Golden mustache (calligraphy fragrant) - callisia fragrans

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Золотой ус (каллизия душистая) - Callisia fragrans Золотой ус (каллизия душистая) - Callisia fragrans

Rectant fragrant, Spironema fragrant - that's how the plant is called a plant baptized by the people, like the Golden Sword.

This is a perennial herb, common in Central and South America and in Mexico. In the genus there are 12 species, in culture in the warm greenhouses of our country only one species is known - the fragrant Calligia.

For more than a hundred years, the fragrant Calligium (Rectant fragrant) is cultivated as a houseplant. In Russia, Callisia bears local names: Golden Husks, Far Eastern Hens, Venenin Hair, Live Hair (thin hairs stretch when the leaf breaks and as if retain two halves, Dichorizandra does not have this effect), Corn, Homemade ginseng.

This is a fairly large plant with two types of shoots, some erect, fleshy, externally similar to young corn, from 70 to 150 cm in height, with normally developed leaves 20-30 cm long, 5-6 cm wide, others - horizontal (mustache) with underdeveloped Leaves. Whiskers, consist of "joints", at the ends of which a leaf whisk is formed.

With good care, the plant sometimes blooms. Flowers are small, fragrant in dense bunches, collected in paniculate inflorescences. The smell is pleasant, like that of hyacinths, hence the name - Scalloped Calligraphy (Rectant fragrant). The plant becomes therapeutic after at least 9 full-bodied "joints" are formed on the lianoid shoots and they acquire a brownish-violet color.

Reproduction and care of the plant

The plant reproduces by the apical part of the mustache, which is cut into two joints below the panicles in the middle of the third and placed in a glass with water until roots are formed, then transplanted into the pot with the ground. The most favorable time for breeding is March, April, but if necessary, you can propagate year round.

Plant Zolotoi is a heat-loving plant, loves a bright place, but not direct sunlight. Watering is moderate, especially in winter, but you can not bring the land to dryness (it is better to waterlogger than dry it), otherwise the plant will lose its leaves. Earth mixture should be dense, consisting of turf ground and greenhouse humus with the addition of up to 30% of large river sand. The stalk of the plant is weak, and therefore requires support. During the summer, it is good to put the plant on a balcony, this will greatly improve the development of the plant. In warm areas, it is possible to plant the plant in the open ground for summer, where it grows well. But do not forget that the plant must be planted so that on a hot afternoon it was in the lacy shade of trees, and by evening it was again illuminated by the sun. In the open ground the plant requires more intensive feeding. Here is how V. Latokhin from Volgograd describes his successes in cultivating the Golden Ums plant in the open field .... "It's no wonder that I undertook to grow it at the dacha. The plant reproduces the shoots from the mustache, which is put into the water. When enough white roots appear, the flower can be planted in the ground. But the best specimen is obtained from the top of the flower, but the number of stems should be minimal, otherwise the plant will not give the mustache in the future.

In April, having fertilized, as it should, the land (a bucket of overgrown manure, half a bucket of ashes), landed three flowers. Watered every evening, taking into account the Volgograd heat. Plants well began, we even had to put the folders, since the whiskers turned out thick, fat. Over the summer, I took off three mustache crops. "

Sometimes the tips of the leaves turn brown and begin to fade, and the whiskers, reaching the healing age (9 joints) remain green.

The appearance of the above signs on the tips of the leaves indicates an improper care: lack of mineral nutrition or intense sun exposure and insufficient watering, which should be done in the evening. At the same time, the lack of sunlight does not allow the development in the whiskers and stem of the healing enzyme a sign, which is the coloring of the mustache and stem into a brown-violet color. To provide the plant with the necessary mode of development, it is necessary to periodically pritenyat it or, conversely, to expose it to the sun (but not on a hot midday). In the period of intensive growth, feed the plant with complex fertilizers for indoor flowers, and when grown outdoors, feed the plant well with a mixture of ashes and overgrown manure. The earth should be kept slightly moist, and in winter, when the plant enters a state of rest - even slightly dried.

Application of the Golden Ups plant in various diseases

Unfortunately, we remember the great healing power of Nature too late, when the "thunder will come." While a person is young and energetic - he is not up to flowers and grasses, life is full of worries, problems and fuss. So let's take care of our health in advance.

The golden mustache possesses high healing properties, and it could be called the Elixir of HEALTH. Ho, in my opinion, its unique properties are revealed especially brightly in complex therapy, i.e. in combination with other medications. Acting on the body indirectly, as a biogenic stimulant, it thereby creates a high therapeutic effect in the therapy of many diseases.

This is the best, in my opinion, plant for the treatment of chronic pancreatitis. It also stimulates the immune system. Promotes the education of killer cells, thereby helping the successful struggle of the organism with pathogenic microflora. As a result of recovery of the body, pains occur, the function of the pancreas, spleen, and adrenal cortex is restored. Passes inflammation of the gallbladder and bile ducts, stomach, small intestine. The acid-alkaline composition of the gastrointestinal tract (hereinafter - the gastrointestinal tract) is normalized, slags leave the body. Asthmatics recover the viscosity of phlegm, reduce hypersecretion, and swelling of the bronchial mucosa, which improves the pulmonary artery, all this dramatically improves the overall condition of patients and often leads to a complete cure for bronchial asthma.

Readers who use the Golden Hive for medicinal purposes have repeatedly noted the beneficial effect of taking drugs from the Golden mustache to the thyroid gland. The juice of the plant has high wound healing properties, it can be called a fabulous "living water". He treats skin diseases well: lichen, ulcers, wounds, burns (daily applications with a cotton swab soaked in pure or diluted juice from the mustache of the plant, but in no case compresses and with caution contact with mucous membranes, see contraindications).

There is also a very inexplicable property in the plant that the decoction of leaves in a closed bottle in the room does not sour for months or even years. The conclusion is that the plant must have high disinfecting properties. However, under the conditions of the experiment, at the Department of Immunology, neither the decoction of the plant, nor the juice squeezed from the mustache, did not exert any overwhelming influence on various types of pathogenic microflora, but in the treatment of infected wounds the juice of the Golden mustache has excellent disinfecting and healing properties. The conclusion suggests only one, it occurs only through the stimulation of the immune system of the body by the Golden mustache.

Contraindications when taking a plant

Always strictly follow the dosages given in the recipes, do not try to experiment with yourself, this usually leads to disastrous results. You can poison yourself with ordinary water, a bucket of water drunk within two hours leads to death.

Now I will talk about the reaction of the body to an overdose of medications obtained from various parts of the Golden Mustard, which is allowed by certain zealous patients.

The most dangerous in this respect is the preparation prepared from the stem of the plant. Decoction of one or two shredded barrel joints for 0, 5 liters of water, while taking 50-100 g per reception 3 times a day, in the first days causes the patient a pleasant sensation of warmth spreading throughout the body, sharply improving well-being and general tone. But days after 7, when the body gradually accumulates the drug, the so-called overdose occurs, health deteriorates, especially often in patients with liver disease and spring-summer allergic reaction to flowering plants. The patients have headaches, darkens in the eyes, there is swelling of the throat and an increase in the thyroid gland, the vocal cords are severely damaged, the voice "settles", and its recovery is difficult. After a while (1-2 weeks) the body is unable to remove the formed homotoxin through the liver, the kidney begins to "drive" it through the skin. Most often, in the abdomen there is a strong itch, in place of which, there is a wet eczema, which is difficult to treat. At the first signs of an overdose, start taking enterosorbent Enterosgel and homeopathic preparations Sulfoderm and Normagast according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

From the trunk of the Golden Uchi plant, only an alcohol extract is prepared (4-6 joints for 0, 5 liters of strong moonshine or 70 alcohol), used for grits with joint pains and osteochondrosis.

From purple mustaches prepare tincture for ingestion, with malignant neoplasms and bronchial asthma (20-30 joints for 0, 5 liters of vodka, insist 14 days, take from 1 to 40 and from 40 to 1 drop per course, just go 3-5 Courses with a ten-day break In some patients with bronchial asthma and oncology, there is a decreased sensitivity to alcohol extract from the Golden U. In these patients, taking a tincture of tea spoon, or even dessert, not only did not cause negative manifestations, but on the contrary - led to a sharp improvement However, all these patients who conducted this experiment note that such an intensive intake should not exceed three weeks, after which it is necessary to take a weekly break during which it is necessary to drink an enterosorbent. After a break, they usually switched to Standard reception tincture of the Golden mustache.

Receiving broth leaves, according to my observations for 20 years, never caused any side effects, but only showed excellent health properties for all diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

To impose leaves on large open wounds during the healing of trophic ulcers, with deep burns for a long time is not recommended. Despite the fact that the first two days there is a significant improvement in the state of the wound surface, but then, after 3-5 days, there is an allergic reaction, sometimes very strong. It is better for these purposes to use the mustache juice, diluted with boiled water 1: 3, 1: 5.

From all of the above, you can draw only one conclusion: the medicinal component of the plant Golden Ues is in a very concentrated form (especially the trunk), and apply preparations prepared from different parts of the plant to strictly adhere to the dosage.

And the last, the most important instruction: before applying to the medicine, mustache or trunk of the Golden Husky plant, they must be kept under the freezer at t = 2-4 ° C in a food-packed polyethylene form for two weeks. The leaves, however, are broken off as necessary from the growing plant and kept in the refrigerator for only 3 days and then brewed.