Correct table setting

Basics of table layout

Serving (from French service) is a term in cooking, which refers to a number of related processes when eating food:

  • The process of covering the table, placing the quilts (cutlery) on it - serving the table ;
  • Decorating dishes to give them an externally interesting look - serving a dish ;
  • Selection and supply of certain wines to certain dishes - serving wines .

Also serving is the process of serving dishes to guests. Usually one of three types is used:

  • Russian serving - dishes are divided into individual portions and are laid out on plates in the kitchen or on the buffet and served to guests one at a time in the order of their appearance in the menu;
  • French serving - dishes are put on the table, the guests themselves choose them;
  • English serving - the waiter updates guests with dishes in turn and places them on plates.

An important point in attracting visitors is the proper table setting. The word "serving" has two meanings: first, preparing the table for breakfast, lunch, dinner or tea, that is, placing the dishes in a certain order, and secondly, the set of objects (dishes, table linen) intended for this purpose . Serving the table is multifaceted.

Preliminary table setting is the most important stage of the preparation of the hall for the reception of visitors. The form of the serving depends on the class of the enterprise, the method and the time of service.

In the morning and lunch time, there is a minimum serving, in the evening - more complete.

Basics of table layout

Serving the table must meet the following requirements

  1. Match the type of service;
  2. Match the menu offered snacks, dishes and drinks;
  3. Combined with the shape of the table, the color of the tablecloth and napkins, with the form of their curling, with the general interior of the hall;
  4. Reflect the national peculiarity and thematic focus of the enterprise;
  5. All items of serving should be in accordance with the rules.

Serving sequence

  1. Covering the table with a tablecloth;
  2. Serving with plates;
  3. Serving with appliances;
  4. Serving with glass (crystal) dishes;
  5. Making table with napkins;
  6. Arrangement of devices for spices;
  7. Arrangement of vases with flowers.

When laying the table, observe a certain order

  • First put porcelain or china dishes;
  • Then stack the instruments;
  • And then put crystal or glass;

Glasses, wine glasses, wine glasses, putting on the table, hold on to the leg.


Basics of table layout

Why not take a beautiful servant from the sideboard and arrange a nice breakfast for yourself? By the way, put a small bouquet in the center of the table do not forget.


Basics of table layout

If you can get by with napkins for breakfast, then, for dinner, cover the table with a tablecloth.

Dinner is common (informal)

Basics of table layout

You can use a tablecloth, and you can also use a path.

Dinner is official

Basics of table layout

Here, in theory, the more beautiful, the better. If a tablecloth, then snow-white, if napkins, then in the rings.

Scheme for the use of cutlery

Basics of table layout
Basics of table layout

And in order not to forget what kind of cutlery is needed for.

How to express an opinion about food

Basics of table layout

If suddenly this happened to you, that you were in a restaurant, then you can express your opinion about the service of the chef without the requirements of a book of complaints and threats that they will all be sacked thanks to you.

What and what do they drink

Basics of table layout
Basics of table layout

How to choose the right wine to eat a useful article on how to drink and what.

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