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Description of the medicine: Andecalinum (Andecalinum)

ANDECALIN (Andecalinum).

Purified pork extract of pork that does not contain insulin.

Lyophilized powder or porous mass of white or yellowish color. Soluble in water.

Reduces blood pressure, causes the expansion of peripheral blood vessels.

Standardization of the drug is carried out by a biological method (to reduce blood pressure in experimental animals).

In medical practice, andecaline is used for injections and andecalin in coated tablets.

Andecalinum for injections (Andecalinum ppo injectionibus) is available in hermetically sealed vials of 5 ml capacity (40 units of action - a lyophilized preparation).

Each bottle is supplied with a solvent - 1, 4 ml of 20% polyvinylpyrrolidone (relative molecular weight 12,600 + 2,700). The drug is dissolved immediately before use, introducing the solvent into the bottle through the puncture of the rubber plug. The solution is clear, slightly dyed yellowish; PH 5, 5 - 7, 0.

Andecalin in tablets coated with a white coating (Tabulelet Endecalini ovable), containing 0.005 g of andecalin, corresponding to 15 units.

Apply andecalin in peripheral vascular disease and related trophic disorders: with spastic forms of endarteritis, Raynaud's disease, sluggishly healing wounds and ulcers; Scleroderma, migraine, retinopathy, etc.

Assign andecalin intramuscularly orally. The main course of treatment for medium and severe forms of the disease is usually using andecalin for injections, and for maintenance therapy and for mild forms of the disease - the drug in the form of tablets inside.

Intramuscularly injected into the lungs cases of the disease by 10 units, in the more severe - up to 40 units. Begin with an injection every other day, then (after 2 - 3 injections) daily. The course of treatment 2 - 4 weeks.

With the disappearance of the symptoms of the disease, 40 ED are administered once every 2 days. Treatment should be stopped immediately, but gradually reducing the dose. After a 2 - 3-month break, the course of treatment can be repeated.

The dose of andecalin is determined individually depending on the nature and severity of the disease, as well as the type of therapy (primary or supportive). Inside take before meals. Treatment begins with taking 30 units (2 tablets) 3 times a day. In the absence of a pronounced therapeutic effect and with good tolerability after 6-10 days, the daily dose can be increased gradually over 2 to 3 weeks to 135-180 units (9-12 tablets) per day, with poor tolerability, reduced gradually to 40-60 units (3 to 4 tablets) per day. Duration of treatment 1 month, during which take from 2250 to 3000 units (150 - 200 tablets).

After a 2 -3-month break, the course of treatment can be repeated (There is evidence that andecalin should be used in small doses, since the drug contains kinin-destroying enzymes and in large doses can cause destruction of bradykinin and weaken its vasodilating effect.).