Insanely delicious sandwiches from around the world

Бутерброды со всего мира

A sandwich (from it Butterbrot - bread with butter) is a snack, which is a slice of bread or roll, on which additional food products are placed. There are a huge number of types of sandwiches - from classic with sausage or cheese to multi-layered from different varieties of meat, vegetables, herbs and sauces or pies. The sandwich differs from the sandwich in that it contains only one piece of bread (while the sandwich is sandwiched between two pieces of bread). Sandwiches are widely distributed, as they are quick to prepare, convenient to carry and do not require the use of appliances.

The most common kind of sandwiches is a slice of bread or roll with any of the snack foods (cheese, ham, sausage, caviar, meat, fish, canned goods). You can decorate them with leafy and spicy vegetables, pieces of eggs and lemon, olives, sauce, mayonnaise with cornichons, etc. Sandwiches are served on dishes, in vases with flat edges or on plates covered with napkins. Sandwiches are not subject to long-term storage, so they are prepared immediately before serving.

Sandwich (English sandwich) is the English name for a sandwich. It consists of two or several slices of bread (often rolls) and one or more layers of meat and / or other fillings. A sandwich is usually (more often) one slice of bread, on which ingredients are laid. A sandwich is a product between two slices of bread (buns).

The French version of the sandwich is called crock (fr.), Italian - panini (it.).

A sandwich, a sandwich, a baker is probably the quickest way to have a tasty snack. What is a traditional sandwich for you? Loaf or black bread and sausage. The main thing is to put the sausage on the tongue, as Matroskin, the expert on sandwiches, said. But in other countries the traditional sandwich comes with completely different fillings. So, we make ourselves a Russian bouter and go on a virtual trip around the world, but instead of the sights we will look at the sandwiches that are in each country.

Vietnam Bans Mee

Вьетнам Банх ми - Бутерброды со всего мира

Bansham is a Vietnamese baguette sandwich stuffed with fried pork and vegetables with coriander and jalapenos.

Turkey Doner Kebab

Турция Донер-кебаб - Бутерброды со всего мира

Doner kebab is common not only in Turkey, but also in many other countries. This is a sandwich of cakes, sliced ​​lamb, vegetables and sauce.

Mexico Semit (Chemita)

Мексика Семита (Чемита) - Бутерброды со всего мира

The traditional Mexican Semite can be made from different types of meat, avocado, white cheese, onion on a special brioche bun (which looks like a burger bun, but in fact it is a sweet roll from a dough).

Colombia Arepa

Колумбия Арепа - Бутерброды со всего мира

Arepa - a sandwich of thick corn bread, in which is added pork sausage (chorizo) with chili sauce.

Japan Katsu-sando

Япония Кацу-сандо - Бутерброды со всего мира

Japanese katsu-sando consists of fried meat on white bread with the addition of mayonnaise and mustard.

Canada sandwich

Канада бутерброд - Бутерброды со всего мира

Favorite Canad sandwich - this smoked hot meat on rye bread with mustard and cucumber

India Wada Pav

Индия Вада пав - Бутерброды со всего мира

Wada Pav - a popular fast food, which is ideal for vegetarians. It is a sandwich consisting of unsweetened bun (pav) and two potato cutlets (vada).

Australia Pastimayt Pasta

Австралия Паста веджимайт - Бутерброды со всего мира

In Australia, very much like a thick yeast paste wedgeMayt, because for local people the ideal sandwich is a simple toast with this pasta and cheese.

Cuba Medianoche

Куба Медианоче - Бутерброды со всего мира

Medianoche ("midnight") - a popular in Cuba sandwich for a night snack: a sweet bun with fried pork, ham, cheese and cucumber, seasoned with mustard.

Chile Chacarera (Chacarero)

Чили Чакарера - Бутерброды со всего мира

A chicken sandwich from Chile called chakarer is prepared on a round burger with finely chopped turkey or pork steak, tomatoes, boiled green beans, chili peppers and green beans.

Venezuela Arepa

Венесуэла Арепа - Бутерброды со всего мира

Sandwich isp made from thick corn bread, in which pork, cheese, avocado and bananas are added.

China Donkiburger

Китай Донкибургер - Бутерброды со всего мира

Favorite sandwich of the Chinese is the Donbikburger. This is a popular street food made from donkey meat, often with salad and pepper on crispy bread.

Portugal Franzinia

Португалия Францезинья - Бутерброды со всего мира

Franzesinha is a Portuguese sandwich made of bread, ham or smoked pork sausage, or a steak topped with melted cheese and tomato sauce.

Denmark Cmorrebrod

Дания Cмёрребрёд - Бутерброды со всего мира

King of Danish cuisine unanimously called smerrebrod - a sandwich made with rye bread and butter. As a filling use fish, meat, shrimp, liver pate, boiled eggs, fresh tomatoes and cheeses of all kinds.

Germany Leberckessemel

Германия Леберкэссеммель - Бутерброды со всего мира

Leberckessemel is a thick slice of meat (usually a mixture of beef, pork, bacon and onions) served on a bun with mustard. Usually it is eaten hot.

France Jambon Ber

Франция Жамбон бер - Бутерброды со всего мира

A popular sandwich in France is jambon. This is a baguette with ham and butter, cheese and cucumber.

South Africa Gatsby

Южная Африка Гэтсби - Бутерброды со всего мира

South African gatsby is always a huge sandwich with potatoes, sausage, ketchup and salad.

Netherlands Bruji Crocket

Нидерланды Бруджи крокеты - Бутерброды со всего мира

Bruji croquettes are fried long nuggets of meat on a bun with mustard. As a rule, they are eaten hot, sprinkling with sweet soy sauce.

Poland Casserole

Польша Запеканка - Бутерброды со всего мира

Traditional sandwich in Poland - casserole. Do it usually on halves of baguette or white loaf, as a classic topping fried mushrooms and cheese (and often something else meat) are used, and the finished sandwich is poured with ketchup and sprinkled with finely chopped chives.

Finland Porilainen

Финляндия Порилайнен - Бутерброды со всего мира

Finnish porilainen consists of two slices of bread, between which is a good piece of boiled sausage, seasoned with chopped onion, pickled cucumber salad, mustard or ketchup salad.

Argentina Choripan

Аргентина Чорипан - Бутерброды со всего мира

Choripan with sausage chorizo ​​is loved throughout South America. Usually it is served on a crispy bun with chimichurri sauce or a pebble. You can add a fried egg from above.

Puerto Rico Triplet

Пуэрто-Рико Триплета - Бутерброды со всего мира

The triplet consists of three types of roasted meat - beef, pork and chicken (or ham). Also inside add crispy potatoes, banana, lettuce, rukkola, cheese and onions.

Spain Bocadillo

Испания Бокадильо - Бутерброды со всего мира

Bocadillo is a kind of half-baguette sandwich with meat or fish, an egg and sometimes a tomato.

Malaysia Roti John Sandwich Omelette

Малайзия Роти Джон Сэндвич-омлет - Бутерброды со всего мира

Fried in a frying pan a one-sided sandwich omelette on a baguette half. The main ingredients are eggs and onions, but also meat or fish (sardines, chicken, beef, lamb) are added to the sandwich.

Serbia Pleskavica

Сербия Плескавица - Бутерброды со всего мира

Pleskavitsa - a sandwich of different types of meat, usually from beef and pork. Served on a round bun or pita with pepper sauce and Serbian cream.

Belgium Mitrayet

Бельгия Митрайет - Бутерброды со всего мира

Belgian miterray consists of roasted meat, French fries and mayonnaise on baguette.

Singapore Kaya Toast

Сингапур Кайа-тост - Бутерброды со всего мира

Kaya-toast is a sweet sandwich. On toasted toast densely smears paste from the pulp of coconut, rubbed with yolks and cane sugar. In Singapore, it is eaten for dessert and for breakfast. In this case, toast is dipped in egg yolk, cooked in a bag.

Macao Pork Burger

Макао Свиной бургер - Бутерброды со всего мира

And in Macau prefer a simple bun with a pork chop.

Italy Panini

Италия Панини - Бутерброды со всего мира

Panini is an Italian sandwich, which consists of two slices of bread, between which put a slice of ham and cheese.

Austria Bosner

Австрия Боснер - Бутерброды со всего мира

The Austrian Bosner is a spicy fried sausage in a baguette with the addition of onion, pepper and curry.

Brazil Bauru

Бразилия Бауру - Бутерброды со всего мира

Bauru is a traditional Brazilian sandwich. It consists of a French bun, melted cheese, tomatoes, roast beef and pickled cucumbers.

Uruguay Civito

Уругвай Чивито - Бутерброды со всего мира

Civito translates from Spanish as "little goat", "goat", but this sandwich is made from slices of beef with mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, mayonnaise, olives or olives and often with bacon, eggs and ham.

United Kingdom Chip Batti

Великобритания Чип батти - Бутерброды со всего мира

Just french fries on bread, usually filled with ketchup or brown sauce. This sandwich in Foggy Albion is also called a chip roll, a chip muffin, a chip bun. In general, interesting names for such an uncomplicated snack.

Chile Barros Luco

Чили Баррос Люко - Бутерброды со всего мира

Just beef and melted cheese on a bun. The sandwich is named after former President Ramon Barros Luco, who regularly ordered them at the restaurant of the National Chilean Congress.

South America Choripan

Южная Америка Чорипан - Бутерброды со всего мира

This kind of sandwich occurred in Argentina. A sandwich with sausage chorizo ​​is loved throughout South America. Usually it is served on a crispy bun with chimichurri sauce or a pebble.

Trinidad and Tobago Doubles

Тринидад и Тобаго Даблс - Бутерброды со всего мира

A popular sandwich of fried bread with chickpeas flavored with curry. You can also add mango, cucumber, coconut and tamarind. Quite popular snack before bedtime.

Denmark Dirlegens Natmad

Дания Дирлэгенс натмад - Бутерброды со всего мира

This set of letters is translated as a "night snack of a veterinarian". The sandwich is one-sided and is made from jellied, salted beef and pâté. Fucking Scandinavian.

Germany (Fischbrötchen)

 - Бутерброды со всего мира

Crispy buns with fish (usually with pickled herring) and raw onions. Often fish wrap around another stuffing.

Germany Mettbrötchen

Германия Меттбрётхен - Бутерброды со всего мира

Literally - raw pork minced and onion on a roll.

France Pan-Bagnat

Франция Пан-багнат - Бутерброды со всего мира

Classic French sandwich: tuna, vegetables, boiled egg and, most importantly, olive oil. Never tucked in mayonnaise. Served on a French bun.

China Zhou Jia Mo

Китай Жоу цзя моКитай Жоу цзя мо - Бутерброды со всего мира

Literally translated as "meat burger". A popular street snack from meat (usually pork, but sometimes from mutton or beef, depending on the region), peppers and spices on flat bread.

Germany Hawaiian Toast

Германия Гавайский тост - Бутерброды со всего мира

This is an open sandwich with ham, pineapple, cherry Maraschino and melted cheese.

Japan Yakisoba Pan

Япония Якисоба-пан - Бутерброды со всего мира

In principle, this is a hot dog bun with yakisoba filling (fried Japanese noodles). Often, top is added pickled ginger and mayonnaise.

USA Sandwich with peanut butter

США Сэндвич с арахисовым маслом - Бутерброды со всего мира

Sandwich with peanut butter. Only the USA.

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