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Why do I need to register in the directories via 1PS.RU?

Why do I need to register a site in directories? There are several reasons:

  1. Additional visitors to your site from directories.
  2. More links to your site, which affects the position in the search engine.
  3. Links from catalogs are thematic, because Are placed in thematic sections.
  4. Influence on referential ranking - the name of your site, registered in directories is a link with the necessary keywords.

In other words, registering in directories via 1PS.RU is an inexpensive way to get a lot of links with the right keywords on thematic pages.

The main advantages of 1PS.RU compared to manual registration are the speed of registration and the daily updated and updated lists of directories.

Why is faster with 1PS.RU?

Because 1PS offers a whole range of tariffs, choose the best time and money for spending.

Any 1PS tariff saves you time!

  1. Directories are already found and processed, disabled or working unstable. Now in the database Catalogs.
  2. Service specialists can do some or all of the work for you!
    The selection of keywords, compilation of questionnaires, selection of headings, sending of data, installation of catalog references and processing of answers from them - all these works are carried out by our specialists - choose the convenient rate for you!

Calculate the cost of your working time and the cost of the Internet, and you will understand that the services of 1PS.RU are worth it.

Why is it safer with 1PS.RU?

Registration is carried out in semi-automatic mode. This means that the specialist sees each catalog and can correct information about the site for the requirements of each catalog, catalogs with registration in several stages and catalogs with captcha are processed!

Even with self-registration, 1PS will warn you about possible errors.

In the detailed report you will see the results of sending data to EVERY directory.

Even if some directory is not available now, you can later add the site to it and to new directories.

When registering, you can use a variety of variations of names and descriptions of the site, and thus avoid linking links, and use more keywords to promote!

How much does it cost to register in the directories through 1PS.RU?

There are several tariff plans:

  • VIP - for busy people. You provide only the URL of the site, the key words and descriptions for registration are prepared by the specialist and will be coordinated with you, and then he will register in the catalogs. This rate is also convenient for beginners - you will save a lot of time and get a good effect.
    2400 rub. More details »
  • OPTIMA - if you have already chosen keywords for promotion, this tariff is optimal. On their basis, the specialist prepares the site descriptions and registers the site.
    1560 rubles. More details »
  • ELITE - the description you provide, the registration is conducted by a specialist of the Service 1PS.RU.
    600 rubles. More details »
  • PROS - for professionals. Completely independent registration of the site in the directories using the service 1PS.RU.
    60 rubles. More details »

There is also a free DEMO- tariff: evaluate the possibilities of the service for self-registration (50 directories are available at any time, the rest from 2 to 6 nights).

Order registration in catalogs »

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