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Interest-free loan up to 55 days. The balance on the card is 10% per annum
Today, more than 10 000 000 people have already made their choice in favor of PrivatBank credit cards.
Your CREDIT is a step to MILLION! ( Terms of the "Happy Code" campaign )
Простое и бесплатное оформление

Simple and free design

The procedure for issuing the card will take you only 15 minutes!

It is enough to show your passport to get a card. Other documents, such as a certificate from the place of work, are not mandatory, but their availability may be an important factor in determining the credit limit.

Беспроцентный кредит – до 55 дней
Беспроцентный кредит – до 55 дней

Interest-free credit - up to 55 days!

Universal MasterCard cards have a grace period of up to 55 days. This means that to not pay interest, you need to pay off the debt before the 25th day of the month following the one in which you used the loan. Mandatory payment on the loan - only 7%. Mandatory payment is the amount that you need to make monthly on the "Universal" card to repay the loan, which will not create a significant burden on your family budget.

For example, on April 1 you spent 500 UAH on a card, and on April 15 another UAH 1,500 - until May 25 you need to return 2 000 UAH to the card.

So that you do not pay an extra commission, we regularly remind you when to make a payment.

10% годовых на остаток собственных средств по карте Универсальная

10% per annum on the balance of own funds on the Universal card!

On the "Universal" card you can store your own money and receive an additional 10% annual income for the balance of personal funds over UAH 100 (the money is credited to your bonus account). To do this, activate the deposit function of the card in "Privat24" or ATM.

Кредитный лимит до 25 000 грн

The credit limit is up to 25 000 UAH!

At your request, a credit limit can be set on the Universal Card.

The credit limit is the amount of funds that the bank provides to you on credit. The size limit is set for each client individually. The current size you can find out in any convenient way for you: at an ATM, branch, "Privat24" or by calling 0800500003.

Увеличение кредитного лимита за 5 минут

Increase the credit limit for 5 minutes!

Leave the request and we will increase your credit limit by 10%!

Owners of the Universalna card can easily expand the capabilities of their bank cards by changing the amount of credit they have provided. Make purchases, returning money in time to 55 days and do not pay interest on the loan. For customers with a zero limit, the bank gives a limit of 500 UAH.

Вас обслужат в любом отделении!

You will be served in any office!

PrivatBank has the largest branch network among Ukrainian commercial banks. You can address questions on the "Universal" card to any branch, not just where you got it! Employees of all branches will be glad to see you!