My Fucking Money

  • Method 1 - display banners
  • Method 2 - view banners
  • Method 3 - reading mail
  • All Differences
  • Sponsors are also people
  • Personal experience
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  • Shramenko Taras,
    Tarasshram (at)
    Unfortunately, the article in this article will not be about love and not health, but the topic is no less important - how to get bread on the day-to-day using information technology. In this article, I tried to order information on how to earn money by having access to the Internet.

    Firstly, I immediately hasten to dispel the myth that money can be received online without doing anything - "there is not even free cheese in a mousetrap." In order to make some money using the Web, you have to work hard. And to earn something worthy of respect, work hard. And although this work is not associated with a huge expenditure of calories, at least it can be fraught with a spoiled mood or (worse) with eyesight.

    There are several different ways of earning on the Web, each of which is somehow connected with advertising - either spreading it, or consuming it. For all these ways unlimited access to the Network is desirable, although if you really want ...

    I decided to classify these methods approximately as follows.

    The first way - displaying banners

    This is the oldest and most classic way to earn money on the Web for everyone. Of course, only for those who have their own Web page or are not too lazy to create it. The scheme of actions in this case is simple: you place banners of advertisers on your own page. But the fact is that "normal" money advertisers pay not for the show itself, but for "clicks" on their banners and visits to their sites. From here, this method has two significant drawbacks: first, you need to make your page as visited as possible, and secondly, you have to force or (as is often done) simply to ask visitors to "click" on banners. And they usually ask for a fairly frank phrase, something like "if you liked this site," click ", please, on my sponsor's banner, it will not take you away from my site."

    From the working days of banner exchange networks it is known that the average response to a banner, or CTR, is about 2 "clicks" per 100 impressions, that is approximately 2%. But this shows our banners to our people. I do not have exact statistics, but I think that showing in our part of the Web of banners of foreign companies in an incomprehensible (or not for all understandable) language is less effective, and therefore - the number of visits to your page will be more important to you than quality. The more a person comes to you, the more likely that at least someone will succumb to persuasion and "click" on the banner.

    Showing banners for money, it is also necessary to take into account that some sponsors pay for the fact that a person, having visited the site, moved on several pages or something clicked somewhere, filled in. But this does not depend on you. All you can do is send a person to the sponsor's site, and then his actions are unpredictable. Fortunately, not all sponsors are so finicky - there are a large number of companies paying exactly for visits to their sites.

    There are also sponsors who pay only for displaying banners, about $ 2 per 1000 impressions. Calculate how much you in this case should have visits to earn at least 20 cu. per month.

    As you know, the goal of invention is cunning, so our people came up with many ways to deceive sponsors, as purely technical (like loading the sponsor's page into a zero-sized frame), and organizational ones, when a group of Web masters who are engaged in such earnings unite into a certain club, Whose members undertake to visit their colleagues' pages and click on banners. Nothing also prevents the Webmaster from entering his page through various free proxy servers, which are numerous on the Web. Unfortunately, this ultimately led only to the fact that many sponsors do not want to show their banners on Russian-language sites.

    The described method is the most laborious, since in order to earn an amount worthy of respect, it will have to make enormous efforts. The prices for banner impressions depend on sponsors and vary within fairly wide limits: from 2 to 50 cents per "click", but it should be borne in mind that the more the sponsors are offered for "click", the more stringent the requirements for the content, design and attendance of the site.

    However, on assurances of people earning money in this way, with a certain luck and perseverance in six months, you can reach the level of earnings of about $ 1000. per month. Naturally, while taxes in our country for this are not charged.

    The second way - viewing banners

    If you do not have the desire to display banners to visitors to your page, you can ... look at other people's banners while earning money. To do this, you only need to "download" a small program that will show you banners of various sites, and for their viewing you will receive money. At least, that's how it is written on most pages devoted to this topic.

    The program for viewing banners is a rectangular area with a width of 60-80 pixels, located on the top or bottom of the screen (where you want), which constantly displays banners. Some sponsors require that the browser is active and the addresses change periodically, while others simply need to be moved by the mouse cursor.

    In principle, there is nothing to prevent one from registering with several sponsors, but using these "advertising browsers" with a monitor resolution of less than 1024 768 is very tedious. Usually one browser is designed to display simultaneously two banners of 468x60, located side by side horizontally, so the working field at a low resolution of the monitor is greatly reduced. What can we say about two such browsers on the screen? ..

    The fee for this kind of adsorption is quite high, in any case, in comparison with other types of earnings. The level of payment fluctuates between $ 0.4 and $ 0.6 per hour. At the same time, I want to note that most sponsors maintain an "account" not in dollars, but in "points", or in glasses, which each sponsor accrues in its own way.

    With this method of earning, the so-called "referral" program is widely practiced. Having registered with the sponsor, a certain person starts to attract other people's earnings to this kind of earnings, and at the same time points for his "account" come from everyone who registered with him. Such programs can have several levels of nesting, and with increased agitation of relatives, friends and acquaintances, they significantly increase your "account".

    Going back to the theme of artful goli ... There is a program created by our craftsmen, imitating active network surfing of the client and allowing the most "honest" way to "inflate" advertisers. The program randomly changes addresses in the browser, selecting them from a previously created database, moves the mouse cursor over the screen, "clicks" on banners, periodically pauses in surfing, etc. That is, the actions of the surfer are simulated with a maximum approximation to reality. The program is used in those cases when the surfer has unlimited access to the Internet (it simply runs at night). However, judging by the responses to this program, the latest versions of "advertising browsers" of some sponsors determine the existence of such a program on the computer and refuse to start. Well, in this case, you can always download another sponsor's browser :) .

    The third method is reading mail

    The way in which you are paid for each email you read, which has come to your e-mail box.

    The obvious plus of this method is the ability to quietly and quietly deal with all the mail immediately, for example after a working day. In addition, you can register at least a dozen sponsors - just letters will be more. And the process of reading letters can be made for yourself more interesting and even useful, because many companies ask you to indicate the scope of your interests and in your advertising letters will stick to the topic you have chosen. When registering with several users, it is more expedient to create a separate mailbox for the process of reading to be as simple as possible. Some sponsors ask after reading the letter "click" on the links in it - and knowledgeable people recommend it, because then they start sending more letters.

    The range of prices is quite wide: from $ 0.02 to 2.5, and the cost of letters is inversely related to their number.

    Recently, some sponsors, engaged in displaying banners, also join companies sending letters to their customers' boxes.

    All Differences

    Addition to the above described methods are all kinds of campaigns sponsored by and allowing the consumer of their advertising to earn up to several thousand points at once. For example, you can register with one more sponsor (or rather, the client of your sponsor) and maybe win 1000 points for it. In general, in my opinion, these small shares, if they are free of advertising, are aimed at maintaining the dying activity of users, no more.

    There are sponsors who pay only because you make their homepage start in your browser, go to the links they offer, but there are not many of them.

    In addition, you can always play online games with cash winnings. Some even know how, with a minimum of effort, to receive a check by $ 50 by mail: there is an Internet company practicing online games. To "seed" and involve the surfer in the game, they provide new players with no credit and not even benefits, and simply $ 50 in their account. So, who was not lazy, he simply conscientiously registered and then used the button "withdraw money from the account." The check is sent to your trip by mail three days after the withdrawal of the money.

    Sponsors are also people

    Do not forget that all companies in this world are created by ordinary people. Therefore, on the Web there are so-called "black lists", conducted by enthusiasts of "network" earnings, where sponsors are placed that do not pay their customers.

    If we believe Western research conducted on its statistically "pure" material, not spoiled by the nightly "account" and dial-up lines, network advertising turned out to be very promising: the audience is simply gigantic, the costs are minimal plus the ability to carry out targeted advertising campaigns. Therefore, the number of companies wishing to engage in banners displays to end users and distribution of promotional letters is constantly growing (by the way, the first Russian company engaged in displaying banners for money has appeared recently). Accordingly, the number of companies wishing to "inflate" users is also growing. Moreover, when using the Internet, this is much easier to make than in any other way. So the "black" lists are not empty.

    Personal experience

    What struck me almost immediately was that the banners offered for viewing do not always lead to sites that you regret visiting after two seconds after downloading them. For example, I really liked the site, telling about the life of policemen of a big metropolis, with audio recordings of their radio conversations at work, with a video illustrating their work by appeasing crowds of hooligans, etc. I did not even quite understand what profit this site can bring, although it does have a com domain and spends money on seeing people banners. In addition, very often show the banner of the search engine Altavista. Are they still forced to spend money on advertising ?! Of course, there are banners (and such a majority) of absolutely neutral and boring sites - for the sale of detergents or software, for example.

    But after visiting a few interesting resources, I stopped counting the time spent on registration with the advertiser, wasted, and this alone made me register with another advertiser.

    And almost immediately began the torment with two "advertising" browsers, "eating" a large part of the monitor's working area, which simply could not positively affect my enthusiasm ...

    Periodically going to the sites of their advertisers and out of pure curiosity, looking at what is happening to my assets, I noticed that although they are slowly growing, gradually turning into unattractive (yet!) Numbers with a $ sign in front of them. So in a year, considering my activity in viewing ads, you look, and I'll earn a hundred or two on beer.

    Reality of payment

    I will say right away that I could not stand to "stare" for days on endless succession of successive banners and canceled the automatic launch of my "advertising" browsers on the third day. I run them only occasionally, under a good mood. Therefore, today, based on my personal experience, I can not say for sure whether my sponsors will pay anything at all. However, having traveled through the pages of people calling to earn on the Web by one of the above methods, I found a lot of assurances that money, or rather checks, by mail come and regularly - it all depends only on your network activity. On some pages there are even "scraped" images of checks received by mail - they look quite impressive. And besides, if such actions were a blatant deception, then at least someone would have reported this by creating an appropriate Web page, and I have not yet met them - the Net is just packed with information that this is real money.

    If you are inattentively or for some other reason "ran into" a sponsor who does not make payments in the countries of the former Union, and the amount accumulated in your account is quite large, then you can proceed as follows (again, these are people's recommendations, Who ate on this business a dog). Having warned the sponsor by mail that you have changed your residence, re-register your mailing address with an American and ask the sponsor not to send you checks to your address, but open an account for you at any foreign bank and transfer money to it. Well, what to do then with your account, come up yourself.

    PS I did not cite in the article links to the sites of advertisers, nor to the pages of our compatriots who earn one of the above methods, only in order to avoid accusations of subjectivity. If you want, you can always make a request to any search engine, and he will give out a dozen links of similar subjects.