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Description of the medicine: Armin (Arminum)

ARMIN (Arminum).

Ethyl, para-nitrophenyl ester ethylphosphonic acid.

The liquid is yellow or dark yellow in color. We insoluble in water. 0.01% solution is a colorless transparent liquid; PH 3, 5 - 5, 5.

Armin belongs to the group of organic esters of phosphoric acid (phosphorus compounds - FOS).

Preparations of this group have strong anticholinesterase activity and are irreversible inhibitors of cholinesterase.

The effects caused by these substances coincide mainly with the effects of other anticholinesterase drugs (see Physostigmine, Proserin, etc.), but they are much stronger and more lasting. In appropriate doses (or concentrations), these substances show a strong toxic effect associated with the hyperactivation of the central and peripheral cholinergic systems of the body.

Some substances of this group, in connection with the strong miotic effect they caused, were used (in small concentrations) as local miotic and antiglaucomatous agents.

The main antiglaucomatous drug of this group is armin. Previously produced preparations phosphatol, chlorophthalmus, pyrophos, chlorophosphol are excluded from the nomenclature of medicines.

Armin is used as a myotic and antiglaucomatous agent in the form of eye drops at a concentration of 0.01% (1: 10,000). Assign 1 2 drops 2 - 3 times a day. You can use Armine at the same time as other antiglaucomatous drugs.

To avoid the development of common side effects associated with the absorption of the drug, after each instillation of the arminum, use a finger to press the area of ​​the lacrimal sac for 2 to 3 minutes to prevent solution from entering the tear duct.

Possible side effects (with overdose and individually increased sensitivity) are the same as with the use of other anticholinesterase drugs.

In some cases, there may be phenomena of irritation of the mucous membranes of the eye.

Product: 0.01% solution in 10 ml vials.

Storage: List A. In the dark place.

RR: So1. Armini 0.01% 10 ml

DS Eye drops.