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Description of the medicine: Eszin (Escin)

ESTIN (Escin).

Triterpene glycoside (saponin) from fruits (seeds) of horse chestnut.

Synonyms: Aescin, Venastat, Venitant, Concentrin, Reparil, Cyclovene forte, Aescin, Concentrin, Cycloven forte, Reparil, Venastat, Venitan.

Galenic preparations from horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum L.): infusions and decoctions of bark, leaves, fruits - have long been used in folk medicine as astringents, choleretic, haemostatic (with uterine and hemorrhoidal bleedings). Different parts of the plant contain in varying amounts saponins, flavonoids (rutin, quercetin) and other organic compounds. Eszin is an especially important pharmacologically active substance - it largely determines the effectiveness of a number of total medications obtained from horse chestnut (escuzane, esflazid, etc.).

Eszin has a pronounced capillaroprotective activity and has an antiexudative (anti-inflammatory) effect.

Assign for chronic venous insufficiency (varicose veins, hematomas, hemorrhoids, etc.), injuries (including sports), as well as with edema of the brain (post-traumatic, during and after operations).

Apply inside, parenterally and externally.

Inside appoint in the form of tablets (after eating and washing down with water) to 0.04 g (40 mg) 3 times a day, maintaining a dose of 0.02 g (20 mg) 2-3 times a day.

External use in the form of a gel and cream: applied to affected areas 3-4 times a day.

Possible side effects: a feeling of heat, nausea, skin allergic reactions.

Contraindications: renal failure, I trimester of pregnancy, breast-feeding.

Enhances the effect of anticoagulants.

Forms of release: tablets of 0.02 g (20 mg) (N. 30); Capsules retard (N. 10, 25); Powder for injection solutions in ampoules of 0.005 g (5 mg); 1% cream and gel for external use in tubes of 40 and 50 g, 5% cream - 50 g; Solution for external use.

Reparil-gel N. Combined preparation for cutaneous application. In 100 g contains 1 g of escin and 5 g of salicylate diethylamine.

Has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

When topically applied, absorbed through the skin and relatively quickly found in the subcutaneous adipose tissue and muscle tissue.

Applied with injuries with bruises, sprains, in hematomas, tendovaginitis, lumbosacral radiculitis, lumbago and other pain syndromes, as well as in superficial phlebitis, varicose veins.

The gel is applied once or several times a day to the skin of the affected area of ​​the body. You can (but not necessarily) lightly rub.

The drug is usually well tolerated. In some cases, local allergic reactions are possible.

Form release: gel in tubes of 40 and 100 g.