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Aquapark "Almond Grove"

Address: Alushta Professor's Corner, ul. Embankment, 4-A
Phone: +38 065 602-59-71, +38 065 602-59-74 +38 065 602-52-15
Subscription Price:
Price a single visit:
children up to 1,5 m. - 200 UAH from 10 to 18, 160grn from 13 to 18 120 UAH from 15 to 18
children up to 1m - 180grn from 10 to 18, 140grn from 13 to 18 100 UAH from 15 to 18
adult - 220grn from 10 to 18, 180grn from 13 to 18, 140grn from 15 to 18.

Description: The object is located in the working area Alushta on the street. Quay 4-A, just 500 meters from the city center and only 1500 meters from the main artery of Crimea - Simferopol-Yalta highway. Thanks to this arrangement, you can quickly get to the park as a means of public transport and by car.
Water park covers an area of ​​2 hectares and includes:
  1. 6 swimming pools,
  2. 14 slides and tunnels,
  3. 4 platform for the descent from the hills,
  4. 2 solarium area,
  5. as well as waterfalls, fountains, jacuzzi, channels over and other attractions.

Water temperature (in Celsius): 26 With swimming pools, jacuzzi baths 33-34oS
Water aerobics: None.
For more information and services:
Hours aquatic water park area - from 10:00 to 18:00
On the territory of the water park are: coffee bar, children's cafe, disco, luggage storage, safe for valuables, dressing rooms, showers, toilets, first-aid post. All slides are marked with their technical characteristics, descent rules, correct body position during the descent. aquapark work takes place under the close supervision of professional and experienced instructors. In the water park there are 3 top Jacuzzi framed by green vegetation and the Crimean one jacuzzi pool next to the game. Operate public toilets (3 - 1 and the fourth on the third floor). Capacity Water Park 1500.
Waterpark uses advanced technology training, pre-treatment and heating of water for swimming pools and attractions. The water goes through several levels of purification and brought to the level of drinking for pH and chlorine content.
In a residential housing complex is located baths. The complex includes two saunas (Roman bath, Finnish sauna), spacious rest room, showers. In the same building on the 3rd floor is a massage parlor. Professional massage therapists provide a wide range of types of massage.
The outdoor water park area has 3 solarium:
  1. near the wave pool area - 1000 sq.m.
  2. next game pool area - 800 sq.m.
  3. near the children's pool.
Restaurant "Almond Grove" invites all lovers of fine European food and refined oriental aesthetics
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Studio Bar "Dolphin" Operates from 09:00 to 20:00 (or until the last customer). The bar has the best Kiev professional chefs, waiters, DJ. Submitted by European cuisine, fast-food. A list of the most original and delicious cocktails is not limited to 150 species. The bartender will prepare any cocktail mood and taste of the client. Quality food and beverage meet world standards. The studio bar bartender pass daily show. The bar is equipped with special effects. Powered evening disco, equipped with a powerful and high-quality sound and the light of the latest technology.
Bowling and billiards. The complex is equipped with «Brunswik & Billards Corp» American company - is primarily a four bowling lanes with electronic system of counting results. Our experienced experts will help novices to debug the game technique and assist professionals. The complex has everything for fans of billiards.