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Description of the medicine: Miconazole (Miconazole)

MIKONAZOLE (Miconazole). (+) - 1- [2, 4-Dichlorob- [(2,4-dichlorobenzyl) oxy] phenethyl] imidazole.

Synonyms: Dactarine, Aflorix, Albistat, Andergin, Daktar, Daktarin, Dermonistat, Drinax, Funginazol, Mezolitan, Micatin, Micogyn, Miconal, Micostate, Monistat, Neomicol, Surolan and others.

Antifungal drug from the group of imidazole derivatives (see Ketoconazole).

It acts on dermatomycetes, yeasts and other pathogenic fungi, it also has a bactericidal effect on some gram-positive bacteria.

Produced in the form of various dosage forms: tablets and gel - for oral administration, solution (liquid) and alcohol solution (<< tincture >>) for topical application; Solution for intravenous administration.

The mechanism of action of the drug is close to ketoconazole.

Inside appoint tablets (alone or in combination with intravenous administration) for the treatment and prevention of mycosis of the gastrointestinal tract. Adults appoint 0.25 g (250 mg = 1 tablet) 4 times a day, children - at a rate of 20 mg per 1 kg of body weight per day.

Gel is prescribed for the treatment and prevention of mycosis of the oral cavity and gastrointestinal tract. Adults and children are prescribed one-half of a dosage spoon (1 spoon with a capacity of 5 ml contains 124 mg of miconazole) 4 times a day; To children of younger age - on 1/4 spoons 4 times a day. It is recommended not to swallow the gel immediately, but to hold it for as long as possible in the mouth.

Treatment with miconazole should continue for 1 week after the disappearance of the symptoms of the disease.

Miconazole (nitrate) is applied locally for fungal lesions of the skin and nails. In case of skin diseases, a small amount of liquid is applied to the affected areas and rubbed until completely absorbed.

The therapeutic effect usually occurs within 2-6 weeks of daily use of the drug. Treatment should continue for at least a week after the disappearance of signs of the disease.

With onychomycosis, the liquid is applied to the affected nails and the surrounding skin and covered with a bandage. Treatment is carried out for a long time - until the growth of a new nail plate. << Tincture >> is applied with the attached brush on the affected nails 2 times a day.

Intravenously inject miconazole with systemic mycosis. The daily dose is usually 10 mg / kg (600 mg), but can be increased (with good tolerability) to 30 mg / kg. Drive simultaneously (no more than 600 mg per injection) slowly - within 30 -60 minutes; Can be injected in a few drops.

When taking miconazole inside, nausea, diarrhea, allergic phenomena are possible; When applied to the skin - local irritant effect, allergic reactions. After intravenous administration, chills, dizziness, diarrhea, skin rashes may occur. At the injection site, with repeated administration, thrombophlebitis may develop.

Intravenous injection should be done with caution. Before intravenous injection, dilute the ampoule solution with an isotonic sodium chloride solution. A rapid introduction can lead to a violation of the rhythm of the heart, vomiting.