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Description of the medicine: Echovist (Echovist)


Synonym: Galactose D, Galactose D.

Echovist-200 is a suspension of micronized D-galactose.

When suspending the galactose microgranules (particles smaller than 1 μm), air is adsorbed on their surface (10 μl of air is contained in 1 ml of the suspension), which when released from the tissues is released as bubbles. These bubbles amplify the amplitude of the reflected echo signal, increasing the contrast of the image during echography.

Applied for ultrasound studies of female genital organs.

For hysterosalpingography, enter intracervical (using a balloon catheter balloon) at a dose of 2.5 ml. When examining the fallopian tubes, 1-2 ml are additionally administered. The maximum dose is 15 ml.

To prepare the suspension, a solution of D-galactose is taken from the vial with a cannula and transferred to a vial of granulate, vigorously shaken (for 5 min!) Until a uniform suspension (milky white) is obtained. Use it for the first 5 minutes. Do not heat the suspension (do not hold the bottle for a long time!).

Form release: granulate (3 g) and 20% solution of D-galactose (13.5 ml) in different bottles of 20 ml complete with a plastic cannula.

Storage: List B.