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Description of the medicine: Arduan (Arduanum)

ARDUANUM. 2b, 16b-bis (4-Dimethyl-1-piperazino) -3a, 17b-diacetoxy-5-a-androstane dibromide.

Synonyms: Piperecium bromide, Piperecuronium bromide, Pipecuronii bromide, RGH 1106.

Arduan is a nondepolarizing muscle relaxant. The chemical structure and action is close to pancuronium (synonyms: Pavulon, Cancuronium, Ransuronii bromidum, Pavulon), which in recent years has been widely used as a curare-like preparation. Both drugs are steroid compounds, but do not possess hormonal activity. The Kurapp like effect is associated with the presence of two quaternary ammonium (onium) groups with an optical distance between them equal to the distance between the onium groups in d-tubocurarine.

Arduan is a crystalline powder of almost white color, soluble in water and alcohol. It is available as a lyophilized dry substance in ampoules; Solutions of the substance in a 0.85% solution of sodium chloride are transparent, colorless; PH 5, 0-6, 5.

Under the experimental conditions, arduan has a muscular-relaxing effect in doses 2 to 3 times lower than doses of pancuronium and lasts 2 times longer than pancuronium.

Arduan in normal doses does not cause significant changes in the activity of the cardiovascular system. Only in large doses has a weak ganglion-blocking effect; Does not cause release of histamine.

The miorelaksiruyuschee action of arduan is removed by proserin.

Arduan is used for muscle relaxation during surgical interventions of various types, including in cardiac surgery, as well as in obstetric and gynecological operations.

Enter arduan intravenously. The dose for intubation is 0.04 0.08 mg / kg. At a dose of 0.08 mg / kg, optimal conditions for intubation occur after 2 -3 minutes. For muscle relaxation during anesthesia apply the drug in doses from 0.02 to 0.08 mg / kg` (more often 0.04-0.05 mg / kg). At these doses, complete relaxation lasts about 50 minutes. If it is necessary to extend the effect, 1/4 of the initial dose is used. If kidney function is insufficient, do not administer more than 0.04 mg / kg.

You can use arduan with different kinds of anesthesia (fluorotane, ether, nitrous oxide, etc.), necessarily with endotracheal intubation of the patient.

Thiobarbiturates (thiopental sodium) prolong the time of muscle relaxation.

The injection solution is prepared on the supplied solvent just before use.

If necessary to stop the action of arduan, 1 to 3 mg of prozerin is administered after preliminary intravenous injection of 0.25-0.5 mg of atropine.

The drug is contraindicated in cases of myasthenia gravis and in early pregnancy. Caution is necessary if the excretory function of the kidneys is disturbed, since the drug is partially secreted by the kidneys.

Product: in ampoules containing 4 mg of the drug, with the application of a solvent (4 ml in an ampoule) - 50 ampoules of the drug and 50 ampoules of the solvent.

Storage: List A. In the refrigerator at +4 "C.

Note. Approximately in the same doses as pancuronium (0.04-0.08 mg / kg).