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Description of the medicine: Amprenavir (Amprenavir)

AMPRENAVIR (Amprenavir).

(3S) -Tetrahydro-3-furyl [(αS) -α - [(1R) -1-hydroxy-2- (N 1 -isobutylsulfanylamido) ethyl] phenethyl] carbamate.

Synonym: Agenaraza, Agenerasa.

Applied in complex therapy of HIV infection in adults and children.

Assign adults and children 13 years and older to 1.2 g (capsules) or 1.4 g (solution) 2 times a day, children 4-12 years and patients with a body weight of less than 50 kg - 20 mg / kg 2 Once a day or 15 mg / kg 3 times a day.

Possible side effects: dyspepsia, paresthesia, headache, rash, increased levels of transaminases and triglycerides in the blood.

Forms of release: capsules of 0.05 g (N. 480) and 0.15 g (N. 240); 1.5% solution for oral administration in 40 ml vials.

Storage: List B.