Web-services for free study of foreign languages ​​with media

Web-cервисы для бесплатного изучения иностранных языков с носителями

A native speaker is a representative of the language community who speaks the norms of the language and actively uses the language (usually native to him) in various everyday, sociocultural, professional spheres of communication. Work with native speakers, and not with texts, is devoted to field linguistics.

When you study a foreign language on your own, it's important to know that you do not waste time and then you will not have to retrain, because the native speakers do not understand you blithely. The key to success in learning foreign languages ​​is practice and the best option in this case is to communicate with native speakers.

The best resources with many valuable tips and tips for studying foreign languages ​​that will help you take the right course from the very beginning are displayed in the social services and services listed below. In these Web-services you can find an interlocutor on hobbies and interests, and at the same time and practice your communication.

Language social networks for learning foreign languages ​​with native speakers

Web-cервисы для бесплатного изучения иностранных языков с носителями

Functional service with Android and MacOS applications

The main advantage of Babbel - a visual dictionary, broken into thematic lessons. The system offers to fill up the vocabulary in three ways: repeating the words behind the speaker to the recorder, recording them with the help of the proposed letters and reproducing them in a suitable context. The basic course includes 8 main topics, for access to the rest will have to pay from $ 7.5 to $ 13 per month. Like almost all sites that teach online languages, Babbel offers users of other users - speakers of the studied language.

Languages : English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Dutch, Polish, Indonesian.

Web-cервисы для бесплатного изучения иностранных языков с носителями

Service, fully working on the human resource

Mylanguageexchange is a realized dream of Soviet children, the ideal service for finding a "pen friend." Only here a friend will not be an arbitrary Bill from South Africa, but exactly what you want. On the site you describe your ideal "language partner", as it is called here: indicate its native language and language, which it practices, as well as the country in which it is desirable to live, and the approximate age of your partner. The rest - the matter of choice: choose the one you like and the one that matches the parameters of your interlocutor and polish your French, German or whatever else. On the site, according to the authors, about one million users from 133 countries live, they teach 115 languages. When live communication gets tired, you can try to play all sorts of dictionary games, scrape in the local library or just go to a text chat instead of voice chat.

Languages : 115 pieces, including main European and Asian.

Web-cервисы для бесплатного изучения иностранных языков с носителями

Service that turns any native speaker into a teacher

The site with the strange name italki offers already mastered live chats and text verification. The main difference from the same Lang-8 - the opportunity to give professional lessons to those who wish, writing them on the schedule and communicating at a certain time. Note! Most services for italki are free. You do not need to pay for searching and communicating with language partners on the site pages. Making records in the "Notepad" section, getting the right answers and edits from other users will not cost you anything. For free, you ask your questions and get answers to them. Discussions in groups where you practice writing skills with other community members are also free of charge. But professional teachers and community mentors take charge for their studies. Each of them sets a price for himself. Classes are paid for by so-called "italki credits" (ITC). The italki loan rate is attached to the US dollar: 10 credits italki = 1 US dollar.

Languages : more than 100, including major European and Asian.

Web-cервисы для бесплатного изучения иностранных языков с носителями

Analog VKontakte for those who have few demotivators in Russian

The peculiarity of the Interpals network is a huge international community, built on the principle of facebook or any other social network, but with an emphasis on learning languages. For a quick acquaintance, only a basic level of language proficiency is required, and the motivation for the classes does not have to be looked outside the site, because there are so many interesting people there!

Languages : more than 100, including major European and Asian.

Web-cервисы для бесплатного изучения иностранных языков с носителями

Analog Livemocha with an interface in blue tones

A special novelty of the functional Lingq will not please - all the same classes to expand the vocabulary, all the same thematic lessons. For a fee ($ 10, $ 39 or $ 79 per month - depending on the user's requests), you can receive additional lessons, import new sets of words, pass all the new tests and write dictations. In addition to all this, you can acquire a personal mentor, which will help to wade through the jungle of an unfamiliar language. And you can also act as a tutor yourself: check other people's homework and participate in discussions on the grammar of their native language.

Languages : French, Russian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Swedish, Korean, Chinese.

Web-cервисы для бесплатного изучения иностранных языков с носителями

Social network with ready-made English lessons

In the name of the site everything, in general, it is said: Englishbaby - a site for those who managed not to learn English at school or trying to find an alternative to a schoolteacher. You can learn the language here in several ways: chatting with other idiots, communicating with them on forums or in private messages, learning vocabulary, solving grammar puzzles and listening to audio recordings. The user must choose the sequence of exercises himself.

Languages : English.

Web-cервисы для бесплатного изучения иностранных языков с носителями

Service for working on written language

Having already mastered the basics of language practice, Lang-8 offers a wonderful course in its simplicity. The user writes the text in the studied language, after which the native speaker is taken for the text, making appropriate corrections to it. The site is ideal for maniacal grammarians or those who need to get a "sanction" for confident speaking - to make sure that at least everything is written correctly. From a purely psychological point of view, this is very correct, the main thing is to remember in time about the need to learn oral practice.

Languages: there are native speakers from 190 countries.

Web-cервисы для бесплатного изучения иностранных языков с носителями

Help another, and he will help you

The policy of this international website is to help another, and he will help you. Exercises that can not be verified by the program are parsed by native speakers. They do this not just so, but in exchange for the fact that someone will then check their exercises. Whether to believe the reviewer's reviews is a private matter for everyone, but experienced users advise paying attention to the ratings of users. The main part of the site is available for free. Together with this, the system of tokens operates, paying with which the student can, for example, individually work out with a tutor whom he chooses himself. Also for $ 9.99 a month you can buy a "golden key", which will open access to all materials.

Languages : 38 languages, including Urdu, Esperanto, Putonghua, Persian and others.

Web-cервисы для бесплатного изучения иностранных языков с носителями

Online community for students of foreign languages

The online community for students of foreign languages ​​busuu.com was created by 36-year-old Adrian from Liechtenstein and 31-year-old Bernard from Austria who are fluent in three languages ​​each and study on the fourth. According to them, they tried to create an alternative to the traditional way of studying, which they always found costly, complex and boring. Three principles on which the site is based: to learn from native speakers, to learn from the original material, to study for free. Each member of the community is not only a student, but also a teacher who helps those who want to learn their native language. Note. The bulk of content is free, premium access is 4.49 € per month. Premium access provides access to video tutorials, language tests and the ability to obtain a certificate after completing the course.

Languages : Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese and English.

Web-cервисы для бесплатного изучения иностранных языков с носителями

Learn! Communicate! Play it!

Edustation is a place for learning foreign languages ​​with a lot of video materials, photos, educational games and texts with audio recordings. The user himself decides which course or method is optimal for him. In addition to teaching materials, it is possible to communicate with other students or native speakers.

Languages : English, German, Polish, French.

Web-cервисы для бесплатного изучения иностранных языков с носителями

Practice! Practice! Practice!

Sharedtalk.com is a social network that can help you learn any foreign language. Especially it suits those who already have a good knowledge of the language and want to practice with a native speaker, although this is not necessary. The site is made, perhaps, the most famous manufacturer of electronic language learning systems Rosetta Stone. It is enough to register, enter the search parameters of the partner: the mother tongue and the language you are studying, and a list of suitable options will appear with country, age, gender and a brief summary.

Pay attention to the column "Mother tongue". Sometimes it shows more than 2 languages. Often, some users include English or other languages ​​in the family list, if they simply think they speak them fluently enough. But this does not mean that they do not make the same mistakes as you do. Pay attention to the number of languages ​​studied. If there are too many of them (for example, 5), then most likely the user is just interested in them. Think about how seriously he is willing to deal with each of them at the same time.

Interactive services

Web-cервисы для бесплатного изучения иностранных языков с носителями

Words in exchange for meatballs

LinguaLeo service is built according to the gaming technique: when registering on the site, the user becomes the owner of a lion cub, who is obliged to feed meatballs (which are issued for regular and effective classes), can add friends to the pride and has access to the jungle - the base of video, audio and text materials. After registration, the student must independently indicate his level of language proficiency and the time that he is ready to conduct daily on the service. With the help of these data, a progress chart will be constructed that will clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of the sessions and their intensity. Most of the content is free, but you can buy a "golden status" for 300 rubles a month to be able to add an unlimited number of words a day.

Languages : English.

Web-cервисы для бесплатного изучения иностранных языков с носителями

We supplement the vocabulary

The creators of the project base their methodology on the fact that new words can be remembered only in context and only if at least occasionally run through the compiled lists. Users can create an unlimited number of dictionaries for different languages. The study occurs in the process of reading texts - either those that are offered on the site, or their own, which are fairly easy to upload to the site. You can click on any word in the text - its translation will appear, which automatically gets into the dictionary created by the user. Also there is the function "Learn" - words from the dictionary one by one appear on the screen, accompanied by translation, transcription and pronouncing by the announcer.

Languages : English, German, Italian, Spanish, French.

YouTube channels for those who learn English

Other Resources for Learning English

  • Learn american english online - an excellent resource for English learners. All submitted material by levels. Paul from the United States explains the grammar in his videos.
  • British Council is the site of the British Council. Podcasts, educational videos and games.
  • BBC English - learn modern, live language with the help of the BBC.
  • Manythings - a very capacious site, even the media use it. Here you can prepare for the TESL / TEFL exams. There are sections on working off pronunciation (American English), idioms, slang and other usefulness.
  • Situationalenglish - we study English not by simple cramming of words, but with the help of various situations and expressions. About 150 different articles.
  • Study.ru - online portal for learning languages , incl. English. Video lessons, exercises, online language learning system, forum of language lovers.
  • Englishtips is a community for those who love English. Live communication, articles, tips and secrets, the latest techniques and trends in everything regarding English!

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