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Description medications: salbutamol (Salbutamolum)

Salbutamol (Salbutamolum) *. 2-tert-Butylamino-1- (4-hydroxy-3-hydroxymethyl-phenyl) -ethanol.

Synonyms: Astalin, Astahalin, Ventolin, Aerolin, Albuterol, Asmatol, Bentrin , Proventil, Salbumol, Salbutan, Salbuvent, Sultanol, Venetlin, Ventilan, Ventolin, Volmax and others.

Domestic drug saventol (Saventolum) is similar in structure and action to salbutamol. "

The structure and action close to other salbutamol b 2 adrenostimulyatorov. It has a bronchodilator and tocolytic effect. In therapeutic doses do not normally cause tachycardia and arterial pressure change.

Apply with bronchial asthma and other respiratory diseases that occur with spastic states of the bronchi.

Aluminum discharged in aerosol containers with a metering valve, spraying each time 0.1 mg (in the form of fine particles of less than 5 micron size).

For relief of starting attack of breathlessness inhaled 1 - 2 doses of aerosol. In severe cases, if 5 minutes after the first inhalation dose not occur appreciable improvement respiration can still inhaled aerosol dose 2. Subsequent inhalation producing intervals 4 - 6 hours (no more than 6 times a day).

Possible side effects and contraindications such as when applying other ~ adrenostimulyatorov (see. Izadrin).

Product: in aluminum aerosol cans of 10 ml capacity, each containing 200 unit doses.

Also produced tablets containing 0.002 or 0.004 g (2 or 4 mg) salbutamol.

Assign an adult to 1 tablet 3 - 4 times a day.

For use in obstetric practice as a tocolytic agent (see. Fenoterol) salbutamol is released under the name "Salbupart" (see. Means, relaxing muscles of the uterus).

Abroad issued containing salbutamol combined dosage forms.

Preparation "Theo Astahalin" (India) to a tablet containing 2 mg (0.002 grams) of salbutamol and 100 mg (0.1 g) of theophylline.

The combination of drugs increases the bronchodilator effect.

Theo Astahalin fort contains in one tablet 4 mg salbutamol and 200 mg of theophylline.

Theo Astahalin SR is a sustained-release formulation. One tablet contains 4 mg 300 mg salbutamol and theophylline.