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Description of the medicine: Multivitamin preparations (other) ()


In total, about 180 foreign combined multivitamin preparations manufactured in various dosage forms are registered in Russia, including:

Additive-multivitamins + minerals (effervescent tablets - Poland);

Alvital (capsules - Iran);

Antioxidants (capsules - Belarus-USA);

Beviplex (dragees, granules, solution - Yugoslavia);

Beplex (solution for injection, tablets - Iran);

Beplus C (tablets - Indonesia);

Berocca calcium and magnesium (effervescent tablets - France);

Biovital (dragees, syrup, gel for children - Germany);

Vitalux (tablets - USA);

Vitamax (capsules - Egypt);

Vitamcourt (capsules - Germany);

Vitanova (granulate - Slovenia);

Vitrum (tablets - USA);

Geriatit Pharmaton (capsules - Switzerland);

Gerovit (solution for ingestion - France);

Jungle (chewable tablets - USA);

Jungle with minerals (chewable tablets - USA);

Duovit (dragee - Slovenia);

Ipovit (solution for ingestion, capsules, syrup - India);

Calcevit (tablets - Slovenia);

Macrovit (pastilles - Slovenia);

Maksamin forte (tablets - India);

Milgamma (injection solution - Germany);

Multibiont (effervescent tablets - Germany);

Multivit (solution for ingestion - France);

Multivitamins (tablets - USA);

Multi-Tabs Baby (solution for oral administration - Denmark);

Multi-tabs Junior (chewable tablets - Denmark);

Multifit (tablets - India);

Nutrimaks (capsules - France);

Ol-amine (tablets - Belgium);

Pikovit (pastilles, syrup for children - Slovenia);

Polivit (tablets - USA);

Revalid (capsules - Hungary);

Ricavit (tablets - Ukraine);

Soluvit H (powder for solution for infusion - Sweden);

Supervit forte (tablets - USA);

Supradin (effervescent tablets - Bulgaria, dragees - England);

Trivita (capsules - India);

Triovit (capsules - Slovenia);

Supplements multivitamin (chewing and effervescent tablets - France);

Centrum (tablets, chewable tablets - USA);

Univit (emulsion for oral administration - Turkey);

Unicap (syrup, tablets - USA), etc.

These drugs contain different sets of vitamins (up to 10 components), and some of them (vitrum, multivitamins, polyvit, unicap M, unicap T, etc.) have various microelements (salts of iron, copper, zinc, manganese, magnesium, Potassium, selenium, etc.) in "physiological", as a rule, the doses that meet the needs of the human body.

Foreign, as well as domestic, multivitamin preparations are designed for additional administration of vitamins in hypovitaminosis and avitaminosis, in case of increased body requirement for vitamins and minerals (with increased stress, stress, colds and other infectious diseases, pregnancy, etc.) .