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Description of the medicine: Adiurecrinum (Adiurecrinum)


Lyophilized powder of the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland. Produced in the form of a solution (Solutio Adiurecrini) containing 1 ml of 20 U (1 ED corresponds to 1 mg of lyophilized adiurecrin).

Activity is determined by the biological method (by the ability to raise blood pressure in rats).

Adiurecrin is used as an antidiuretic for diabetes insipidus (diabetes) and bedwetting. In diabetes insipidus, adiurecrin helps reduce dry mouth, stop thirst, reduce urination; The action of adiurecrin occurs 15 to 20 minutes after administration and lasts up to 6 hours after which the drug can be repeated.

Introduce a solution of adiurecrin by instillation into the nasal cavity. A single dose for adults is 2 to 3 drops (4 to 6 units). The procedure is repeated 2-3 times a day.

The daily dose should not exceed 10 drops (20 units). Children are prescribed in smaller doses. The solution can be instilled in one half of the nose or alternately in both halves.

Treatment is long. A month after its start, it is recommended to take a one-week break, then repeat the course. Depending on the effect, the break can be increased.

In the course of treatment with adiurecrin solution, mild irritation of the nasal mucosa and oral cavity may appear, increase of blood pressure.

Contraindicated in patients with hypertension.

Forms of release: in tubes-droppers for 1, 5 ml (5 tubes per pack) or 5 ml in bottles with a plastic stopper pipette for drip dosing (1 ml of solution contains 20 units).

Storage: List B. In a cool, sheltered from the world place.

Adiurecrin solution replaced the earlier produced adiurecrin in the form of a powder, since inhalation of the powder was often accompanied by irritation of the respiratory tract.