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Swimming pool "5 Element"

Address: Kiev, st. Electricians, 29а
Phone: 537-30-90, 451-41-51
Subscription price: Club system
Price of one-time visit:
Description : 4 swimming pools: indoor swimming pool 4 paths of 25m., Children's pool 60m., Year-round outdoor hydromassage pool with sea salt for 12 people, summer outdoor pool. For children there is a shallow water zone
Water temperature (in degrees Celsius): +42 in outdoor hot tub
Aqua aerobics: Yes.
Additional information and services:
For disinfection, ozone and ultraviolet lamp
Water bicycles
Diving courses
Rehabilitation programs, yoga
Salt room (cabin with salt fog)
Armo cabins
Sharko shower
Various types of massage
Restaurant: fitness food, Japanese cuisine, oxygen cocktails
Sporting diagnostics is the first step to start fitness classes, to dive into wellness or to undergo procedures at the club. With the help of modern equipment, the doctor determines the level of physical fitness and functional capabilities of the cardiovascular system. After that, an individual training program is prepared for the client member.
Group programs of the club differ in variety of directions and can satisfy any requests of fitness fans. In addition to fitness programs, they include classical and step aerobics, dance lessons, tai chi, pilates and yoga, power classes and martial arts.
When visiting the club, electronic personal cards of contactless type (with a chip) are used. They are very convenient - especially in the pool and the bath - and allow you to independently use the services of the club or make their reservation at a convenient time. Members of the club contribute a certain amount to the card account as a prepayment to use it for payment of additional services and procedures (restaurant, bar, solarium, massage, etc.).
Additional service in the club is quite wide: from the cosmetics store and the rack with magazines, creams and nutritional supplements - to the services of the bathhouse attendant (170 UAH), the supply of flavored water (1 bucket - 10 UAH), the steam procedure in the hay bath "kraksen" ( 50 UAH.)
How to get there: minibus - Transport (Marshrutki)