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Description medications: Akrivastatin (Acrivastatine)

AKRIVASTATIN (Acrivastatine).

(E, E) -3- [6- [1- (4-methylphenyl) -3- (1-pyrrolidinyl) -1-propenyl] -2-pyridinyl] -2-propenoic acid.

Synonym: Sempreks, Semprex.

The white crystalline powder. Soluble in chloroform and ethanol, slightly soluble in water.

Blocker H 1 histamine receptors. It has a weak anticholinergic and sedative effects.

Well absorbed, T S is 1,6-5,4 hours, it does not penetrate the blood-brain barrier; excreted by the kidneys mostly unchanged.

Applied with allergic rhinitis, conjunctivitis, urticaria and other allergodermatosis. The drug can be used for the relief of acute allergic reactions, as its action develops quickly (within 20-30 minutes after administration).

Assign inside of 0.008 g (8 mg) three times a day.

Possible side effects: drowsiness (rarely), reduced reaction rates.

The drug is contraindicated in severe renal and coronary insufficiency, severe hypertension in pregnancy and lactation, aged 12 years.

Product: 0.008 g capsules (8 mg) (N. 24).

Storage: List B.