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Description of the medicine: Allomaronum

ALLOMARONUM (Allomaronum).

Tablets containing 0.1 g (100 mg) of allopurinol and 0.02 g (20 mg) of benzobromarone.

Urikozuricheskoe means, combining the properties of allopurinol (see) and benzobromarone (see). Suppressing the activity of xanthine oxidase, reduces the formation of uric acid and its concentration in the blood serum, increases the clearance of uric acid by reducing tubular reabsorption. Promotes the absorption of tofus during gout.

Assign for hyperuricemia, gout inside (after eating) 1-2 tablets (sometimes up to 3 tablets) per day.

With the use of allomarone, diarrhea, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, impaired liver and kidney function, allergic reactions are possible.

Contraindicated in hemochromatosis, violations of liver and kidney function, pregnancy, breast-feeding.

Do not prescribe allomarone together with azathioprine and mercaptopurine (in connection with the potentiation of toxicity, see Allopurinol). The drug enhances the action of coumarin anticoagulants. No experience in children (under 14 years of age).

When treating allomarone, you must consume at least 1S-2 liters of fluid per day.