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Description of the medicine: Algiporum


Lyophilized gel containing 1 g of furacilin (0.035 g), sodium alginate (0.727 g) and calcium gluconate (0.237 g).

Has antimicrobial, adsorbing, wound-healing effect. Sucking wound exudate, turns into a gel-like mass.

Apply for burns, sluggish current post-burn wounds, trophic ulcers, pressure sores.

The drug is applied to the wound surface (after treatment), fixed with a bandage. Change the bandage as it gets wet and it dissolves the gel (after 1 3 days). The course of treatment from 1 to 10 dressings depending on the course of the process.

When compacted crusts are formed on certain sites (because of the gellessness of the gel), they are removed.

Product: porous sheets with a thickness of 5 - 10 mm, size 40 X 50 mm, 60 X 100 mm, 1S5 X 200 mm, 150 X 160 mm.

Storage: in a place protected from light, without bending or damaging the sheets.

Furacilin is also part of the collagen film, used mainly for the same indications as algipor.