People can believe in fate by the hand, people believed for a long time. In the book of Moses it is written: "The hand is the mirror of man, in which his whole life is signified." Aristotle did not doubt that the lines on his hand are encrypted information about a man.

Today, in the 21st century, scientists finally became convinced of this, a whole scientific direction arose . The science of dermatoglyphics deals with the juxtaposition of physical and psychological qualities with drawings at the fingertips, which in translation into Russian means "engraving of the skin".

Finger patterns are laid in the womb for 3-5 months of pregnancy, together with the tissues of the nervous system. Consequently, the finger patterns and the type of the human nervous system are interrelated.

If you carefully look at the pads of the fingers with good lighting, you can see that the lines are folded into strict patterns. These can be arcs, loops and curls.

People with arcs meet quite often , but usually this pattern is located only on two or three fingers (arcs on all ten fingers - a very big rarity). For such people, physical potential is not the main thing, they have psychological, personal qualities. The owners of the "arcs" are very uncomfortable.

They never take into account the opinions of other people, because they always know themselves what is white and what is black. Having suffered complete defeat in anything, they, as if throwing everything out of their heads, with persistent persistence are again taken for their own. Always bursting into leaders, becoming intractable and obstinate bosses.