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Description medications: Apizartron (Apisartron)

Apizartron (Apisartron).

Ointments of white or yellowish-white in color. Contains 100 g of bee venom 300 units (1 unit corresponds to a standard 10 ug of bee venom.) 10 g of methyl salicylate, 1 g of allyl isothiocyanate, emulsifiers, petrolatum and water up to 100 g

Previously released ointment "Apizartron" contained allyl isothiocyanate instead of mustard essential oil.

Ointment is used for grinding of rheumatism, myalgia, sciatica, and so on. N.

Rubbed into the skin on a daily basis (at most painful) 2 - 5 g

Product type: the aluminum tubes of 25 and 100 g

Storage: Keep in a cool place.

Produced in Germany.