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How to find a lost dog?

Животные и звери

We, of course, live in big cities, but sometimes everyone is lost.

How to find a dog lost in the woods during rest, hunting, fishing?

On the twelfth day of searches in a very dense forest, already losing my mind and hope, I ran into a pair of hunters. According to their stories, they often lost hunting dogs in the forest, but they always found them. What they told me, more than once helped the dogs and their families to be together again.

The owner must take a thing worn for at least one day, the longer, the better that the lost dog could smell the "native" smell. It is necessary to put and leave this thing where the dog was last seen. If the dog had a cage and a favorite toy, you can also leave them there if the space allows. It is necessary to place ads on the loss where they will not be ripped off.

Also, you need to leave a bowl of water, because, most likely, your dog does not have any access to water. But you do not need to leave food, as it will attract other animals that your dog should avoid. Come every day to this place or check regularly whenever possible. If you're lucky, the dog will be waiting for you there.

I was skeptical and doubted that the dog would find our thing, even though she did not hear me calling her as loudly as I could for 12 whole days ... But when I returned the next day, she was sitting there!

I hope this will help someone who has lost his friend.

Good luck!

Как найти потерянную собаку?
Как найти потерянную собаку?

Additional tips for finding a dog or an animal

Be sure to attach to the collar either a capsule or a tag with a phone and address, as well as with the phrase "for a solid reward."

If the dog disappeared, on the same day, make 100 color photographs (~ 300 rubles), write down your phone from the back and give them to all the dogs that you meet during the search. Dogs are the only people who really understand the severity of the loss and will certainly help.

Advertise with a photo on local cable television, as a rule they broadcast them for free.

Advertise with a photo in a local newspaper a month in advance.

Hang up ads with photos in all nearby (up to 20 min by car) vet clinics, as well as warn their staff and leave them a photo.

Warn the staff of all shelters for stray dogs that you can find, leave them a photo.

Warn the management of your club, the RKF, the RFOS and other cynological organizations.

Be sure to post ads on missing on several specialized sites on the Internet, do not underestimate the Internet, now it is very effective.

Make an advertisement with a photo (greatly increases the chances) and hang it first in stores, pharmacies, garages, parking lots, bus stops and places of greatest concentration.

Ask as many friends as possible to help you look for a dog. Divide the search area among all equally, but so that the most likely you got.

Try to look for the dog immediately at the first hour next to the place of loss, it is better to walk and call loudly (or whistle if your dog used to respond to a whistle) than to drive a car and look out the window.

Give the dog's photo to all the police patrols that met, with a promise of reward. As a rule, they patrol a lot of the area and there is a chance that they will see your dog.

During the day, the dog takes the average away approximately to the distance of the 1st district.

If your dog ever traveled with you in public transport, then find the control room of all the buses passing through the district and leave there a photo with a request to show all the drivers (control rooms usually at the final stops).

After the dog was found on the same day, show her a good vet.

Do not get lost :) and if this happens, find it soon :)