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Description of the medicine: Antimonyl sodium tartrate (Stibii et Natrii tartras)

ANTIMONYL-SODIUM TARTTRAT (Stibii et Natrii tartras).

Synonyms: Sodium, Sodium, Sodium Antimony tartrate, Stibii et Natrii tartras, Stibnal, Stibyal, Tarrus Stibiatus natronatus.

White crystalline powder. Soluble in water.

Used to treat schistosomiasis. Due to the complexity of the application and side effects, it has no wide application.

Enter intravenously in the form of 1% solution on isotonic sodium chloride solution with the addition of 5% glucose. The solution must be freshly prepared, sterilized in an autoclave or in a water bath. Enter slowly (no more than 2 ml per minute). Treatment is carried out only in the hospital.

Various schemes are proposed. 1. The drug is administered daily, with only 20 injections. Single dose (the same daily) 1, 0 - 1, 2 mg / kg. The total dose for the course of treatment should not exceed 1, 3 g of the drug (130 ml of 1% solution). To avoid side effects, a dose after 10 to 11 injections is somewhat reduced, and with the 15th injection again increased. For example, a patient with a body weight of 60 kg is injected for the first time with 5 ml of a 1% solution, from the 2nd to the 11th injection - 7 ml of the same solution, from the 12th to the 15th injection of 5 ml, and with The 16 th to the 20 th injection - 7 ml (total 130 ml). 2. Intensive course: treatment is carried out for 1 to 2 days. Do 3 injections a day with an interval of 3 hours. A single dose for adults is 0.06-0.12 (6-12 ml of 1% solution).

There are other treatment regimens.

It should be borne in mind that when the drug is used, various side effects are possible: nausea, vomiting, headache, arthralgia, skin rash, fever, etc. To reduce side effects, antihistamines, unitiol are prescribed. If necessary, further administration of the drug is discontinued.

At the site of intravenous injection, phlebitis may develop; Getting the solution under the skin causes severe soreness and swelling of the tissues.

Contraindications: organic heart diseases, kidney and liver diseases (not related to helminthiasis), pregnancy, exhaustion, advanced age, menstruation.

Product: powder.

Storage: List B.