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Description medications: Apifor (Apiphorum)

Apifor (Apiphorum).

Tablets white or white with a grayish tint. Contains 0.001 g freeze-dried bee venom. Apply for electrophoresis.

The tablets were dissolved in distilled water immediately prior to use. Enter from both poles; current is 10 mA; duration of the procedure 10 min. Concentration 1:20 000 solution (1 tablet in 20 ml water). The course of treatment 15 - 20 procedures. Treatments administered daily or at intervals of several days depending on the reaction.

After electrophoresis at the injection site usually seen marked redness, skin swelling, fever, pain, itching. These phenomena persist from several hours to 2 - 3 days. If hypersensitivity can occur hives, runny nose, severe itching, sneezing. When expressed adverse events greatly reduced concentration, increase the interval between treatments; if necessary, appoint protivogistaminnye (allergy) means.

During treatment monitor the condition of the skin and kidney function.

Indications: polyarthritis, myositis, deforming spondyloarthrosis, sciatica, peripheral vascular disease (endarteritis; thrombophlebitis without suppurative process); keloid scars after burns and operations, and others.

Indications are the same as those for other preparations of bee venom (see.).

Product: pills to 0,001 g orange glass jars of 25 and 100 pieces.

Storage: List B. In the dark spot.