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Description medications: Amidopyrine (Amidopyrinum)

Amidopirina (Amidopyrinum). 1 -Phenyl-2, 3-dimethyl-4-dimethylamino-5-pyrazolone.

Synonyms: aspirin, Alamidon, Amidazophen, Amidofebrin, Amidophen , Amidopyrazoline, Amidozon, Aminophenazonum, Aminophenazone, Aminopyrin, Anafebrine, Dimapyrin, Dipyrin, Novamidon, Pyramidonum, Pyrazon and others.

White crystals or a white crystalline powder, odorless, taste slabogorkogo. Slowly soluble in water (1:20), easily soluble in alcohol (1: 2). The solutions (pH 7, 0-7, 8) sterilized at + 100 C for 30 min.

It has antipyretic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. On pharmacologically similar to Amidopyrine antipyrine, but increasingly it.

Applied with headache, neuralgia, arthritis, myositis, chorea, sometimes in acute articular rheumatism.

Due to better tolerability as analgesic agents frequently used analgin and paracetamol (cm.).

A number of previously used dosage forms containing aminopyrine, is excluded from the range of medicines. However, some combination of drugs (tablets - see below.) Nomenclature has been preserved.

Applied aminopyrine inside of 0.25 - 0.3 g of 3 - 4 times daily. In acute stroke rheumatism designate up to 2 - 3 g per day.

Children, depending on age appoint 0,025 - 0.15 g per reception. In the treatment of rheumatism is allowed to increase up to a daily dose of 0.15 - 0.2 g per 1 year of life (in 4 divided doses).

Higher doses for adults inside: single 0.5 g daily 1, 5 g

Prolonged treatment amidopirinom necessary to conduct a study of blood, as in some cases, blood oppression (granulocytopenia and agranulocytosis) can be observed. Sometimes there is a skin rash. Described isolated cases of anaphylactic reactions.

Amidopyrine excreted primarily in the urine. The products of its decay (rubazonovaya acid, etc..) Can give urine dark yellow or red color.

Method of issuance: powder; Tablets of 0.25 grams and tablets containing 0.25 g amidopirina caffeine and sodium benzoate 0.1 g

Storage: List B. In the dark spot.

Tablets Novomigrofen << >> (Tabulettae Novomigrophenum << >>). Amidopirina contain 0.2 g, 0.1 g of phenacetin, caffeine, 0.015 g citric acid 0.015 g

Tablets Piramein << >> (Tabulettae << Pyrameinum >>). Contain amidopirina 0.3 g, 0.03 g caffeine

Tablets Pirafen << >> (Tabulettae << Pyraphenum >>). Contain amidopirina phenacetin and 0.25 g

Tablets Pirkofen << >> (Tabulettae << Pyrcophenum >>). Contain amidopirina and phenacetin 0.25 g, 0.05 g caffeine

All these tablets are used for headache, neuralgia, feverish conditions; prescribed 1 tablet 2 - 3 times a day.

Tablets Amazol << >> (Tabulettae Amazolum << >>). Contain amidopirina 0.3 g, 0.02 g dibazola

Used as an analgesic and vasodilator for hypertension, migraine. Assign 1 tablet 2 - 3 times a day.

All these pills are to list B.

Tablets amidopirina butadiona and 0.25 g (cm. Phenylbutazone, Reopirin).