cleans wounds, promotes tissue regeneration.

Applied with superficial burns II - III degree, long-term healing ulcers and wounds.

Apply to affected surfaces (after treatment). Fix a gauze bandage or bandage. You can leave in the wound until the end of epithelialization.

It is not recommended to apply in case of threat of anaerobic infection of the wound.

Product: in bags of polyethylene film or paper with polyethylene coating.

Storage: in a dry place protected from light.