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GAI has published a list of "major" license plate politicians

The traffic police department believes that Ukrainians have the right to know who owns cars with "cool numbers", so once again published a list that indicates to whom and how many such "special numbers" were issued.

Now, by numbers, you can find out who owns the cool car.

The format of license plates of this type includes 2 or 3 digits, that is, the number of possible combinations will be no more than 1000.

License Plate - Government Officials:
001 - President of Ukraine,
002 - Head of Verkhovnoї For the sake of Ukraine,
003 - Premier Minister of Ukraine,
004 - State Secretary of Ukraine,
005 - Secretary For national security and defense of Ukraine,
006 - Upgrades of the Supreme For the sake of Ukraine from the rights of people,
007 - First Protector of the Head of the Supreme For the sake of Ukraine,
008 - Head of the Supreme Guardian For Ukraine,
009 - the First Vіce-prem'єr-mіnіstr Ukraine,
010 - Vice-prem'єr-minіstr Ukraїni,
011 - Vice Prem Premier of Ukraine,
012 - Vice-prem'єr-minіstr Ukraїni,
013 - Head of the State Service of Ukraine,
014 - The Ministry of Communications of Ukraine,
015 - The head of the Central vibe,
016 - The Ministry of Economy and Food of the European Integration of Ukraine,
017 - The Ministry of Initiates of Ukraine,
018 - The Ministry of Culture and Music of Ukraine,
019 - Ministry of Defense of Ukraine,
020 - Chief of the General Staff of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine,
021 - Ministry of Science and Science of Ukraine,
022 - The Ministry of Energy and Energy of Ukraine,
023 - The Ministry of Social and Social Affairs of Ukraine,
024 - Ministry of Health of Ukraine,
025 - The Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine,
026 - The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Ukraine,
027 - Ministry of Transport and Link of Ukraine,
028 - Ministry of Food of Ukraine of the most advanced situations,
029 - The Ministry at the junior and sports Ukraine,
030 - Ministry of Finance of Ukraine,
031 - Ministry of Justice of Ukraine,
032 - Head of the Administrative Board of the State Prikordno Service of Ukraine,
033 - Head of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine,
034 - Head of the Foundation of the sovereign myna Ukraine,
035 (not denied) - The Minister of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine,
036 - The head of the State Duma of Ukraine adminstration of Ukraine,
037 - Head of Service Bezpek of Ukraine,
038 - Attorney General of Ukraine,
039 - Head of Law, NJSC "Naftogaz of Ukraine",
040 - Head of the Administrative Court of Ukraine,
041 - Head of Lviv Oblast for the sake of,
042 - the head of the Ustischa Gospodarskogo Court of Ukraine,
043 - Head of the Department of the Defense of Ukraine,
044 - Head of Verkhovno ї For the sake of Autonomous Republic of Crimea,
045 - Head For the sake of the ministerials of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea,
046 - Head of the Vinnitsa Oblast State Administration,
047 - Head of the Vinnitsa Oblast for the sake of,
048 - the head of the Volinskoi Oblast Oblast State Administration,
049 - Head Volinsko ї oblasno ї sake,
050 - Head of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast State Administration,
051 - Head of Dnipropetrovsk region for the sake of,
052 - Head of Donetsk Oblast State Administration,
053 - Head of Donetsk Oblast for the sake of,
054 - Head of Zhytomyr Oblast State Administration,
055 - Head of Zhytomyr Oblast for the sake of,
056 - Head of Transcarpathian Oblast State Administration,
057 - Head of Transcarpathian Oblast for the sake of,
058 - the Head of the Zaporizko Oblast Oblast State Administration,
059 - Head of Zaporizko obladno ї sake,
060 - Head of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast State Administration,
061 - Head of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast for the sake of,
062 - Head of Kyiv Oblast Oblast State Administration,
063 - Head of Kyiv Oblast for the sake of,
064 - Head of the Chernivtsi Oblast State Administration,
065 - Head of Kyivska Misc sake,
066 - Head of Kyiv City of Oblast State Administration,
067 - Head of the Kirovograd Oblast for the sake of,
068 - Head of Lugansk Oblast State Administration,
069 - Head of Lugansk Oblast for the sake of,
070 - Head of Lviv Oblast Oblast State Administration,
071 - Head of the National Bank of Ukraine,
072 - Head of Mykolaiv Oblast Oblast State Administration,
073 - The head of Mykolaiv Oblast for the sake of,
074 - Head of the Odessa Oblast State Administration,
075 - Head of Odesko Obladno ї sake,
076 - Head of Poltava Oblast State Administration,
077 - Head of Poltava Oblast for the sake of,
078 - Head of Rivnenskoi Oblast Oblast Power Administration,
079 - Head of Rivnenskoi Oblastnaya sake,
080 - Head of Sumko Oblast Oblast Government Administration,
081 - Head of Sumska Obladno ради sake,
082 - Head of Ternopilsk Oblast State Administration,
083 - Head of Ternopilsk Oblaznaya sake,
084 - Head of the Kharkiv Oblast State Administration,
085 - Head of Kharkiv Oblast for the sake of,
086 - Head of the Kherson Oblast State Administration,
087 - Head of the Kherson Oblast for the sake of,
088 - Head of Khmelnytsky Oblast State Administration,
089 - Head of the Khmelnytsky Oblast for the sake of,
090 - Head of the Kyivan State Municipal Government,
091 - Head of Chernivetskoi Oblastnaya sake,
092 - Head of Cherkasy Oblast State Administration,
093 - Head of Cherkasy Oblast, for the sake of,
094 - Head of Chernigivsky Oblast Oblast State Administration,
095 - Head of Chernigivska Oblasty ї sake,
096 - Head of Sevastopolsko City Youth State Administration,
097 - Head of Sevastopolska for the sake of,
098 - 132 - Kervnik Apparat, Keruyuchy spravami, Heads of comitets and deputy factions of the Supreme For the sake of Ukraine,
133 - 138 - Special numbers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine,
139 - 145 - Special numbers of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine,
146 - 150 - Special numbers of the Security Service of Ukraine,
151 - the head of the state ship administration,
152 - Head of Vishcha for the sake of justice,
153 - Head of the Ukrainian Army,
154-165 - Kolishni Heads of the Verkhovnoi For the sake of Ukraine, kerivniki of the Verkhovnoi Group of Ukraine For the sake of Ukraine
166 - Head of the Head Office of the State Service of Ukraine,
167 - Head of the National Depositary of Ukraine,
168 - Head of the National for the sake of Ukraine from the power of the TV show and radio,
169 - Head of the State Car Service of Ukraine,
170 - The Head of Service of Ukraine,
171-175 - Special numbers of the Head Control and Revision Office of Ukraine,
176 - Head of the Pensiatic Fund of Ukraine,
177 - Ministry of Industry of Ukraine,
178 - Ministry of Civil Engineering, architecture and housing and communal state of Ukraine,
179 - Head of Sustainable Standart of Ukraine,
180 - Head of the National Team of Ukraine with the regulation of the link of Ukraine,
181-194 - Head Protector, Secretary, members of the Central Vibration Group (see for the period of the meeting).

According to the press service of the SAI MIA of Ukraine