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Description of drug: Ademethionine (Ademethionine)

ADEMETHIONINE (Ademethionine).

Adenosine derivative of the amino acid methionine.

Synonym: Heptral, Heptral.

Like methionine (see) is a donor of methyl groups.

It has antioxidant effect, has choleretic and hepatoprotective activity.

Applied with chronic violations of the liver and especially with alcoholic lesions (steatosis, hepatitis, cirrhosis).

Assign inside and intravenously.

With chronic liver diseases, you are prescribed inside (at meal time) 0.4 g (400 mg) 2 times a day.

If alcoholic liver damage is first injected into the vein 0.8 g once a day for 14 days, then give inside the same dose 2 times a day for 14-18 days.

The drug is usually well tolerated (dyspeptic disorders are possible).

Contraindicated in the first two trimester of pregnancy.

The form of release: tablets intestine-soluble in 0.4 g (N. 20); Lyophilized powder for injection solutions in vials of 0.4 g.

Storage: List B.