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  • How to make friends with an eBay monster

    If you can buy on eBay without intermediaries and use this combination:

    Then all the mini-knowledge will be useless for you.

    So, under Habrakat, a simple instruction for all those interested in the topics: how to turn eBay from gossip and fears into effective shopping, quickly; The post is in no way connected with the arrival of eBay in Russia, what will happen today, if I'm not mistaken.

    You should start with a card, yes, a simple plastic card Visa or Mastercard Classic, Gold, Platinum and even Electron in special cases, but if your card is not from international, just in case, please specify in the bank whether it is suitable for internet payments and whether international currency transactions support? This is when you put rubles on the card, and you can calculate in dollars, pounds, euros, eh, whatever, your money is converted at the internal rate of Visa / MC, which is often more profitable than the Central Bank, which becomes a double advantage, namely: you do not It is necessary to change the currency + this happens a little more profitable.

    Paypal Very interesting and common in the web-based payment service environment, most of the foreign sites with him are friendly, but we are going to buy eBay, which accepts PayPal - first and then we are very lucky, since to tie your card to PayPal this business is 5 minutes, especially Lucky with whose card from the Savings Bank with the service Mobile Bank * (do not mix it with the client-bank, it will not be needed). About the cards open in other banks I can not say anything, there is no experience, and rumors are such rumors ...

    A couple of steps towards the American dream, an example with Visa Classic from Sberbank:
    When you sign up for PayPal, for quick and convenient payments with eBay, you need to attach the card to your PayPal account, namely: under your name in the cabinet will be the status: Unchecked , you need to turn it into Verified by clicking on it, PayPal will show you the scheme as it , To check 1.95 $ from your card and send the magic code, you can agree, as the money will be returned to you in a couple of days, exactly $ 1.95, but when they withdraw, they will attach to the transaction name the code that will be included in the sms message from the Mobile Bank , This is a service from a bank that writes along with the name of the addressee, the address and number of the transfer, the amount in rubles, the balance on the card, something else, here in the transfer name and will be the cherished, four-digit code. (If you do not receive sms / email at all, you can call the bank by phone and retrieve information by breaking the code word of the operators)

    Enter the received code on the PayPal site and your status becomes Verified , what does this mean?
    This means that your card is now directly tied to the PayPal system, your money transactions will be conducted directly with the card, with a minimum commission and without additional confirmations, i.e. Quickly and openly for you, PayPal will record everything that happens with its participation, pay for purchases and delivery from the US can be in a couple of minutes, after confirming the card on PayPal, you do not even have to leave the eBay site at confirmation of payment, everything is automated: get sms , Save time and money.
    By the way, about saving, dropping the theses: cool, fashionable, modern; Perhaps, simply, I will give an example of my shopping:

    • Movado watch for your beloved, in Europe $ 390 in MSC $ 590 in my city at all, were bought for $ 243 (including delivery)
    • The Belkin cover made of laminated leather was purchased in the UK together with delivery for 757 rubles., New; In the cheapest place in Russia - digital.ru, this is 990r. Without delivery and lack of stock, however as elsewhere.
    • Apple In-Ear headphones were purchased in the UK for $ 60.22, new, along with delivery; In Russia, new, 4-5t.r .; There, by the way, still is.

    Estimating in the mind: savings of up to 50% of the cost in Russia (including delivery), received: profit, the pleasure of a simple and reliable process.

    Finally, I would like to highlight a couple of important nuances: make sure that the shipment of the goods is round-the-world (Worldwide) or taking into account Europe, in the case when the necessary goods to Russia are not sent by the seller, you will have to contact the intermediary company, it's just as simple and so And through the Internet, he will accept the parcel to the US (for example) and send it to you here, for a reasonable reward.
    And more: before buying, something in the US, check the British site eBay , shipping from England is much cheaper.

    How to buy goods on Ebay

    The topic of Ebay in connection with its Russification is very relevant, so I decided to share with the habransobschestvo several tips from the region how to buy goods on Ebay, so as not to rush into scammers and make the right purchase. Most of the described is based on personal experience.

    Part one. Intelligence service

    1. Before buying a particular product, it's worth to look at how much this or similar product costs in major US stores. I recommend to go to the following sites Bestbuy , Frys , Сostco , Target , Macys , Amazon , Google Products , Pricegrabber , Bizrate
    2. Look how much similar products were sold on Ebay. To do this, go to Advanced Search and select Completed listings .
    These two items will allow you to determine the price and not overpay for the goods.

    Part two. Investigation

    1. Read from cover to cover description to the lot. Read it? Read it again , but carefully.
    2. If the product has some kind of defect, the sellers either write, see the status in the photos, or hammer the description with a bunch of unnecessary information and among them hide the truth, or skip some details, and some do not write anything at all in the description. Say, if the description of the laptop does not indicate its status - then when you buy, you can get a new laptop and a badly shabby one. Similarly, it can be if in the description there are technical specifications with a small note that the description is taken from the manufacturer's website. And this does not guarantee that this is the configuration in this lot. In such cases, Ebay's protection of customers will not help you.
    3. Be vigilant with lots in which the seller writes that he is not an expert. Lots in the descriptions of which it says something like: "I'm not an expert, but it's my picture of Malevich" is clearly not worth buying as a real work of Malevich.
    4. If you know English and read the lot without translation, but in the description there are words whose meaning you do not quite understand - be sure to find out what this word means (or abbreviation). One single word can abruptly change the meaning of the lot. One such word is refurbished ( sometimes just ref.)
    5. Find the following words from Ebay on the lottery page: eBay will cover your purchase price plus original shipping . This insurance does not cover certain sections and goods. This is your guarantee that you will not lose your money if anything goes wrong.
    6. Be extremely vigilant with the goods as is (as is) and with the goods in the description of which it is indicated that the seller does not accept the goods back. In such cases, you will not be able to return the item if it is not working or will not match the description.
    7. You need to be vigilant with the goods in the description of which there is no photograph or the current photograph of the lot is hanging. And doubly it is necessary to be vigilant with photos which are not loaded on Ebay and are inserted in the description of a lot from a site of the seller. In this case, after the auction ends, nothing prevents the seller from changing the photo to another and sending you the wrong product for which you paid. If the lot is very interesting to you - then before the end of the auction it is better to save the entire page - so that you had at least some kind of argument in your favor.

    Part Three. We study the opponent of the seller

    1. We look at the seller's rating: The higher the better
    2. We look at the percentage of positive reviews: 100% - well, below 98% - it is better to stay away from this seller.
    3. High rating and 100% positive feedback does not always directly indicate that you are buying the goods from a normal seller and that the goods will be quality.
    4. In the detailed description of the ratings you can see how much of the seller's rating has earned selling products and how many buying. If your seller with a rating of 1200 had an 1100 rating for purchases and only 100 for sales, then it should be treated to this seller as with a rating of 100.
    5. We look at how many neutral and negative reviews from the seller and for what period. It is clear that the recent negative reviews characterize the seller not with a better hand.
    6. Do not put a cross on the seller if he has several negative reviews. Sometimes there are just insane buyers who, because of a conflict with the seller, put a negative to him, sometimes sellers get negative because of the parcel that was delayed on the way. On the site toolhaus.org you can weed out positive feedback and see what negative feedback has been received by the seller.
    7. Look at the sold lots of this seller - if yesterday the seller was selling beads for $ 2, and today diamond rings for $ 500 (real case), then you need to be on your guard. Often, scammers do this - they sell a cheap product for a couple of months to quickly raise the rating, and then with a rating of more than 1,000 start selling expensive goods that they never had.
    8. We look where the goods are located (in the description of the goods) and where the seller is located (information about the user). Ideally, the seller must live in the same country from where the goods are sent. With some apprehension, it refers to the lots where the seller lives for example in Romania, and the lot is sent from China.
    9. I think and say it is not necessary that you do not buy goods from a seller who does not accept paypal. If the seller does not accept paypal and asks for payment by other methods, then it is worth keeping away from such a seller. Although I had positive cases when I paid the seller other methods, but after a deep analysis of the seller.
    10. If you have any questions about the lot, it's best to ask them before the end of the auction. Many sellers write that they send the goods all over the world (worldwide) - but for some reason, Russia does not enter into this concept and this becomes clear after the auction is over. If you want the goods to be sent to Russia, it is worthwhile to specify in advance whether the seller is sending to Russia and how much the delivery will cost. Still it is worth considering that some sellers send the goods only to the confirmed address of the paper and if you do not have a paper and you asked someone from the side to pay you a lot - it may well be that the lot will go to his address.

    Part Four. Everyone is different

    1. On Ebay a day millions of people come in search of a particular product. If you find a product for which no one has made a bet - do not think that you are such a lucky person and you can buy this rarity cheaply. It may well be that something is wrong with this product and nobody needs it - then do you need it?
    2. In the expanded search in the menu "Only show items:" choose Worldwide - then you will see in the search not only goods on the site Ebay.com but foreign Ebayov.
    3. Use the sniper services - this will save you time and money.
    4. Do not forget to post a review after the transaction is completed. If there are problems with English - then you can use Ebay Feedback Generator

    Of course, these tips are not a panacea for unsuccessful purchases, but I hope my advice will help you avoid some of the inconveniences associated with buying on Ebay.

    UPD 1. A link to a podcast with a similar theme - there is more openly told the buying process on Ebay.

    UPD 2. Since many do not know what an auction sniper is, in a nutshell I will tell you what he is like. The meaning of a sniper is to break the psychological principle of a person to be a winner. If you make a bet at the rate of your maximum, and your competitor also making his maximum bet, he will see that his bet is still lower than yours, he can reconsider his priorities and will be ready to buy goods for a higher price. Also, a large number of bets can attract other buyers (it seems to many psychologically that the more bets on the goods - the more valuable the commodity and it is worth buying it). In addition, many sellers exhibit their products with a low initial price. If the product is expensive - it can attract fans to buy something that is worthless, but it can also scare away wealthy customers who do not always understand - and why this product is so cheap, while its market price is many times higher. And the more bets and more the price - the more wealthy buyers fly into the goods. A sniper makes your maximum bet a few seconds before the end of the auction - without giving your opponent time to counter the bet.
    The other day I participated in an auction where there were 4 bids for the goods, and the lot was worth 23 dollars. I was naive putting a $ 450 sniper in the sniper and already quietly rejoicing in the future purchase, but my dreams were shattered about the reality rock when in a few seconds snipers of opponents made money and the lot went for $ 1600 with 26 bets.