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Description drugs: vincristine (Vincristine)

Vincristine (Vincristine).

Alkaloid contained in the plant periwinkle pink (Vinca rosea L.).

By building close to vinblastine (cm.).

Synonyms: Leurocristine, Oncovin, Vincristine sulfate, Vincrisul.

Obladaet cytostatic activity, mechanism of action similar to vinblastine.

Applied primarily in the treatment of acute leukemia, neuroblastoma, Wilms' tumor; also used in the treatment of Hodgkin's disease, melanoma, breast cancer and other tumors.

Enter vincristine intravenously 1 times a week in the 1st week of 0.05 mg / kg, on the 2nd - 0.075 mg / kg, in the third - 0.1 mg / kg, in the 4th - 0.125 mg / kg, followed by 0.15 mg / kg. Upon reaching remission appoint 0.05 - 0,075 mg / kg, 1 time per week (maintenance dose).

When using vincristine possible leucopenia. The drug may have neurotoxic impact and cause paresthesia, movement disorders, focal CNS injury, possible bowel paresis, sometimes with a picture of paralytic ileus. It is also possible alopecia, ulcerative stomatitis, neuralgia, ataxia, weight loss, nausea, vomiting, fever, polyuria. In the treatment of the condition of the patient should be carefully observed, to conduct blood tests.

In the case of a sharp leukopenia carried out the same activities as the application of rozevin. The use of vincristine should be discontinued if developed peripheral neuritis, severe constipation, strong body temperature rises.

Product: in vials containing 0.5 mg of lyophilized vincristine sulfate, a solvent application in vials of 10 ml.

Storage: List A. In a cool place.