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Description of the medicine: Neointestopan (Neointestopan)


Colloidal aluminum / magnesium silicate.

Synonyms: Attapulgite, Kaopectat, Capeckt, Attapulgite, Kaopectate, Kapecte.

Has a large adsorption capacity. In the intestine adsorbs pathogenic pathogens, binds toxic substances, promotes the normalization of intestinal flora.

In the digestive tract is not absorbed.

Applied with acute diarrhea of ​​various genesis. Helps reduce diarrhea, toxicosis, inflammatory phenomena in the intestines.

Assign adults in the initial dose of 4 tablets (swallow without chewing, washing with water), then 2 tablets after each bowel movement. The maximum daily dose is 14 tablets.

Children from 6 to 12 years are given at the beginning 2 tablets, then 1 tablet after each bowel movement. The maximum daily dose is 7 tablets.

Suspension is prescribed to adults for 2 tablespoons, children for S-1 tablespoon after each defecation.

Duration of treatment should not exceed 2 days.

The drug is not recommended for chronic diarrhea.

Unlike intestopan, neointestopan is not used for intestinal diseases caused by pathogens of parasitic diseases (amoebic dysentery).

Forms of release: tablets of 0.63 g (N. 30) and 0.75 g (N. 20); 4% suspension for oral administration in vials of 15 ml and 5% - 236 ml.