Partner - Make money on the sale of games and services from $ 0.20 per click

Earn on the site Earn on the site Earn on the site Earn on the site
Step 1:
Registration and addition of an advertising platform
Step 2:
Selecting a promotion from the list
Step 3:
Obtaining promo materials and codes
Step 4:
Placement of promotional materials on their websites and making profit

Admitad is an affiliate program with payment for a specific action. You can choose from a variety of promotional offers the most beneficial for your kind of traffic. Payment from 0,20 $ per click.

How the system works

  • It all begins with the registration of a webmaster who, after completing this procedure, adds his own resources (sites) to the ADmitAD system.
  • After this, it is the turn of the administration that performs the checking of the added sites for compliance with the rules of the system, and assigns a certain category (subject matter) to each added site.
  • Categories are assigned so that advertisers, also registered in the system, can easily manage the subscription to offers from sites of certain topics.
  • Once the above procedure is completed, the sites are approved and each of them is assigned a certain category (subject matter), the webmaster gets access to the list of promotional offers provided by the system.
  • Choosing suitable offers, you must add them to the "Selected", this action automatically sends a request for participation in the advertising campaign to its administrator (the advertiser).
  • If the advertiser is happy with everything, he gives the webmaster access to a list of various promotional materials that can be used for advertising.
  • If the advertiser is not satisfied with the resource offered by the webmaster, access to the promotional materials remains private, so you can not participate in the advertising campaign.
  • Subject to the approval of the site, the advertiser remains the last procedure, the simplest and most enjoyable of all.
  • You just need to install the promotional materials provided by the advertiser to your sites, after which the visitors, passing through advertising links (mostly banners of different types), thereby bring profit if the action is done in the terms of the promotional offer.
  • You can withdraw the earnings in any form that is convenient for you.