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If you have any proven technological developments or inventions from the field of saving fuel, heat or electricity , as well as environmental engineering , and you can not find them worthy of use, place detailed information about your technology or invention in the section "technology market" scientifically -technical portal WWW.SHRAM.KIEV.UA . Perhaps in this somebody already needs and is ready to introduce your technology or invention into your production to promote the fundamentally new goods and services to the market and to provide "new entry" , as well as to reduce costs in the production of traditional Products .

Your technology or invention will be available through a link to the page in the relevant subsection of the technology market with a detailed description of it.

Technology of oil and oil products cleaning
In Russia, a unique, absolutely environmentally friendly, without the cost of electricity, a technology for cleaning oil and petroleum products from such harmful to oil and oil products components as chloride salts, aromatic resins, paraffins, water, sulfur.

How to reduce fuel consumption?
Against the background of the increase in the cost of motor fuel, innovative solutions are needed to reduce the cost of transportation. How to achieve: a 10-25% reduction in fuel consumption, a 5-10% increase in engine power, a 7-10- fold decrease in the amount of harmful emissions to the atmosphere ( CO , SN ), at an unreasonable level?

Methods and devices of radical fuel economy in thermal engines of transport and heat power engineering and simultaneous radical improvement of their ecology
It is known that world heat and power engineering and transport are the main world consumers of fuel and the atmosphere of the planet, and, at the same time, the main environmental pollutants of the atmosphere and the entire environment. Therefore, radical energy conservation in these most important sectors is most significant for the sustainable development of civilization for the foreseeable future. The article is devoted precisely to the search for ways of radical energy saving by reducing the consumption of fuel consumed by energy and transport. More specifically, it is devoted to the search, analysis and justification of efficient technologies, methods and devices for radical fuel economy in transport and in heat and power engineering. The general methodological principle of solving the problem of radical fuel saving by the author of this problem is the systemic campaign, according to which the processes of preparation, activation and efficient, environmentally friendly burning of fuels, water-fuel emulsions and various fuel-air mixtures are interdependent and therefore must be considered and solved in a complex. Many of the new technical solutions proposed in the article for significant fuel economy, and more broadly, in the field of new energy-saving technologies, are patented, tested and investigated. These new energy-saving technologies, in the opinion of the author, in case of their mass introduction, will significantly reduce the severity of the global energy and environmental problems of civilization. The article is well illustrated and contains a fairly extensive bibliography of articles and inventions of the author on this topic. The editorial board hopes that this article will arouse keen interest to a wide audience of readers, and it will be useful to specialists - energy specialists and environmentalists.

Steam is an excellent fuel for vehicles and boilers
Water motorists have long been used as an additive to fuel and added it previously by a drip method into the composition of the fuel mixture in the intake engine . At the same time, it was possible to drive the A-92 brand instead of the A-92 without losing the power of the engine, because the addition of steam to the gasoline vapor in the combustion chambers increased the octane number of gasoline, so when working in this combined mode on the A-76 , It was strongly "forward" to put the advance angle without detonating the ICE . Is it possible to completely switch the fuel supply to an internal combustion engine for one water vapor instead of expensive and toxic gasoline? Completely - only not at once but gradually ... This will help us a new technology and the phenomenon of electrohydrodynamic shock in a pair.

Combined unit elekrokulonsky fuel pump - nozzle - a candle
At the present time, the fuel path of the injector ICE is very complex and unreliable. It includes a high-pressure fuel pump, an electromagnetic fuel injector, and many other things including numerous unreliable sensors ...

Method and device of energy saving
The invention relates to semiconductor power converters controlled by voltage regulators, and more particularly to power saving devices and gate reactive power compensators.

As you know, carburettors in automotive engines are designed to prepare a high-quality fuel mixture. However, they are complex and imperfect, and therefore carburetor internal combustion engines ( ICE ) are now being replaced by actively injected ICEs, in which electromagnetic injectors controlled from an on-board computer perform precise dosage and partial carburation of fuel. But in modern injector engines, fuel mixes very poorly with the oxidizer, because the injectors are in the immediate vicinity of the intake valves in the combustion chambers of these motors. As a consequence, poorly mixed fuel is not completely burnt and the ecology of the engine is far from ideal. Therefore, the injectors are equipped with cellular catalytic converters of toxicity of exhaust gases. And this is essentially a significant aerodynamic resistance - a " plug " in the exhaust path of the engine , which leads to a deterioration in the operational and technical characteristics of the engine - to reduce the maximum engine power, acceleration and fuel consumption by 10-15% , depending on the mode of operation of the engine. Thus, the abandonment of carburetors and the transition to injectors does not completely solve the problem of creating an ecologically perfect and economical ICE engine . Is there a way out of the impasse. There is a way out - you need to combine the design of the injector unit with the modernized carburetor.

Fuel economy. Combined method of fuel activation and filtration
In order to radically save fuel it is necessary to achieve its effective combustion in any heat and power plant - ICE , boiler plant ie. Completely and environmentally friendly to burn any fuel in all operating modes of the burner ...

The utility model refers to devices for the preparation of a fuel mixture in any heat installations containing fuel injectors, for example, in internal combustion engines ( ICE ), in boiler plants.

The method of electric arc rotation is an effective way to reduce fuel consumption and improve the environment in energy and transport. Effective, magnetic spark plug
The article is devoted to the description of the original plasma torch with a rotating electric arc and a description of its advantages and useful applications in various fields from heat and power engineering to all types of transport.

Universal torch with rotating electric arc
A useful model refers to burners for power boilers, gas turbine and combined-cycle plants and any furnace for industrial furnaces.

A steady increase in gasoline prices is a real disaster for ordinary Russian car owners. And the problems of ecology worry every citizen. Is there a development ready for operation on domestic cars, which resolves both these problems at once, cheaply and qualitatively.

Yes it turns out that Samara has already developed, certified and produced a simple, cheap and efficient "Ekotop" device that allows solving these problems. Its essence consists in the vortex mixing and crushing of the fuel mixture of internal combustion engine .

The economical, omnivorous Dudyshev burner

Low-cost, high-speed, electrosmotic drying of porous materials, for example wood
The utility model refers to devices for removing moisture from porous materials, for example wood.

Unique electro-rotor technology for environmentally friendly processing and utilization of oil spill
The essence of this technology consists in an integrated approach to the processing and disposal of any oil sludge, including sequential operations of separation and removal of the upper layer of clean petroleum products, and the subsequent clean electric combustion of other heavy oil slime fractions in a strong electric field.

This technology can be used to cleanly convert the energy of toxic oil sludge into useful products - fuel, heat and electricity.

Low-cost method of hydrogen production
The utility model refers to devices for producing hydrogen, oxygen, electricity and heat from liquids, for example, from water.

"Nefteklin" - magnetic collector-adsorbent for removal of oil spills from the surface of water and from hard surfaces

Radical energy savings