The name of the months in Ukrainian, Russian, English, German, French

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Название месяцев по-украински, по-русский, по-английски, по-немецки, по-французки

This article will help you to fully learn the months in Ukrainian, Russian, English, German, French.

To help with the preparation of documents, taxes, reports.

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# Months In Ukrainian In Russian In English In German In French
1 Sychen January January Januar Janvier
2 Lyuti February February Februar Fevrier
3 Bereznyi March March Marz Mars
4 Квітень April April April Avril
5 Traven May May Mai Mai
6th Cherven June June Juni Juin
7th Lypen July July Juli Juillet
8 Sickle August August August Aout
9 Vereseni September September September Septembre
10 Zhovten October October Oktober Octobre
eleven Leaf fall November November November Novembre
12 Chest December December Dezember Decembre