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Description of the medicine: Anmarin (Anmarinum)

ANMARIN (Anmarinum).

The drug is of natural origin. A mixture of two isomers - derivatives of psoralen (see Psoralen, Photosensitizing preparations), isolated from the seeds of the Ammi large plant (Ammi majus L.).

White with a yellowish tint or a light yellow crystalline powder.

Almost nerastvorim in the water.

Applied locally (in the form of 1% gel) has an antifungal effect against the causative agents of dermatomycosis, as well as a moderate bacteriostatic effect on Gram-positive bacteria.

Applied with fungal infections (including candidiasis) interdigital folds of feet and brushes with maceration, moknutiem, cracks. In addition, prescribe for rubrophytic skin.

The drug in the form of a gel is applied a thin layer on the lesions of the skin 1 3 times a day. Before each subsequent application of the gel, the residues of the preparation in the form of a film must be removed with warm water and soap and the skin is thoroughly dried. Duration of treatment from several days to 3 - 4 weeks and depends on the nature of the course of the disease. If relapses occur, it is recommended to repeat the course of treatment. With the use of antharin, itching, burning, and skin hyperemia are possible.

Contraindications: individual intolerance.

Form release: gel anmarine 1% (Gelum Anmarini 1%) white or white with a yellowish tinge in aluminum tubes of 10 or 25 g.

Storage: at room temperature.