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Ледовые Катки Киева и других городов Украины.

The skating rink is a flat ice surface for skating or sledging. The skating rinks are divided according to the type of use for mass and sports, according to the type of ice, to artificial and natural. Sports rollers, in turn, are divided into indoor and outdoor. For the Winter Olympic Games, a number of indoor skating rinks with artificial ice are usually built: for figure skating and short track, for hockey and a separate skating rink for speed skating competitions.

The size and shape of the ice arena can be anything, if it's a roller for entertainment and amateur figure skating, it can be a round ice rink or a rectangular ice rink - 18x32 m, 12x24 m, etc. Minimum length of the hockey arena: 51 m, maximum 61 M, width: minimum 24 m, maximum 30 m. The corners of the site should be rounded with a radius of 7 m to 8.5 m. Olympic standard - 60x30 meters, angular radius 8 m. The ice rink with the world's largest ice-covered area Medeo is located In Alma-Ata.

Synthetic skating rink (synthetic ice) - thermal panels or thermal plates made of synthetic material based on polyolefin, used for figure skating, playing hockey, curling, etc. A synthetic surface simulates a natural or artificial ice rink. The sheet panels of the synthetic roller are made of a polymer material with a low coefficient of friction, increased wear resistance; A polymeric material containing a lubricating component released during friction is used. For skating on synthetic ice, conventional skates with metal blades are used, the same as for skating on ordinary ice. Typically, a synthetic roller consists of sheet panels connected to each other by fastening tabs butt-end or by means of cutouts such as "swallowtail", "saw", etc. Synthetic sheet panels are installed on a solid, extremely flat and smooth surface - this can be a primer , Asphalt, concrete base, wooden floor, tile, metal or wooden platform, etc. Synthetic ice is also called artificial, which causes confusion, since the name "artificial ice rink" is usually used for ice created with a refrigeration unit that freezes water On the surface of the rink.

Most likely you came here when you were looking for indoor skating rinks in Ukraine, Kiev or other cities, or maybe you were interested in the prices for an ice rink. In any case, you found what you were looking for. Our site is the largest guide to ice rinks in Ukraine.

For the convenience of finding the required rink, we divided them into groups by city: Kiev, Vinnitsa, Belaya Tserkov, Brovary, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lugansk, Nikolayev, Rivne, Sevastopol, Vinnitsa, Zhitomir.

A few years ago, the quality ice-filled ice rinks were brought in, which is called "a curiosity." Fans of winter sports had to look for a suitable area for skating, some built hockey boxes in their yards. However, today the situation has changed radically, in addition to "courtyard" sites there are many ice skating rinks, offering everyone wishing to enjoy slipping on high-quality, smooth ice. If you are a fan of ice skating, do not deny yourself the pleasure of skating.

On ice grounds for children and adults, figure skating schools are organized. You will find a warm atmosphere, incendiary music, contests and outdoor entertainment. See you at the rinks!

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