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Derzhavnij tehnіchny oglyad transport basics

The law establishes a term for technical inspection of vehicles - from the 15th of January to the 15th.

From September 15 to December 15, for those who are quiet, the technical inspection will be held once for two times, or once for each one;
From 15 June to 30 June that from 1 linch to 15 breasts - for those who are quiet, the technical inspection will be held two times on a rik.

Zvertaєmo uvava vlasnikі special transport: kіntseviy termіn progluzhnya golgovogo tehnіchnogo glance in the current rotsі vkazano on dіyuchy talonі, yaky seen during the last minute. Prosperity THAT pіslya dati, it is marked ї in the youth talonі technical view, transfer to the administrative system of the vidpovdaldіst under Art. 121 part 1 of КУоАП, (fine - UAH 340-425)
Prats_vnik Derzhavtoіnspektsi ї view є coupon about passing a technical opinion on leather technical information and separate staffing of transport means for finding all the necessary documents, that at the same time, there is a non-refundable charge for the application for a non-refined document

Technograms of transport ambassadors squarely form the power to be carried out with such a periodnistyu :.

two times a day O2, O3, O4);
once on a rik - zobobi, zaznachen_ for transportation vantazh_v with the maximum allowed to take care of it; N2, N3, O3, O4);
once for two rocks - make a part for transporting passengers for children, for children, but not for children, including those for transporting vantage, which is allowed by the maximum of 3.5 tons, and also for motorcycles, for them, for three months, the maximum allowed by the company is up to 3.5 tons, and also for motorcycles; In order to classify categories for categories L, М1, N1, О1, О2) in this order: - for Rik, yaky zakinchutsya to unpaired digit, - Saw, staying figure for rock vpusku some unpaired; - in the case of a rik, akly zakinchutsya on the pair figure and zero, - take part, staying the figure on the rock of the name of the pair on abo zero.
It is allowed to conduct technical opinion at the reception, at the distribution of the dispatch and at the same time independently of the direction of the dispatch.

Documents for the sovereign technical review of the TK:

The passport of the Ukrainian hankadian abo a document that is dedicated to a person, for individuals, copies of the document of the document, which is a fact of being registered for water, for legal entities;
Record of technical revision of a technician to a camp, visions of a state subcontracting state not to find out 45 dib to date of technical inspection aboard international certification of technical inspecto
Reconstruction and other documents, rightly allow the right of a marked transport;
Dedicated to water, right of course, to the right of a kervati transport vodpovіdnoy category of travel and coupon to new;
Polis obyovyazkovogo insurance civil-law-related districts of the authorities of the land transport abo a document, just as long as the right to get under insurance;
On transport sites, you can transport the goods to the vantazh, you can receive information about the preparation of water, you can transport the vantazhs;
On transport vehicles, on gas, on a document, on how to use gas on gas in a gas system, in order and in rows, set for this kind of possession of that new kit;
At razstanovlennya on zobob_ special_alnykh sound і (abo) sv_tlovy alarm attachments of dozv_l (and) on iy vstanovlenlennya that victoristnaya;
Individuals who hold voyages those of the best self-imposed machines and mechanisms for the rates were supposed to take place on January 1, 2011, and individual individuals who were boules of the 2010 year, - a document that is right to be signed with such tools;
Juridical persons give a rozrahduk tatku from vlasnikіv zobob_v.


When passing through technical support to a tax filed from the authorities of transport units, it is necessary to put it on a special product specialist - TO TO voucher DAI ticket.
Vartі і pіlgovі umovi splati podatkіv roz'yasnіnі on information shields in the mass of the progranzheniya tekhlyadyad.
Pratsіvnik DAІ zdіysnyuє perevіrku vіdpovіdnostі Numbered znakіv vimogam standartіv, danih about zasіb that Yogo vlasnika records in reєstratsіynih documents that vіdomostyam in avtomatizovanih іnformatsіynih systems Derzhavtoіnspektsії, vіdsutnostі faktіv pіdroblennya іdentifіkatsіynih nomerіv warehouses Chastain zasobu, posvіdchennya vodіya that pass to Demba, medichnoї dovіdki.
In addition, it is necessary to rewind the localities about the transport system, the new governor aboard him, and, in fact, automatize the databases of the master school, impose areshtu, and also charge a penalty for the Rules of the peruvian ruble, and a penalty will be applied to the penalty for drawing the Rules.
The conversion of the technical camp to the transport camp will be carried out at the diagnostic stations, as well as the subcontracting of the public service, which is necessary for the specialists.
In the case of technical problems, the time of the technical inspection of the transport facilities will be permitted to us in the next few lines. When transporting a line to a set of lines is repeated for the transfer of the technician to the camp, the captain will not be condemned.

Zbіr per persuyu reєstratsіyu transport posobu
(Vityag z Podatkovogo code of Ukraine):

From 01/01/2011 to the recruiting recruitment campaign VII “Zbіr per persuyu є restratsiyu transport sosobu” of the Sub-Code of Ukraine.
Vidoviv to st. 231 of the Code of Payers for the collection of legal and physical persons who are looking for a new country in Ukraine transport authorities, as such, according to Art. 232 of the Codex є ob'ktam opokatkuvannya.
The first step of the transport system is the center of the transport system, which is to be established by the state authorities of Ukraine and the state of the transport industry in Ukraine.

In spite zboryu for persuit reєstratsіyu transportnyh zobob_v zvilnyyutsya:

budinki-internati for the hulks of the deceptive warrior and internals;
dityachi budinki-internati;
Pansіonati for veterans_vіni і pratsі, geryatrichnі pansіonati;
Set for users іnvalіdіv that deіte-івvalіdіv, sco fіnansuyutsya ot savnogo ta mіtsevogo budget;
lightweight cars for іnvalіdіv with a volume of cil_ndrіv dvigun to 1500 cubic meters. centimeters, poddbanі for rahunki koshtіv sovereign ch_stsevyh budget_t that / abo passed free інвідам Відповідно to the legislation of Ukraine.

Have a look at the rights of the police to protect the people of the country, see the rights of the child to see the rights of the children in their custody;
Zbіr emblaccated with those fizichnimi and legal persons in front of the first registration in Ukraine transport unions. Zbіr to cry out for the help of the vehicle registration board for the stakes, which is worth a day.
Payments to the Zobrub area
At the same time, the documents about paying for the collection of documents, which give the right to be covered by the rules, are not registered in Ukraine.
Fizzykno individuals in the area technical view of vehicles, receipts, or payment of fees for payment for 2010, taxation from vlasnik of transport vehicles and other self-contained vehicles and mechanics for rates, akkilis up to 1 January 2007, and I have already applied my service for the same rate, I have paid until 1 March 2007, I will apply this service and I will pay for the rates, I will pay until 1 March 2007, I will be able to apply the rates and I will be able to pay for the rates. 2010 has a lot of money, a document that is right to be controlled by such pilgrims. In the absence of such documents, technical inspection of transport facilities and knowledge of the area is not carried out.
With the passage of technical assistance in 2011 rotsі (for TZ, technical support 1 time for 2 lessons), the owners of transport units zobov'yazanі splatiti tatanok v vlasnikіv TZ for 2010 rik for rates, they were up to 1 September 2011.
In podatkovih kodeksі given viznachennya for vehicles zasobіv scho vikoristovuvalisya, tse - transportnі zasobi on SSMSC upovnovazhenimi Reigning authorities, in addition chislі іnozemnimi, vidanі reєstratsіynі document scho entitle ekspluatuvati takі transportnі zasobi.
A new transport vehicle is a transport vehicle that does not include aktivs of the state reinstatement of state bodies, including those of earthly ones, who give the right to your new business.

Action number 1. Collection of documents for technical inspection in the traffic police.

Before you decide to visit the station those. diagnostics, you will need to collect a large pile of documents that may be needed by the housekeeping staff. These are rights, civil and technical passport. And also a power of attorney if the car belongs to another person. There was no difficulty in collecting these documents. However, other documents were also required, which took some time to collect.

Medical certificate. In order to get it, we went to a specialized company for this company to go through a medical commission. There are at least ten such companies in Kiev, and prices are different. In the Shevchenko district, the cost of passing a medical examination in the central clinic is 297 hryvnia, including visits to a narcologist and psychiatrist. And in the medical institution Desnyanskiy district for the same services takes only 161 hryvnia. We underwent this procedure for just over an hour, after its completion we received a certificate of the state sample.

Insurance. In order to undergo the procedure of technical inspection 2010, the obligatory document will also be the policy of compulsory insurance of civil liability (OSGPO). The rates for the policy are indicated in the legislation of Ukraine, and all insurance companies are identical. But policies themselves are of three types, or types. The price of the first type of policy is 409 hryvnia (the responsibility of any person driving the car legally is insured. Another tippolis costs 813 hryvnias (the insured is the driver of any driver inscribed in the policy). Finally, the third type of policy costs 372 hryvnias, (the responsibility of the manager of the driver is insured.) inscribed in the policy, also inscribed in the policy).

The document on the HBO. The car can also be equipped with gas cylinder equipment (HBO), and in order to undergo the inspection procedure of 2010, more documents will be required to confirm that the installed gas-fuel system is operational. We could get this document at one gas inspection station. For the "crust" we paid 150 hryvnia.

Mandatory payments and receipts. We paid 45 hryvnias for passing THAT, and the two-year transport charge cost us 150. But in general, the last payment is calculated for each car individually and the price depends on the engine size.

Action number 2. Choose a service station.

Before arriving at a traffic police inspection, the owners of cars must check the technical condition of their “iron horse” at the diagnostics stations - those that have the appropriate licenses obtained in the Ministry of Transport and the State Agrarian University. In Ukraine, today there are 141 such stations, four of which are located in the capital. These branded service stations comply with all the necessary conditions for conducting such inspections, and are equipped with the necessary technical equipment that allows you to qualitatively do all the necessary work (in particular, technical inspections 2010).

And in the Department of Traffic Police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, we learned that after successful completion of diagnostics, the owner of the car only receives a protocol (the validity period of which does not exceed 45 days). And with this protocol, it will be necessary to go back to the traffic police, having made several phone calls, we explained that it was cheaper to undergo diagnostics at the “traffic police” station than the private one: 45 hryvnia against 90-110. In order to save money, our further path lay on Konstantinovskaya Street, where the traffic police station is located.

Action number 3. Passage of diagnostics.

We were confident in a satisfactory technical condition of the car, as recently it was repaired at the service station. Before an inspection at a regular station, we checked the electrics, brakes and something else. To fix minor flaws, we laid out 500 hryvnia, and then visited the sink (50 hryvnia). In the trunk, we put bought a first-aid kit (35 UAH), a fire extinguisher (45 UAH) and an emergency stop sign (35 UAH). "Pereobuvanie" in the new rubber two wheels cost us 1000 hryvnia.

In the process of technical inspection, our car was checked according to various parameters. With the help of the brake stand, we checked the brake system, and then the steering condition (in order that it does not exceed 10 degrees lift angle). The condition of the tires and the wheels themselves, the working capacity of the windshield wipers, windshield wipers, external light devices - everything seemed to be normal. Using the gas analyzer, the STO worker checked the amount of harmful substances contained in the exhaust gases: CH and TOT also did not exceed the permissible level. An employee of the diagnostic station also looked at the lower part of the car for leaks of process fluids, of which it was not detected.

All test results were entered into a diagnostic card. The employee noted that if deviations were found, he would have had to work at a regular service station to eliminate them, and then return to the traffic police to check for problematic parameters. The delay for troubleshooting the twenty-day, re-diagnosis in the traffic police is free.

Now we had to go to the traffic police for a coupon. And here we expect the adventures.

Action number 4. Find out about fines.

In the district office of the traffic police, the girl in the window explained that it is necessary to obtain a certificate of the absence of unpaid fines (this is checked using the “Administrative Practice” data). We learned that there was a one-breach, dated February 10, 2006. Then we paid the fine, but there was no mark in the traffic police database. “Go to the court and the executive service and there receive a document proving that. that the penalty was paid "- told us in the traffic police,

“Redeem” fine. Having found out the address of the traffic police at the place of registration of the car, we drove there a decree of the executive service for 2006, as well as a receipt of payment. Reception hours in the district traffic police - from 14:00 to 18:00 to repeaters and Thursdays, as well as from 9:00 to 13:00 on Saturday.

In the “with receipts” room, several girls sat at the computers on the run, rather quickly removing violations from the base on the basis of the documents provided. But after she crossed it out, it turned out that another protocol was also drawn up on our car - speed loss, dated May 8, 2008.

It was impossible to simply pay UAH 17 (such a fine amount was due for the violation at the time of the violation) in the savings bank, it was impossible; it was necessary to provide a copy of the court decision on the violation. It is possible to get to the district court only from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm on Wednesday, or from 8:00 am to 11:00 am to the left concierge. We arrived on Friday at 7 am (to have time to do everything necessary and at 10 to be at work), but we found a line in which we only turned out to be 29th. Until the end of the reception, the documents were received by only 15 applicants.

On Wednesday, despite the fact that the reception began at 14:00, we arrived at five o'clock in the morning, and by eight there were 25 people. After going to the office, we headed to the archive, where we received an application form for a document. It took thirty minutes more to complete it and then sign it as a judge. Then they handed us a thick magazine and said: "Look ..."

We finally found out our data after about 130-150 minutes of searches. After overwriting the case number, we received a “decree”. Then we needed to make a copy in the archive of the decision, which was then stamped and handed over to the signature on the first floor, preliminary signing the receipt of the copy on the third. It took a total of ... all these bureaucratic wiring ... three working days.

When we presented the leaflet with such difficulty in the traffic police, a new “pleasant” surprise awaited us: another violation was found! We didn’t have any desire to start from the beginning, and we offered the traffic police officer six-figures who played a magical role - just a few minutes of knocking on the keyboard - and all the fines were instantly extinguished. Action number 5. Receiving a coupon TO. It turned out that the usual paper coupons worth 4 hryvnia in GAInet and is not expected. Available were only expensive plastic. To become the owner of the laminate card, I had to post another 100 hryvnia. A plastic coupon for such a serious procedure as the 2010 Inspection, is not much different from a paper one, the number and year are marked on the front side, there is a place to indicate the state number and brand of the car, as well as the expiration date of the coupon. On the reverse side, the body number, the date of the maintenance, and the term of the future inspection are indicated.

Calculate costs.

Well, in order to get the desired inspection ticket, it took the following time and money:

Medical certificate, insurance, HBO papers and necessary payments - 1 day and 800 hryvnia.

Auto preparation: 1 day and 630 hryvnia.

Repayment of the fine plus bribe - 4 days and 217 hryvnia.

Plastic ticket TO - another 100 hryvnia.

Total: 2010 inspection cost us almost 1700 hryvnia and the spent working week.

Near MREO, a young guy approached us and offered to help resolve the issue of passing inspection for the price of 400 hryvnia (excluding UAH 150 - the cost of the transport charge). The coupon for the second car was through him. Details omit.

Derzhavnij tehnіchny oglyad transport depot at 2008 rotsі

In 2008, the rotate of the state-of-the-art techno ally:
- lightweight cars, motorcycles, motor scooters, motorcycles, motor vehicles, and the installation of organizations and organizations independently of the forms of power;
- light and motorcycle, motor scooter, motorcycle, motorcycle, motorcycle, motorcycle, motorcycle, motorcycle, motorcycle, motorcycle, motorcycle
- bus, vantazhі avtomobіlі, pristosovanі for transportation of people - two times on the road, and in razikristannya їх for us after the service of transportation of passengers that special transportation for cars that carry transportation to the quarter of the vantazh.
Technical look at the offices and markets and outside the door of the exhibition will be held once a day from the back of the car.
State technical inspection of vehicles is carried out:
- From 2 sichnya to 31 linens, for yak thermal term is installed once on two times;
- from 2 seconds to 31 linens and from 1 spring to 30 leaves, for such terms there are two times on a ridge;
- in front of the quarter, for yak installed termіn shkokvartalu.
Under the auspices of the concession about zvіlnennya vіd tax) that cat for technical eyes and a coupon about passing through technical eyes. In the water, too, it is possible to dedicate water for the right to transport vehicles and transport facilities to transport vehicles.
The fee for the technical inspection of the vehicles was installed at the service station before the Resolution of the CM of Ukraine No. 795 ad 4.06.2007. "About the hardening of the payment of paid services, I can press the organs and the Department of Internal Affairs of the internal reference" and
for car, bus - 12.00 UAH;
motorcycle, motor scooter, prichepa, nap_vprichepa - 8,00 UAH.
Yakshcho technical camp of the transport unit when technically perrides the victorians of the diagnostic possession and priladiv, then the board of the rozmіri is 45 hrn.
The voucher of the coupon about passing the technical opinion to be 11.89 UAH.
The voucher of the coupon about the progress of the quarterly technical opinion is to set 18.75 UAH .
The technical view of the transport service is rotated at the type, brand, model, number plate, number (s) (body) and body number of the registration document. At the same time, rozbennena rozbіzhnosti abo pіdrobki tsikhnome ry chi recorded in revision documents і dedicated to water, zasosovuvatsya come in, give proper legislation.
Let us be inspired by the staffing of transport vehicles, the main rear wheel drive and the technical standard of the camp legislation, rules, norms and standards of the national security policy and the protection of fire safety standards.
At the leather transport site, which looks like a ticket , see the passport, go to the Yakomu Party Priest of the State Duma to rotate vidpovіdnі vіdmіtki і dedicated to it with your own song and special stamp. The coupon about the passage of technical inspection will be closed in the right lower corner of the wind tunnel.
In vidovіdnosti to vimog statі 37 Law of Ukraine "On the Road Ruh" and paragraph 31.3 of the Rules of the Road Ruin of Ukraine for the use of transport parks without a coupon about passing through the technical assembly to be picked up from the voucher of the license plate . At the same time vzaty vkazannogo coupon yogo dublіkat є to see the State Power Inspectorate pіslya rewriting tehnіchnogo camp of transport.
In case of unmobilized transportation of a vehicle on the technical basis (for example, for some reason), at the decision of the lines of the second vlasnik guilty of filing a letter, declare a letter, give the number sign and show the receipt for the payment of the application for the shipment, on a letter to the State.
Vlasniki, allegedly in line with the lines, did not file a transport on the state technical eye, attracted to administrative perception ( fines from 340 to 425 UAH from 11/16/2008).
Operation of vehicles, didn’t go through technical inspection at the beginning of the line, take away the knowledge of the license plate to usuneni ’adherence and repeated technical inspection.
It is guaranteed that the Law of Ukraine "On the tribute from the authorities of transport parks and the use of self-propelled machines and mechanics", set the rates on the tattered file of the individual, yaki korystayutsya pіlgami on his second match. Odds of taxation from the authorities of motor transport districts is carried out in the custody of the total number of vehicles for the rates of national currency of Ukraine for leather 100 cm. Cube.

Bets taxation become :

Light cars:


Bid tax

Up to 1000 cc

3 UAH h 100 cm

from 1001 cc to 1500 cc

4 UAH h 100 cm

from 1501 cc to 1800 cc

5 UAH h 100 cm

from 1801 cc to 2500 cc

10 UAH h 100 cm

from 2501 cc to 3500 cc

25 UAH h 100 cm

vd 3501 cc і more

40 UAH h 100 cm

Vantage cars:

up to 8200 cc

15 UAH h 100 cm

from 8201 to 15000 cc

20 UAH h 100 cm

vd 15001 cc і more

25 UAH h 100 cm

Sіdelnі traction:

15 UAH h 100 cm

Cars of special assignment (krіm fire і shvidko ї dopomogi):

5 UAH h 100 cm


Cars for transportation not less than 10, including water

5 UAH h 100 cm

Motorcycles (mopeds), cycling with dvigunom
(krіm is quiet, just may the volume of the cylinder of the dvigun to 50 cm3) with the volume of the cylinder of the dvigun:

up to 500 cc

3 UAH h 100 cm

from 501 cc to 800 cc

5 UAH h 100 cm

vid 801 cc і more

10 UAH h 100 cm

The tax file of the authorities of the transport units (physical buildings) is to cry out for the leather rik okremo, but for two rocks before tehnichnym looking around the motor transport. Napriklad: gr. Makarenko, who was in charge of a car, was guilty of submitting his technician at the 2006 rotsi. Substrate gr. Makarenko mozhe splachuvati schor_chno in 2005 and 2006, but once for two rocks (for 2005 and 2006) before passing through the technical eye in 2006.
Vidovіdno to vkannogo Law vіd splip tatku zvіlnyutsya:
a) fizichnі individuals, zazhenen_ at paragraphs 1 і 2 parts pershoj Article 14 of the Law of Ukraine "On the status and social status of the hulk, they were defeated in the Chornobil catastrophe; " Articles 4-11 of the Law of Ukraine "On the status of veterans of the war, guarantees їх social zakhistu ", articles 6 and 8 of the Law of Ukraine "About the main ambush of the socialist to the veterans of the veterans and the youngsters of the lousy kingdom in Ukraine, "and also Independently in the group іввалідності (in addition there are children-іnvalіdi for we will give the organs of the socialist zakhist) - one passenger car avtomob_lya (motokolyaski) with the volume of 'cil_ndrіv dviguna to 2500 cubic meters see abo a single motorcycle with a volume of cilіndrіv dviguna to 750 cu. see chi one chovna motor abo boats (krіm sports) with a dovina body up to 7.5 m;
b) physical individuals, indicated in paragraphs 3 and 4 of the first Article 14 of the Law of Ukraine "On the status and social status of the hulk, They were injured in the Chornobyl disaster accident, the schoo of one passenger car with a volume of cylinders up to 2500 cubic centimeters or one motorcycle with a volume of 750 cubic meters. cm of one motorcycle engine (cru sports) with a pre-hull of up to 7.5 m to its vseselennya With the help of trio rokіv pіslya resettlement іz zone guarantor volunteer vidselennya chi zone and planted radіoekologіchnogo control;
c) 50 vіdsotkіv - hogadyani, at vlasnostі yak zhokhodyatsya light automobiles (code 8703) from the volume of the cylinder of the dvigun to 2500 cubic meters see, taken on the region in Ukraine until 1990, including Vantage cars (code 8704) with a volume of cil_ndrіv dvigun to 6001 cub. cm to 1990 rock vpusku inclusive zavazhenich avtomobil_v;
d) individuals, who are under the law є pay fіksovanogo sіlskogospododarskogo taxing, - for tractor kolіsnі (code 8701, krіm sіdelnyh tractors - code 8701 02) that vantazhі cars (code 8704).
Pіlgi, according to the statistics, do not dash on transport scramble, take the lead in Ukraine, a little light cars for vehicles (code 8703) with volume cum lidvina up to 2500 cubic meters cm, schooled for rakhunok kosht_ sovereign chi personal budgetary budgets / abo passed without charge to іnvalіdam vіdpovіdno before the legislation of Ukraine.
Organizing the perception of self-demand vidpovіdno to their new age May the right to accept the decision of the joint of the tax Osib, I have a lot of time dedicated to the right of the Kerwan transport in accordance with the category of the category, one passenger car (code 8703) with a volume of cylinders up to 2500 cubic meters. see abo one floor car (code 8704) with the volume of cil_ndrіv dvigun to 6001 cu. cm to one person, krіm transport sites, probably first restructured in Ukraine.  

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